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Digital Marketing Workshop

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Digital Marketing

  1. 1. It is estimated that the Digital industry has grown to 40 billion US$ globally and to a few thousand crore Rupees in India. Industry trends allpoint to Digital Marketing being one of the most sought after professions following the rapid evolution of social, internet and mobile market-ing in recent years.At the core, Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands using social media, digital brand strategy, search marketing & optimization andmore.The immense impact of Social Media Networks such as Twitter, Facebook and others is of global pro-portions and has the power to influence and change world events. We have all recently witnessed atrue social revolution where Facebook & Twitter were used to mobilize masses in Egypt and beam outpictures, videos, testimonies and amateur news reports updated to the minute across the entireworld.Big brands are realizing the huge potential of online media platforms, social conversations and the cus-tomer engagement factor. It is consumers who are leading the digital revolution - marketers arespending less than 15 percent of their time in digital media, consumers are spending well over 30 per-cent. This imbalance is bound to be corrected and the future will see an acute shortage of trained,knowledgeable professionals who understand the intricacies of digital marketing, strategy and socialmedia marketing.The job prospects in Digital Marketing are promising and the demand is high for skilled professionals. 5of the top 10 job trends for the year 2012, will focus on digital media. There will be tremendous de-mand for profiles like Business Development Managers, Online Marketing Managers, Social & DigitalMarketing Managers, Social Media Directors, Interactive Media Strategists, Web Marketing & PR Man-agers and Marketing Program Specialists. Contact Us for Details: Talees Rizvi | Director Tackyon IT Consulting Private Ltd., VPS - 18, 2nd Floor, Shipra Krishna Vista Plaza, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Delhi - NCR Phone: 9310634007, 0120 6450105
  2. 2. Curriculum for WorkshopThe Digital industry in India is expected to grow from INR 500 crore to a few 1000 crore business resulting in a se-vere lack of trained Digital professionals. To cater to this growing need and also help working professionals to keep upwith the growing demands of this sector, Tackyon has developed modular course on Digital Marketing. Session 1: The Digital Marketing Landscape Session 4: Online Advertising – Content & Format  Role of digital marketing (scope & context)  Display advertising  Emerging trends  Inventory management  Technology shifts  Online Video – trends, adoption & consumption –  The online ecosystem monetization Learning :To get a deep understanding on how technology,  In Game advertising consumer mindset and media shifts are creating a com-  Content distribution and delivery pletely new marketing landscape. Get an insight into the  Ad serving, tagging, analyzing and reporting rapidly evolving ecosystem that defines how brands con- Learning :This Session covers the basics of IAB guidelines in nect with consumers in the online world. online advertising – learn about adver-gaming opportuni- ties and understand of how to tag, track and analyze con- Session 2: The Digital Consumer sumer online behavior.  Online consumer definition & types  Audience segmentation and profiling Session 5: Mobile Marketing  Consumer online usage and behavior  The 3rd screen  Emerging trends and patterns in digital consumption  Landscape & trends  Consumer engagement – meaning and implication  Mobile advertising – WAP & mobile search Learning :Understand how online consumers differ from  Mobile applications and consumer usage behavior the offline ones in terms of usage and behavior – what in-  Role of the service provider, publisher & consumer teractions drive consumer behavior, how to research and  The Next level of mobile interaction create online profiles. Learn about the new social graph and Learning :Learn about the latest applications in mobile techno graphic profiling methodologies. communication, understand how to plan, integrate and execute mobile campaigns. Session 3: Digital Strategy & Planning  Key elements in digital planning Session 6: Email Marketing  Planning process (acquisition, development & reten-  Principles and best practice tion)  In-house, rental, vendors and 3rd party  Competitive online mapping  Email platforms  Key metrics across different stages of the consumers  Dynamic campaign management tools online journey  Testing & Optimization  Key digital channel selection  Trigger marketing  Online lead generation vs. retention  Contact strategy Learning :Learn how to evolve a robust end-to-end digital strategy by using various frameworks – understand the in- Learning Outcomes : Get a deeper understanding of how to ter-play between media planning and discipline planning. use email as a powerful channel in your digital plans – the Learn how to use different metrics and KPI’s for evaluating dos and don’ts of email marketing, learn how to set up trig- success across each stage of consumer/site interaction. ger marketing campaigns and contact strategies, learn how to run different tests to optimize.
  3. 3. Session 7: Web Analytics and Site Optimization a good brand experience. Learn about how to create viral Site metrics and key goals campaigns and the principles & guidelines of online buzz Customer journey mapping marketing. Engagement metrics – what they are and how to use them? Pre and post click behavior Testing : A/B split & Multivariate Understanding key site tracking & monitoring platforms Session 11: Digital Media (Planning, Buying and Execution)Learning :Understand how to develop site journeys, see  Channel planningwhich metrics matter most in the engagement and conver-  Online media mix modelingsion process, learn about A/B split and multivariate testing  Ad serving, tagging and reportingand how improve ROI.  Bought, owned and earned media  Online sales funnel and key metrics at each stageSession 8: Search Engine Optimization  Behavioral targeting What is SEO?  Role of publishers, Networks and exchanges Process and methodology Learning :Learn how to plan, develop and execute digital Top 20 SEO tips media campaigns, learn how to use behavioral targeting to Long tail in SEO optimize media budgets and how to develop dashboards Link building for key metrics. Key word analysis, process and optimizationLearning :Get around the complexity of SEO. Learn how toget a site SEO compliant – learn to optimize campaigns and Session 12: Emerging Digital Platforms & Channelssite content to get better organic rankings, learn how to  IPTV and digital radioplan and execute SEO projects.  Gaming  Video: the next levelSession 9: Website Design and Usability  Mobile platforms Approach to Web Design  Social networking and user generated content sites Usability Process Learning :Understand how emerging digital platforms will Technology platforms impact strategy and planning in the future, will things like Site build and best practice – content, layout and navi- social marketing sites fade away, will YouTube finally have a gational tools viable revenue model, will Facebook continue to dominate Info architecture the social networking phenomenon etc.Learning :This Session covers the fundamental aspects ofsite design and & building. Get to know the different tech-nology platforms used in site development, learn about Session 13: ECRMW3C and Web Master Tools. Learn technical specifications  Online database managementof online project management, from wire frame develop-  Online profiling and segmentationment to site testing and hosting.  Online data mining, modeling & warehousing  Online retention, e-loyaltySession 10: Online Creative  E- commerce Online / Offline creative integration Learning :Learn about how CRM and digital marketing Copy writing for online marketing share a strong synergy - how customer profiling and seg- Creativity and engagement mentation works in the online world. What are the factors Best practice creative – banners, promos, videos that drive successful e-commerce and get a deeper insight Online Viral and buzz marketing – case studies into some of the biggest e-CRM programmer in the world? How can creativity become a core differentiator online?Learning :Learn how to judge what creative works online –what are the key elements that guarantee engagement and
  4. 4. Session 14: Search Engine Marketing Learning :See how social influence marketing can help brands Paid versus natural Search connect with their audiences more effectively. How brands need SEM landscape to move from interruption to engagement. Landing pages and their importance in conversion analysis Understand and learn how tracking tools can help map online Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo buzz and conversations – how to seed content and impact senti- Search Methodology ment online.Learning :Learn how to develop a SEM strategy and how to workin close proximity with media partners. Understand the implica- Session 16: Permission Marketingtion of best practice landing pages, and practice class room as-  Online legal environmentsignments on setting up and running a Google Ad Words ac-count.  Data protection  Legislation (local and global)Session 15: Social Media & e-PR  Personalization & customization Online reputation management  Compliance best practice Social Media measuring, monitoring & reporting Tracking & Monitoring platforms Learning :Learn about all the laws effecting digital marketing – the guidelines surrounding compliance as well as consumer pri- Content seeding vacy rights in India How to use blogs, forums and discussion boards Blogs, forums and communities Viral campaigns and the social graph We work extensively towards improving the standards of digital mar- keting services offered by the different professionals by helping them improve their skills and learn new tricks of the trade in digital market- ing. Since, digital marketing is the new order of the day today; we pro- vide skilled and the latest digital marketing strategies and the best online marketing techniques as part of our training program and courses offered for digital marketing. Our digital marketing training encompasses a wide domain of sections such as organic SEO, paid advertising, off page search engine optimiza- tion, PPC campaigns, latest banner ads and SEM techniques, social me- dia marketing and social media management programs, keyword re- search and competitors analysis, region-specific keyword analysis, SEO roadmap development, geographical business targeting, identification and targeting of niche markets, SEO consultation, website analysis and much more. Our training program is lead by the industry experts and the veteran internet marketing experts that have years of experience in the do- main and offer quality training services for improvement of the diver- gent skills in digital marketing that is applicable both at the individual- istic as well as corporate level of client servicing.
  5. 5. Date Tick Registration For 25 & 26 May2012 Fee Type of Training Duration Fees Before 30 April 2012(Inclusive of Fees After 30 April 2012 Service tax) (Inclusive of Service tax) Digital Marketing Workshop 2 Days Rs. 10,500.00per Person Rs. 12,000.00per Person Payment Mode of Payment Cheque/DD / Transaction ID Bank Amount Date of Payment Cheque / DDRegistration form Bank Transfer/ Cash Deposit Indian Overseas Bank ICICI Bank Delegates Name Designation Phone Email ID Early Bird Discount till 30 April 2012 1 2 3 4 5 Organizations Details Name Authorized Personal Phone / Mobile Phone Number / Email Name of Organization Address of Correspondence Landline Phone(s) URL / Website Company PAN Signature Please fill the form in CAPITAL LETTERS Terms and Conditions 11. The confirmation Email will be sent to all the participant s that shall serve as Entry 1. Fee includes Tea/Snacks and Lunch on the day of Seminar. Pass to the seminar. 2. The programs are non-residential and from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. 12. A certificate of participation will be given to all fully paid participants. 3. The Seminar is subject to alterations/cancellations/changes etc. at the sole discretion 13. Tackyon IT Consulting Private LTD. reserves the right to close the number of nomina- of Tackyon I T Consulting Pvt . Ltd. tions for a particular program. 4. All special offers are subject to alterations/cancellations/ changes etc. at the sole dis- 14. All disputes are subject to NOIDA Jurisdiction only. cretion of Tackyon I T Consulting Pvt . Ltd. without any prior notice whatsoever. 15. Accommodation can be arranged on prior notification at the venue or a near by loca- 5. There w ill be no refunds if the nominee cancels nomination. tion. 6. In case the program is rescheduled, due to unforeseen / unavoidable reasons, partici- Send and Call the Filled Forms with Payments to pant s would be given an option of alternative date. Tackyon IT Consulting Private Ltd., 7. Nominations will be accepted on first come first serve basis. 8. Nomination Forms should reach us by courier and Call– 0120- 6450105 VPS - 18, 2nd Floor, Shipra Krishna Vista Plaza, 9. Nominations will be deemed to be complete only w hen the payment s have been Indirapuram, Ghaziabad Delhi - NCR received in full and realized by Tackyon I T Consulting Private LTD. 10. Please Confirm your presence over the email and call 0120- 6450105, hrtrain- Phone: 9310634007, 120 6450105 Please Mention the phone number on Courier