The Big Bag Mistake


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The Big Bag Mistake

  1. 1. Gisela lives in Rio de Janeiro. One day she travels from London to Rio de Janeiro. She writes her first book. It is very important for her. On the plane a young boy sits next to her. His name is Ricardo. Gisela doesn’t like Ricardo because he talks too much. He is not quiet. She is annoyed. They have got same bags. Ricardo takes Gisela’s bag and Gisela takes Ricardo’s bag. They leave the airport. Then Ricardo understands that this is not his bag. He runs but can’t catch. Gisela is tired and sleeps on the bus. A thief steals her bag and runs away. Gisela runs after the thief, she is angry and unhappy because her first book is in the bag. At the end Ricardo finds Gisela and gives her bag she is very happy.
  2. 2. GISELA Gisela is a young girl. She is Brazilian. She is an angry girl. She doesn’t like talking to strangers. She is clever girl. She is writing a book. RICARDO Ricardo is a young boy. He is Brazilian. He is friendly. He loves talking. He is clumsy.
  3. 3. My favourite character is Ricardo. Because he is friendly and helpful.
  4. 4. Gisela thanks to Ricardo. Ricardo is happy because she is smiling and happy. “Come for dinner tomorrow,” Gisela says. “Oh really! Of course. Thanks. Hmm, what time?” Ricardo says. “At 20:00 o’clock” She says. “Where?” He says. “At Pizza Hut,” Gisela says. “OK. See you” Ricardo says. Gisela decides to look for Ricardo’s bag and goes out. Suddenly she sees a blue bag, under the tree. She goes next to the bag and sees, the dirty old jeans and t-shirts. It is Ricardo’s bag. In the evening Ricardo comes to the Pizza Hut. “Hi, look I have a surprise for you” Gisela says.” “What” Ricardo says. “Is this your bag?” Gisela says. “Oh my god! Yes this is my bag, you’re a good girl Gisela.” Ricardo says. “You’re welcome. You’re a good boy, too.” Gisela says.
  5. 5.           1) Gisela is from London. (.F.) 2) Ricardo is a careful boy. (.F.) 3) Gisela’s bag is pink. (.F.) 4) Ricardo sleeps on Gisela’s shoulder. (.T.) 5) Gisela doesn’t catch the thief. (.T.) 6) Gisela’s apartment in Rio with two friends. (.T.) 7) She is writing her second book. (.F.) 8) The thief thinks there are cheap clothes in the blue travel bag . (.F.) 9) When the bus stops , Gisela doesn’t open her eyes. (.F.) 10) Ricardo’s from in Rio. (.T.)
  6. 6.           1) Who takes Gisela’s bag? 2) Where is Ricardo waiting Gisela? 3) What color is Gisela’s bag? 4) Who has Ricardo’s bag? 5) Where are they going? 6) Who watches a movie and then sleeps? 7) What does she like? 8) Where are they live? 9) What does Ricardo like? 10) Why does she run after a man?
  7. 7.           1) Ricardo takes Gisela’s bag. 2) Ricardo is waiting for her at the door. 3) Gisela’s bag is blue. 4) A thief has Ricardo’s bag. 5) They are going to London. 6) Ricardo watches a movie and then sleeps. 7) She likes writing a book. 8) They live in Rio de Janeiro. 9) He likes talking to strangers. 10) Because her first book is in the bag.