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Tideal Waves: Chapter 1 A Time To Choose (Section1)
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Tideal Waves: Chapter 1 A Time To Choose (Section1)



A Time to Choose. Part 1 of 2.

A Time to Choose. Part 1 of 2.



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    Tideal Waves: Chapter 1 A Time To Choose (Section1) Tideal Waves: Chapter 1 A Time To Choose (Section1) Presentation Transcript

    • Talaie Production Studios presents Tidal WavesChapter 1: A Time to Choose (section one)Photos by TalaieEdited with GIMP 2 and Corel Painter Essentials 3Story by TalaieProof Editor: SeleneCorvinCreated with PowerPoint Hosted by SlideShare
    • After the strange events of her birthday, Clara felt a compulsion to be in her mother’s company. Kiara could usually be found in the living room on the computer researching various subjects; and Clara would be sitting nearby attempting to do her homework.
      “Mom, can you help me solve this math problem?”
      “Clara, you must figure out the problems on your own. You may be a Romoni, but the world won’t be handed to you,” this was Kiara’s well worn response to anything that Clara asked for help with.
      “I think I’ll ask Dad for help with my homework from now on,” Clara said with an indignant sigh, but for some reason she found that she couldn’t leave her mother’s company.
    • …Eventually Clara found out that with concentration and willpower she was able to seek out her father’s help.
      “Dad, would you help me with my math homework? I tried asking mom but she refused to help me, instead she told me her ‘You may be a Romoni, but the world won’t be handed to you’ speech.
      Hume stopped typing, he frowned after Clara mentioned Kiara’s familiar harangue. But when he turned towards his daughter he smiled at her as he responded to her request for help, “Honey, I’d be glad to help you with your homework. ” He showed Clara how to work through her math problems, they talked for a little bit after. As Clara was leaving Hume stated, “You know that my door was always open if you need any other help.”
      “Thanks,” she nodded.
    • While Clara’s father was a wiz with math, she found that her Uncle Julien was really knowledgeable about most everything else. “
      Uncle Julien, tell me again how our great, great grandparents Dulay adopted Joan?”
      As Julien began to recite the story, Clara felt like she was being transported back to a time when she felt less muddled about things, for a brief time she could feel like a kid again.
    • As the years ticked on she found she wanted to spend more time with her friends.
    • “You guys don’t mind hamburgers?” Samantha asked staring into the fridge.
      “That would be fine,” Dorian answered taking a seat at the counter.
    • Dorian and Samantha chatted about recipes as she cooked. Stormy listened intently but was too nervous to speak.
      “So you use the same spice mix for onion soup as your burgers,” Dorian commented, “I never thought to do that.”
      “I can give you the recipe if you like.”
      “I’d appreciate that.”
    • When lunch was served everyone gathered in the dining room, Samantha made the introductions, “Kids, this is Mr. Dorian Snork and his daughter Stormy. Dorian, Stormy these are my children Sharla, Haylee, Tommy and Marci. David’s at work.”
    • Stormy relaxed a bit when she saw Sharla, “I had no idea that you were Faye?”
      “Well, mom’s the real Faye in the family. David and I didn’t get any of the mojo, so we’re practically human, just like your family.”
      Stormy opened her mouth as if to say something and then closed it again in her confusion.
    • Stormy thought about things during lunch. The conversations were varying, ranging from how good Samantha’s burgers were to summer school. Just a regular family mealtime conversation.
      “I hate the new park,” Marci said, “Mr. Worth took us there last week. All it has is a big ugly statue. There’s not even a picnic area.”
    • “Marci,” Samantha chided, “The new park is to commemorate the alliance between Fayemoore the Great and Bishop the Red, it is in honor of the treaty between the Faye and the humans.”
      “It’s still big and ugly.”
      “That’s not the point,” Samantha tried to explain.
      Marci was thankful when Tommy sneezed, it gave her a chance to shovel food into her mouth as Samantha turned her attention to someone else.
    • When most of the kids had left the table, “Sorry about that,” Samantha said.
      “Miss Ottomens, don’t worry about it,” Dorian said, “I’ve seen it all myself.”
      “Yes,” she laughed, “I’m sure you have.” Samantha looked at Dorian conveying with a look instead of words that she wanted to talk to Stormy alone. She turned to Stormy, “We can talk in the living room.”
      “Thank you,” said Stormy. She nodded to Dorian, and then followed Samantha into the living room.
    • Samantha and Stormy sat in front of the fire place. Before Samantha could ask anything Stormy said, “Do all the Faye look the same as you?”
      “No,” Samantha answered as she thought for a moment trying to figure a way to explain the more exotic beings of her race. “You know how some of your humans strive for perfection and even have doctors surgically alter their looks?” Stormy nodded.
      “Well, we also have such beings, although the Faye have the ability to make these changes genetic. But, most of the Faye prefer to move about un-noticed, to blend in, they look like myself and my family.”
    • “See the picture on the end table, the one with the man wearing the blue shirt, that’s my cousin Vince.”
      Stormy just stared, not really sure how to react, “He has horns….”
      “Yes he does, and you’re probably thinking he looks like a some movie demon.” Stormy just nodded. Samantha continued, “Well don’t let his appearance fool you, he may look nasty, but he’s really a big softy.”
      “But,…why? I mean, you mentioned that the Faye prefer to blend in, how can he blend in? To live like everyday folks?”
      “Well, Vince was able to get a job acting in movies, usually he’s covered with ‘special effects makeup.’ And when he goes out most humans assume he’s promoting one of the movies.”
    • Stormy thought about this before asking, “Are there many Faye out there living amongst the humans?”
      “There are some, but many of those with abilities have returned to Faye lands to assist our elders in the fight against Evil.”
      “Why didn’t you go back?”
      “Because I’m only a minor Faye. My ability lies in nature, the same as my mother’s, I can help plants grow healthy and strong.”
      “Sharla mentioned that she and David don’t have any ‘mojo,’ can there be Faye without abilities?”
      Samantha cringed at Sharla’s terminology of Faye abilities.
    • “All Faye are born with the potential to have abilities. It’s just that in some Faye, it is so minor it’s practically non existent. It is these Faye who live amongst the humans. Those who are born with very strong abilities usually remain with the Faye, to learn from the masters.”
      “Are there a lot of Faye with strong abilities?”
      “Not as many as there once were.” Samantha paused, then continued on with a sorrowful note, “And less are being born to us.”
      “Why is that? Why do they have to stay and learn from the masters?”
      “To be ready for when Evil returns.”
    • “Ms. Ottomans, I’ve been wondering…, is it possible…, could I be Faye?”
      “Why do you ask?”
      “I see little fairy creatures, they talk to me…. And, …There must be something about me… I mean, I believe the prophecy pertains to me.
      “Why do you believe that?”
      “Something happened when I was at Ms. Lillith’s .”
      “I see. As far as you being one of the Faye, perhaps… Some of us are scattered all across the globe, so that anything is possible.”
    • “If I am… am I like you, a nature Faye? …’Cause I talk to those little fairy like creatures, they tell me about the plants.”
      “ You could be.”
      “But how will understanding the needs of plants help me with the prophecy?”
      “Because you are the beginning of the prophecy, one small part of the whole.” Stormy turned towards Samantha with a confused, wary expression. Samantha tried to reassure, “Stormy, the prophecy states that ten generations must be born. You may or may not be Faye, and while we live a bit longer than humans, even we don’t live forever. So don’t dwell on it, live your life, make the best decisions for any situation. But most of all, enjoy it to the fullest. Okay.”
    • “Okay,” Stormy responded with a smile on her face. “Thank you Ms Ottomans, I was really starting to get worried about everything.”
      “I’m glad I was able to help you. Do you have any more questions?”
      “Is there anything I should do, just in case I am one of the nature Faye?”
      “Not really, listen to your little fairy friends, and follow their advice about the plants. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with your abilities. Don’t worry about it, Nature will not be rushed, She has her own timetable.”
    • “Speaking of time, how long do the Faye live?”
      “Well that all depends on the individual. For example, minor Faye like myself, might have a lifespan that is approximately double that of humans. But there are exceptions, my mother-in-law had been sickly for a long time, so she only lived for about the same amount of time as a human. My husband was struck by a car as he came home from work one night.”
      “I didn’t know, I’d like to extend my condolences.”
      “You were barely a child when it happened, but thank you for the sentiment.”
    • “Was I able to answer all your questions?”
      “Yes, I believe you did. Is it possible that I might call you if I have any more questions?”
      “Yes, you may.” Samantha had a sudden thought, “When are you headed to college?”
      “Soon, we’re planning on starting for the fall semester. Why?”
      “My son, David is also starting this fall, he could also be of help while you’re there.”
      Suddenly a loud crash was heard from upstairs, Samantha stood up quickly, “Excuse me, I need to find out what that was.”
    • Samantha returned quickly. Stormy noticed the clock on the table, “Oh, it’s getting late. I should be going, Mom’s going to worry. Thank you for talking with me.”
      “You’re welcome.” Samantha gave Stormy a reassuring hug, “Now don’t you worry about this, it will all be fine.”
      There was some loud shouting coming from upstairs, Samantha sighed, as she headed for the stairs, “I’ve got to go see what they’re doing.” She led Stormy to the front door, “Now, you be sure to look up my David when you get to college.”
      “I will,” Stormy stated from the porch stairs as she pivoted to wave goodbye.
    • As she walked home, Stormy thought about this afternoon’s conversation. ‘The jury is still out on whether or not I’m Faye, and even if I am it could be sometime before I know for sure. That still doesn’t tell me why. Why me? Why was I chosen?’ When she began to notice the things around her, she found that she had walked to Ms. Lilith’s house. ‘I need to know… I want answers. Ms. Lilith had mentioned a test, perhaps…’
    • …Before she lost her courage she started walking towards the front door.
      She paused, fear began to eat away at her courage, fear of the unknown. She started to turn around, a voice called out to her.
      “Stormy, is that you?”
    • Lilith was beside her, “Ahh…Hello.”
      “Stormy are you alright?”
      “I asked my Dad to introduce me to the Faye and he took me to see Miss O. today. We talked. I asked her if I could be Faye. She told me she didn’t know, that it could be a while before I found out.”
      “Why do you think you’re Faye?”
      “Because I can see and talk to those little fairy creatures.” Stormy paused, “Ms. Lilith you mentioned a test. Can I take that test? Now, before I loose my nerve. Please, I need some answers.”
    • Lilith was startled by Stormy’s adamant request. ‘At some point she needs to be tested,’ she thought, ‘But, is now the right time? If I wait then… will she return?’ She had to take the chance. She sent a silent prayer to the Goddess that all would be well.
      “Are you sure?”
      “Yes. Please?”
      “Okay. Follow me.”
    • Stormy began to follow Lilith, they paused at a side door. “Please wait here a moment, I’ll be right back.”
      Stormy turned facing the beach. The sounds of the water began to sooth her nerves, watching the waves as they broke along the sand continued to relax her, bringing a sense of calm.
      Lilith soon returned, she led Stormy down towards the beach. Stormy watched as Lilith prepared the area.
    • “Would you please step into the center of the circle.”
      Stormy felt something feather across her skin as she crossed the boundary. “Now what?” She asked as the sensations seemed to intensify.
    • “Relax. Don’t be so hasty.” Lilith began to chant as she danced around the circle.
      Out of the corner of her eye, Stormy could see that Lilith was sprinkling something from a set of vials as she danced...
      …The atmosphere that surrounded Stormy began to get warmer.
    • Lilith’s chant turned beseechinglye, “I call upon the Guardians’ of the Vale,” as she continued to dance...
      “Crone of Death heed my call
      Maiden of Birth give us your blessing
      Mother aid your Fruitful hand.”
      Lilith ordered Stormy, “Now, clear your mind. Let the Goddess wash over you.”
    • Stormy closed her eyes as she began to clear her mind. It felt as if something was fluttering around her. Lilith’s voice faded… There was a tinkling of bells… Suddenly it felt as if the ground fell away beneath her feet…
    • The tinkling sound was louder, it reminded Stormy of chimes… She could still hear water, but it was different…
      She opened her eyes and found herself standing in an enclosed garden.
    • “Hello… Is anyone here?”
      “Welcome,” said a gentle, feminine voice.
    • “Who’s there?” Stormy repeated as she walked towards the other side of the room.
      “Welcome,” the voice said, a little louder this time.
      Stormy was beginning to panic. ‘Why won’t they show themselves?’ Stormy took a deep breath, “Alright, calm down… Lilith wouldn’t harm me… This is part of the test… Relax.”
    • “Hello Stormy,” said a lilting, feminine voice from behind her.
      Stormy jumped with surprise, “Hello,” she squeaked. “Who are you?”
      “Who do you think I am?”
      Stormy recalled the incantation Lilith spoke, “I would guess that you’re either one of the Guardians, or the Goddess herself.”
      “Why are you here?”
      “Are you the Goddess?” Stomry asked again. The woman just smiled in response.
    • The woman asked, “Why are you here?”
      Stormy responded, “I want to know why me, why was I was chosen?”
      “Why not you? Come walk with me.” When Stormy hesitated the woman pressed on, “Come, walk the same road as I do. You and I have passed each other many times, but this is the first time that we have met.” The woman paused for a moment as if considering something, “Would you like to learn?”
      Stormy remained silent. A jumble of images flashed before Stormy in a rapid succession, “I’m confused.”
      “Just watch.”
    • The images suddenly stopped. Stormy turned towards the woman, agitation clearly visible on her face, “What was that?”
      “What life?... Whose life?...” Stormy was nearly shouting now, “What does it have to do with me?”
      “It is the Life of the Vale…. From the Beginning.” Stormy turned her head away, more confused than she was before she began to seek answers.
    • “Goddess. I came to you for answers, not riddles.”
      The Goddess just smiled.
      “This isn’t amusing. How am I supposed to fulfill the Prophecy…?”
      “You don’t’….You are only the beginning….One small part of the whole.”
    • “It is time for you to return…” The Goddess’ voice was fading, “You will remember, when it is time.” The Goddess enfolded Stormy in an ethereal hug, “Be well my child…I shall be watching…”
    • Stormy felt as if she was falling… There was a warmth that radiated from the center of her…it continued to grow… “Ahhhh,” she felt like she was on fire…
      Lilith looked up when Stormy cried out…she continued to chant, but in a subdued tone.
      Suddenly a light burst forth from Stormy…she collapsed on the sand.
    • Stormy began to get up…she kneeled on the sand…dazed…, for a moment she wasn’t sure where she was.
      Lilith began to walk towards Stormy, a strong smell of ozone in the air, “Stormy…Stormy, are you alright?”
      “Where am I?”
      As Lilith got closer she could see that something was different, “The Goddess… has marked you,” she said in a hushed tone, she then rushed towards Stormy, “Are you alright?”
    • “Stormy, do you remember what happened? Did you see the Goddess?”
      “I saw a woman…, she had blond hair…, and blue eyes.” Stormy closed her eyes as she tried to remember more… “I asked her if she was the Goddess…, but all she did was smile at me.” Stormy’s tone turned angry, “She talked in riddles…, I wanted answers.”
      Lilith could see that she needed to remedy the situation before Stormy’s anger built, she had to be firm in order to get the answers she would need. “Stormy, I need you to calm down. Take a deep breath. Relax. Clear your mind of everything, but of what you saw.”
      Stormy felt compelled to follow Lilith’s instructions. “She showed me images. Life…of the Vale,..From the beginning. I don’t fulfill the Prophecy…I’m only the beginning. I will remember when it is time. She told me she would be watching.” Stormy stood there in silence, she had nothing more to report.
    • Lilith nodded with understanding. Stormy’s body relaxed, she gave a heavy sigh. The compulsion to answer Lilith was gone.
      “Would you like to come in and have a cup of tea with me?” Lilith asked.
      “Thank you, I’d like that… But, I’ve got to go home right after…. I’m afraid Mom’s going to worry, cause it’s getting late.”
      “Good, let’s go up to the house.” Lilith thought to herself that Angel was going to be worried about more than just the time. A little while later Stormy headed for home.
    • The final week before school started seemed to rush by.
      Neville dialed the phone, “Mom… Dad… Could you maybe…,” Some one answered on the other end, “Yes. Shipwreck Cove. Last name Snork. S-N-O-R-K. Three. Neville, Ulrich , Stormy. Thank you.” He hung up the phone. “Mom. Mom. Oh never mind!”
      Angel mubbled to Dorain through their kiss, “They’re going to college.”
    • A little while later the taxi honked loudly. Ulrich started walking towards it and gave a shout, “Hey guys, it’s here,” just in case the others hadn’t heard all the honking. They each climb in, Neville was rubbing his hands together, grinning like a fool as the taxi pulled away.
    • It was late by the time the taxi dropped them off at the dock, Neville grumbled, “Stormy, why did you make us so late? Do either of you know which boat we need to take?” There was a small boat that appeared to be waiting… A voice called out, “All aboard for those headin’ to Shipwreck Cove.”
    • The captain leaned out of the cabin, “Welcome aboard. We’ll be leavin’ once y’all get settled.”
      They climbed aboard and headed below to the bunks that the captain had indicated. As Stormy started to duck through the cabin door, she spoke “What time will we arrive at Shipwreck Cove?”
      “We should get there about an hour after first light.”
      Stormy nodded, “Goodnight captain.”
      “Goodnight miss.”
    • The cabin was a bit cramped, so they went topside. Stormy was trying to get the kinks out, her movement distracted the captain who’d been checking the instruments, “My…. That’s an interesting color.” Stormy just froze, she didn’t know how to react. Realizing that he spoke aloud, “Oy…, I’m sorry miss, I meant no offense… It just took me by surprise.”
      Ulrich spoke up, “So do you think we’ll start a new fashion trend, captain?”
      “Ya just might…,” as he returns his attention back towards the instruments.
      Stormy looked over to Ulrich, a grateful smile on her face.
    • The boys decided to horse around…, conversations continued…, after a bit Stormy decided to just sit back and enjoy the ride…, before they knew it the boat was docking. The captain called out, “Shipwreck Cove. The Welcome Center is there on your left. Watch your step as you exit the boat.”
      It finally dawned on Stormy who had taken them to Shipwreck Cove, “You’re Captain Buckler?” The man in question hung is head in embarrassment over his earlier gaff. “I remember you… you came to our house when I was little…, You showed us a magic trick…”
      “Yes miss, that was me.”
      Stormy smiled at Captain Buckler, “I still have the coin…, I keep it with me all the time.” Buckler looked up…, a big, bright smile transforming his face.
    • A commotion at the rear of the boat broke the spell. Buckler looked out of the cabin and saw Neville picking himself up off the ground, “I told y’all to watch your step. Now stop ya horsing around, before someone gets hurt.”
      Neville was about to open his mouth to say something when Ulrich said, “Let’s go check out the Welcome Center. I know there was something about it in the packets the college sent us.”
    • They walked into the Welcome Center and looked around. There were items from all over the globe…, it reminded Stormy of something… She walked up to the cashier and introduced herself, “Hi, my name is Stormy.”
      “Hi, I’m Jolie. Hey, cool hair. Was it hard to get that color.”
      “Ah, ah…, I just got lucky.”
      Neville called out, “Hey Stormy…, I’ve hooked us up with a ride to campus.”
      Stormy turned towards Jolie, “Maybe I’ll see you around?”
      Jolie nodded.
    • Ulrich spotted another college student, he tried starting a conversation with her, “Hi, I’m Ulrich.” Unfortunately he had no way of knowing that she didn’t understand or speak English all that well, so she turned her head away cutting him off. Ulrich thought, ‘Rude much?’
      Neville leaned over the counter checking out the area map, he spotted a building that he thought his brother would enjoy visiting, “Hey Ulrich, come here.” his brother came over. “Look, there’s a lounge and it’s got a pool table!”
    • “Hi, my name is Tammy, I’m here to pick up the Snorks.”
      Stormy replied, “That’s us.”
      “Follow me please.”
    • A few days later Stormy answered the phone, “Hi, Seaside Dorms.”
      “Hi, is Stormy there?”asked the person on the other end.
      “Hi, this is Joanne Raymond.”
      “O’, hi Joanne. It’s nice to hear from you. How are you doing?”
      “I wanted to call and let you know that I was accepted to Shipwreck Cove for the mid-year start.
      “Awesome, it’ll be great to see you. Do you know what you want to major in?”
      “I’m not sure yet? Hey, Stormy… How are your brothers?”
      “They’re fine.” Chimes started going off, Stormy cringed cause they were a bit loud, “Hey Joanne, I’ve got to head to my next class. Let me know when you find out more, okay?”
      “Sure, talk to you soon.”
      Suddenly Neville shouted, “Hey Stormy… Get a move on, we’re going to be late for class.”
      “Alright, I’m coming.” Stormy turned back to the phone, “Sorry, Joanne. I’ve really got to go.” Stormy didn’t really get to hear Joanne’s response, because she had to rush off. “Talk to you later.”
    • Kiara toiled away at her cauldron, “Soon…,” she said taking a deep breath.
      Ding Dong, the doorbell rang loudly throughout the house. Kiara chose to ignore it, “This is far too important to allow such mundane matters to interfere,” she bent over her cauldron to test her potion.
    • Julien opened the front door, a delivery man stood there. “Packages for the Romoni residence.”
      “I’ll take them,” Julien said signing for them.
    • He started to place them on the dining room table, the contents of one of the boxes shifted, he heard a clang coming from inside. “Oh, it must be the new cookware I ordered,” he opened the boxes. But when he looked inside there wasn’t any cookware. Inside there was some clothing, medical texts, framed photos, a diploma and a letter addressed to Hume. Julien picked up the diploma and read the name…, his heart sank…, he turned and ran for the stairs.
    • Julien tried calling for Hume, but when Hume didn’t respond, he began calling loudly for Kiara, “Cousin, cousin,” he figured Kiara must be in the attic, especially when she didn’t respond.
      Hume stuck his head out of his study when he heard Julien’s voice, “What is the matter, Julien?”
      “A package has just arrived from some island in the South Pacific…, there is a letter addressed to you…. Hume… inside the box is Gibson’s diploma.”
      Hume went cold with fear, “Julien would you please fetch Kiara and ask her to come down,” Hume turned towards the dininig room.
    • Julien raced up the stairs breaking into the attic, panting, “Cousin, you must come downstairs this moment. A package has just arrived.”
      Kiara continued to watch her cauldron, “Just bring it to me. It must be the supplies I ordered.”
      “I fear that it is something more than your simple supplies,” he sounded about ready to cry.
    • Kiara turned from her cauldron, “What!?” it was clear she was angry.
      “Please,” Julien was on the verge of begging.
      “Romoni’s, do not beg dear cousin,” Kiararesponded stating another of her infamous tirades.
      “Then do not make me. Please, come see,” Julien responded but was unable to control his emotions.
    • “Just spit it out,” Kiara’s expression made it clear that she would not tolerate being bothered anymore. Julien would just have to tell her, or bring it to her, she would not leave her cauldron for anything.
      “Noooo,” Hume’s voice came as a loud wail.
      “Kiara, a package arrived from the South Pacific, inside was a letter addressed to your husband,” Julien said with a deep sigh.
      Kiara may not have wanted to leave her cauldron but Hume was a problem all his own, “Very well then,” she flicked her hand at her cauldron and walked down the stairs.
    • When everyone had arrived in the dining room, Kiara let out an exasperated remark, “What is the meaning of this?”
      Hume was in tears on the floor, “My son… gone.”
    • Kiara’s eyes wandered toward the open boxes. She began to rummage through it, ‘Clearly not my supplies or anything that I ordered for that matter.’ She came across a plaque, “Gibson Romoni,” it read. She placed it down on the table. Picking up the letter,
    • “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Romoni,
      I need to inform you most grievously that your son, Dr. Gibson Romoni, has died. Dr. Romoni had been sent to treat patients on the island of Nauru. It appears that he contracted the infection while treating the natives. I am sending you Gibson’s personal affects which were collected from his apartment. Unfortunately we could not send you his remains, due to circumstances surrounding the nature of the disease.
      With extreme sorrow, Edward Castle Director of Foreign Affairs”
    • Kiara remained silent for a few moments before crashing to the ground, “M… M… m… my son,” she began to weep.
    • A few days later a memorial service was held in the family graveyard for Gibson, a headstone was ordered so that there could be further closure for the family. Kiara cried throughout the whole service, Hume did his best to comfort her.
    • The sun was just setting, but Lilith had arrived to the council chambers a little early. Her thoughts had been disturbed since she tested Stormy. Lilith rubbed her arms, there seemed to be a bit of a nip in the air. She decided to light a fire, she sat down in front of it, staring at the flames deep in thought. She wondered what visions the Goddess had shown to Stormy…. ‘Were they any different from what she had shown me as a candidate and since I became the Sorceress? Candidates. Oh, crap! I need to conducted the search for them. I need to find and train a successor.’
    • The chimes on the grandfather clock sounded, it roused Lilith from her thoughts, soon the other members of the Council would be arriving. Someone was humming a tune, it was getting louder. “Excuse me,” said a male voice, “Is this the Council Chamber?”
      Lilith rose from the floor, turned around to face the speaker, extending her hand in greeting, “Hello. Yes this is the Council Chamber...” Lilith was speechless, the man had an uncanny resemblance to some drawings that she had seen.
    • “I’m sorry if I startled or disturbed you.” There was a downdraft through the chimney causing the fire to crackle excitedly.
      “You didn’t.” Lilith paused as she stared, “Excuse me, but you look so much like…ah…how should I say this… You look an awful lot like some drawings I’ve seen of Fayemoore the Great.”
      “Actually the name’s Alfred Moore,” he smiled as he extended his hand in greeting. “You’ve peaked my scholarly interest, would you mind telling me where you saw those drawings? I’d really like to have a chance to examine them.”
    • “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Alfred,” Lilith said as she shook his hand. “Are you the new council member that Scott was telling me about?”
      “Yes I am,” replied Alfred, “Scott and I’ve kept in touch over the years, when the council seat opened up, he asked if I’d be interested.”
      “Ahhha…, so you’re Scott’s ‘old school chum,’” Lilith said smiling.
      “Yeah, that would be me.”
    • Buckler entered the room muttering to himself, “Gah, someone best be deciding to take old man Boatwright’s old route sometime soon, I…,” he glanced across the room and noticed that he wasn’t the only person in it.
      Lilith turned, she smiled to herself over the Captain’s muttering.
    • “Captain Buckler, I’d like to introduce Mr. Alfred Moore one of our newest council members,” stated Lilith as she made introductions.
      Buckler stepped forward to greet the newcomer, “It be nice meeting ya, Alfred.”
      Lilith added, “It’s so nice of you to help Irvine out, I know that he’s been swamped trying to accomplish everything.”
      “The boy just doesn’t… sometimes I be thinking I should just be taking the job full time. But then I be thinking why I stopped.” Buckler sighed, “Irvine’s trying…, but he be stretching himself mighty thin.”
      “I’m sure someone will take over Mr. Boatwright’s ferry route soon,” Lilith suggested hopefully.
    • “I remember Mr. Boatwright as being a nice old man, what happened to him?” asked Alfred.
      “From what we know, he was on his last run. Nobody was going out any more that day ‘cause of the storm we were expecting. But his passenger insisted. He must’a figured he’d be able to make it, but he figured wrong.”
      “I’m sorry to hear that,” Alfred said. “I guess, I’ve been out of touch for too long.”
      Soon the rest of the council members arrived.
    • While Buckler and Alfred spoke, Lilith added another log to the fire. She could hear more voices joining in conversation as the council members arrived; she straightened up, turned, and started to walk to her chair.
      Scott had entered the room greeting various members as he made his way to the council table. When he spotted his wife tending the fire he paused a moment and smiled at her in greeting.
    • One of the members, believing they were late sat on a bench until he could make heads or tales out of things.
    • Samantha spotted her colleague and waved him forward, “Frances, come on over and sit beside me.”
      Frances took a seat at the table, he shyly greeted those around him.
    • Scott glanced around, he noticed Alfred standing by the fireplace, “Mr. Moore, as you can see we’re an informal group, please take any seat.”
    • Alfred decided to sit next to a new friend.
    • Scott banged his gavel, “I call this meeting of Ekkaia*† Council to order. First of all I’d like to welcome our newest members to the Council.” Scott indicated the left end of the table, “I’m sure most of you know Mr. Frances Worth, he has the task of trying to teach our older children some of what they need to know before they head off to college.”
      †ek + (k)haya
    • Frances turned a little red at the praise being directed his way, “Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here.”
      Scott continued, “I would also like to welcome and old friend, Mr. Alfred Moore. Alfred went to college with Dorian, Angel and myself. He later returned to teach at Shipwreck Cove University, where he’s currently on sabbatical researching some of our more colorful legends.”
    • “Hello,” Alfred rushed to responded, “I’m honored that you’ve asked me to join the Council, I look forward to working with you.”
    • Angel spoke up, “Ahh, so you’ve decided to join the living again?” She smiled to take the sting out her comment. “How long do you think you’ll be staying on the island? Will you be needing any help while you do your research?” Dorian just shook his head and Scott grinned.
    • Angel’s last question got Scott to thinking, “Yes. Will you need any help? Ahh, such as ditch diggers or sifters?”
      Alfred responded, “Well, right now I’m still surveying the area…, but soon I should be ready to begin the digging process. I suppose I could use some help.”
      “That would be nice, we have a couple of budding archeologist here on the island,” Morgana chimed in.
      The meeting continued on in the usual manner with the routine subjects being covered, Scott brought the meeting to a close, “I think that covers everything. The meeting is adjourned.”
    • Some of the members decided to chat a bit. Scott stood up to leave, he and Lilith had to get back to their girls. Morgana and Irvine also decided to call it a night. The others finished their conversations and left a little while later.
    • As the others filed out, Buckler walked over to the fireplace, stooped and began to extinguish the fire. He heard the door shut and the footsteps recede down the hall.
      Someone cleared their throat behind him, “I’d like to wish you a good evening Captain. It was very nice meeting you.”
      Buckler stood, he turned around, “It was nice to meet you too Alfred. Perhaps we’ll run into each?”
      “That would be nice,” replied Alfred.
      Buckler took a last look around the room making sure everything was secure, then he and Alfred left.
    • Buckler had some things on his mind. He decided he needed to see his oldest friend, and to talk things through with them.
      I hope you enjoyed it. Comments would be appreciated, either at Boolprop.com or at my LJ.