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Debian packaging talk, Pysheff sept 2012
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Debian packaging talk, Pysheff sept 2012



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  • 1. Debian packaging for Python applications and libraries Sheffield Python Group 25 September 2012 Thomas Kluyver
  • 2. Overview● Making a package – The debian/ directory – Source packages – Binary packages● PPAs & recipe builds● Submitting to Debian or Ubuntu● The future
  • 3. debian/● control – metadata for your source package and binary package(s)● rules – makefile describing how to build your package● changelog – records each version of the package, defines version number● patches/ – changes applied to the source before building it.● copyright – license info for every file● watch – where to check for newer versions
  • 4. Source package● taxonome_0.12.orig.tar.gz● taxonome_0.12-1ppa2.debian.tar.gz● taxonome_0.12-1ppa2.dsc● taxonome_0.12-1ppa2_source.changes
  • 5. Binary packagestaxonome_0.12-1ppa1_all.deb● This is what you install● Different ways to build: – Local build – pbuilder (creates a separate installation) – Build servers (for all published packages)
  • 6. Demos
  • 7. PPAs● Personal Package Archives● Build and publish your own packages● Users add PPA to install packages: – sudo apt-add-repository ppa:takluyver/taxonome● Recipe builds: build from VCS every day – Testing, dogfooding
  • 8. Submitting packages● ITP: intent to package● RFS: request for sponsorship● lintian: automated nitpicking – --pedantic – lintian4py● DFSG: Debian Free Software Guidelines – be very clear about copyright● Ubuntu MyApps system – Applications only, should be simpler – Some teething trouble with reviewing
  • 9. The FutureCan we use distutils metadata to make Debianpackages automatically?● Stdeb (not exactly future) – https://github.com/astraw/stdeb● pkgme – https://launchpad.net/pkgme● PyPI to Debian repository convertor – https://gitorious.org/pypi2deb
  • 10. More information● Lots of info on the web, but alternative tools make it confusing.● A clear starting point is the Ubuntu packaging guide:http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/python-packaging.html● Debian Python Modules Team (DPMT) and Python Apps Packaging Team (PAPT) can help, but aren’t always newcomer-friendly.