Equipment To Promote Baby Car Safety


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Equipment To Promote Baby Car Safety

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  2. 2. Equipment To Promote Baby Car Safety Safety of the child is something that all parents want to ensure, whether the child is in the home, outside of it or in the car. Baby car safety can be ensured by using some of the basic safety equipment and procedures that is recommended by experts in the field. In the United States of America, there are certain rules that should be followed to ensure baby car safety.
  3. 3. Baby Carriers There are specific traffic regulations regarding the use of a baby carrier or car seat when there is a baby passenger in a moving car. The baby car safety rules state that there are specific kinds of baby carriers that depend on the height, weight and age of the baby in the car. Baby car safety also states that babies should be in the said baby carriers in the moving vehicle.
  4. 4. Carrier Should Be Strapped Unto The Back Seat The said carrier should be strapped unto the back seat of the vehicle using the provided seat belts. Instructions regarding baby car safety and how to position the carrier depend on what kind of carrier is being used. Each manufacturer of each kind of car seat of baby carrier has a different set of instructions regarding baby car safety.
  5. 5. Three Point Or Two Point Positioning In most cases, either a three point or two point positioning of the seat belt is used for baby car safety. This refers to the points of the harnesses or restraints into which the seat belt is put through. Many believe that the three point system is the best while other manufacturers of the baby safety product for car use are looking into more point systems for better baby car safety.
  6. 6. Air Bag Safety The process in which the air bag works can actually injure a baby if the carrier is positioned in the front seat. Federal laws regarding baby car safety state that the carrier should be placed in the back seat at all times and harnessed properly with the vehicles' provided seat belts.
  7. 7. Airbag Even older children are discouraged from sitting in from in the way of the passenger side air bag because the eruption of the airbag can actually injure a child. This is because the airbags in the front seats are positioned and manufactured in such a way that they suit adults only.
  8. 8. Baby Car Safety Baby car safety should also include that the baby is not to be placed on the lap of any passenger of a moving vehicle. Vigilance of the driver as well as the passengers when there is a baby on board a moving vehicle should be practiced.
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