Baby Health Care: Feeding And Environment


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Baby Health Care: Feeding And Environment

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  2. 2. Baby Health Care: Feeding And Environment The introduction of vaccinations for fatal diseases has reduced the number of infant deaths from these diseases. These improved methods of immunization go a long way in helping towards baby health care. Nourishment, environment, the love and affection of the family contributes to good baby health care.
  3. 3. Feeding the Baby If the baby is being nursed by the mother, it provides all the nourishment to the baby and provides the baby protection from various diseases. Breast-feeding is the ideal way to begin, firstly because of all the nourishment and milk that mother’s milk contains, but also because it brings the baby and the mother automatically closer. Babies love to be cuddled, and it is important that they get enough attention.
  4. 4. Weaning Begins Once the weaning begins, baby health care takes another turn. One should start off with semi-solid foods, then with solid foods and adjust the quantity according to the amount the baby can take. Mothers tend to feed their babies too much, and once they put on too much weight, it is difficult to lose it again. A fat baby is definitely not a healthy baby.
  5. 5. Visit Doctor Regularly Your home doctor or consulting pediatrician will advise you on what to feed the baby and how much. Don’t force the baby to eat something, which he ends up hating all his life. It is a myth, that babies should be forcibly fed. When they are hungry, they will eat and gain the necessary energy again.
  6. 6. Tips For Baby Fitness Baby fitness is also a part of baby health care. Healthy foods and inculcating good habits will contribute largely to baby health care. The sleeping conditions of the baby, its clothing, regular bathing and exposure to the natural outside air, will keep the baby healthy and cheerful. The clothing of the baby should be comfortable and the clothes and bed linen should be clean. Besides, at least once a day, the baby should go out of the house for a little while.
  7. 7. Keep The Nourishment Right Looking after a baby is a 24-hour job, and hence it is important to keep the nourishment right and provide the baby with a healthy environment. In order to be sure that your baby has a normal growth and development, use the local pediatrician to check your baby from time-to-time.
  8. 8. Baby Health Care Is More Difficult Than The Care Of Adults Baby health care is much more difficult than the care of adults or grown-up children, because they cannot speak and tell you if they have any sort of discomfort. Sometimes they just cry and it is the mother’s job to find out what exactly is happening, because if the baby is not behaving normally, just consult the doctor and take the baby to him.
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