Daily Arthoniti Protidin Brand And Communication Plan


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Daily Arthoniti Protidin Brand And Communication Plan

  1. 1. PART A Promotion Plan
  2. 2. Strategies  6 months after the official launching, it is necessary to go with massive promotion.  Frequency of promotion will be maximum on that period.  Focus on aware and inform people as much as possible.  Massive presence through road side branding and using other common media. Arthoniti Protidin is a new daily newspaper in the Bangladesh market. Considering name and content it is very much necessary to aware the people of Bangladesh about the stand and importance . Besides that it is also important to remove the fear & misconception regarding the name and word “ARTHONITI”. For the sustainability its required to create an initial buzz on the market by promotional activities. Considering the competitors promotional activities PROCHITO IMC Ltd. Proposing the plan. Strategic focus are on:
  3. 3. Television Commercial • Television always considered as the most popular media . Its audio and visual presentation make the presentation lucrative. • Popular TV channel  NTV  Bangla Vision  ETV  RTV  Desh TV etc. • Make 3 different duration advertisement.  60 Second  40 Second  30 Second • Types of ad in TV channel  News sponsor,  Strip ad  Pop-up ad  Regular TVC etc
  4. 4. Talk Show Program Sponsoring • Now a days Talk Show in Television channel is very much popular. People are watching this sort of program to have free and frank opinion about political and economical condition of Bangladesh. Reasons to go for talk show: 1. Informative live program with updated issue. 2. Viewers are the senior citizen. 3. Politically and economically conscious people. 4. People watch this types of program to get the real story behind burning coverage.
  5. 5. Sponsor a news related talk show. It can be existing program sponsoring or developing a new customized talk show. Organize a youth based and innovative TV program. Talk Show Program Sponsoring (cont.)
  6. 6. Official website  Standing on the time of internet age when everything becoming backed by internet it become the prime need to have a website with full of information.  Every newspaper having an online version. Demand of online version is increasing as numbers of internet users is increasing.  For Arthoniti Protidin, it is required to make an online version of the newspaper as online reader of the newspaper is increasing everyday.
  7. 7. Mobile platform is the latest tool to promote the brand as people are now moving to use smart phone. Smart phone enables multi tasking facilities with quick access to mail anywhere at any time. Because of increasing popularity, many newspaper launched mobile apps to read the newspaper on their mobile device. Reasons to go for Mobile apps:  People are using mobile for browsing and online reading.  Report says that the use of internet by mobile device is increasing day by day. In US 55% of the mobile owner use their mobile for web browsing which was 33% in 2009.  In India 11% of the web is browsed by the mobile device. Referance: http://topbestlisted.blogspot.com/2011/07/top-internet-browsing-market-share-of.html http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2012/Cell-Internet-Use-2012/Key-Findings.aspx Mobile Apps
  8. 8. Mobile Apps Activation process: Scanning QR COAD will forwarded to the Official web of the Arthoniti Protidin. Download a customized software. After installation of the software , an ICON will appear on the menu of the device. After clicking the ICON, mobile will directly go to the page of Arthoniti Protidin. Mobile Application ICON Mobile Apps (Cont.)
  9. 9.  Use unique tools to attach the customer with the newspaper.  Can provide some gift item with the linked branding process. Promotion of QR CODE This types of gift item will promote the brand and also the mobile version of the newspaper. Small note size leaflet, which will promote the QR Code.
  10. 10. Online Promotion  Social media and popular web site is the latest media to promote the brand.  Popular social media and website to promote the Arthoniti Protidin are • www.facebook.com • www.bdjobs.com • www.prothom-alo.com • www.bdnews24.com • www.eprothomalo.com
  11. 11. Mp3 news option • Having an mp3 option on the webpage for blind people. • There will be a HOTKEY (ex: “F” button to listen the headline etc) • It will be an USP for the newspaper.
  12. 12. Billboard Suitable places are: 1. Motijhil 2. Gulshan 3. Panthapath 4. Bijoy Sarani 5. Near Jamuna Bridge 6. Mawa Road 7. Gabtoli bus terminal 8. Saydabad bus Terminal 9. Komlapur rail station. Reasons to go for Billboard Large number of viewer. Long term presentation of the brand. Easily customizable.  Powerful tools to create a brand image on the mind of target customer. Represent the long term commitment to the reader.
  13. 13. Bus stand branding Bus stand is the most popular place in city life, where different people gather to go to their destination. Branding on the bus stand will promote the brand among the people.
  14. 14. Bus Branding  People waiting in the bus stand always look to the bus.  Always on search of their desire bus.  Branding on the bus will get the perfect attention of the waiting people.
  15. 15. Road Side branding  Unique road side branding will get the attention of moving people.  Frequency should be high.  Presentation should be unique.
  16. 16. Road Show • Organize road show on special occasion. • (16th December 2012 and 21st February 2013, 14th April 2013 etc)
  17. 17. PART B Newspaper Content Plan In this part, we are presenting some content ideas. All the content are to increase the popularity among the people.
  18. 18. “Youth photographers space” • Call the viewers and fan of Arthoniti Protidin to send photography through Facebook or mail. • Among the pictures, selected picture will be publish on the on the newspaper. (Daily or Weekly) • Size: 5 Inch X 4 column Advantages: •Amateur youth photographer will get a chance to show their work on daily newspaper. •They will inform other about the newspaper to show his/her photography. Exhibition
  19. 19. Font Page Color view “Use different background color then the regular page color for at least half of the front page.’ Advantages: 1. Will create an image of regular newspaper on the mind of reader at first impression. 2. People will not consider the newspaper and Financial dailies.
  20. 20. Weekly special article • In Bangladesh, there are some prominent people who got huge acceptance. People read and listen their word words carefully. • Publish a weekly special article written by the _______
  21. 21. Career Guide & Tips • A space of the newspaper with full of career tips and guide includes • What are the appropriate Organizational behaviors. • What are the behaviors required to be successful . • What are common mistake in organization. • How to build professional network. • How to write professional letter. • How to build image (Self branding) • Report writing guide.
  22. 22. Weekly Music Time line • One Musical band in every week. • Their origin and journey. • Their success etc with photo. • Need to choose the band very carefully. (01.Warfaze 02. LRB 03. Shironamhin etc)
  23. 23. • A monthly magazine of Arthoniti Protidin. • Page : 60-100 pages. • Content: 01. Novel ( Single and multiple episode) 02. Story 03. New writers novel 04. Photography 05. Poem 06. Article etc.
  24. 24. Professionals Medical Tips • This will focus the different physical and mental problem and their solutions based on the job. • The tips can be 2 types 01. Generalized : Common medical tips from professionals. 02. Customized : Medical tips can be focused on  Age Group  Profession
  25. 25. • Space for senior citizen of the country. They will share their experience here regarding different business sector and industry.