"Prototype Everything" at The conference(19/Aug/2014,Malmo,Sweden) by @tks

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Masakazu Takasu, Technical Evangelist, TeamLab …

Masakazu Takasu, Technical Evangelist, TeamLab
Masakazu will show how ingenious technology and art is made in Japan today.
Our next event is MakerFaire trondheim 2014
and ALS Electronica 2014!


We grow up exploring ourselves and our surroundings. We learn how to interact with the community we live in. In our early days it’s ok to ask a lot of questions and to learn by doing and failing. Somewhere along the way we become less inclined to play and test to learn how things work, and it seems like we are supposed to know everything about what we do (listen to a politician interviewed on telly). A lot of us forget that craft of testing our way forward.

But, there is a global maker movement that is all about trying things out and building prototypes to understand if an idea works and if there’s a market for it. In this session you will learn about how you can prototype everything from business models to technology.


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  • チームラボの特徴②

  • 僕らには、デジタル領域が中心であるので、デザインとアートの境界線があまりありません。アートバーゼルのような世界のトップアートマーケットで、アート作品を売ることもあれば、新しいプロダクトを作ることもあれば、ソリューションすることもあります。
  • テクノロジー、デザイン、アート、サイエンス
  • 僕らは、テクノロジー、デザイン、アート、サイエンスの境界を曖昧にしながら、『実験と革新』をテーマに、いろいろなものを創っています。

  • チームラボの特徴②

  • One more thing
    I told about our business product.
    But next thing is not out business. Next thing made by only our mind.
    This is make, technology on my time.
  • I told about our business product.
    But next thing is not out business. Next thing made by only our mind.
    This is make, technology on my time.
  • サーバの話はここに追記します
  • <twitter>pp_twi: トイレセンサー ヘブンズ・ドア http://ow.ly/eOg4T
    #DCEXPO #ニコニコ学会 </twitter>


  • 1. Don’t think alone,All right. Interactive Design Prototypeing by teamLab Masakazu Takasu (teamLab) @tks
  • 2. I’m not able to speak english well. I will try to my presentation today, in my broken english. My first message, with apologies to Bruce Lee(李小龍), Notice
  • 3. self-introduction My name:Masakazu Takasu I’m a maker from japan. I love [Make:] Tokyo2009- Bay area2012 Taipei 2013 ShenZhen 2014
  • 4. Taipei 2014 Maker’s Block MakerFaire Singapore Next, MakerFaire trondheim, Katmandu,Tokyo…
  • 5. ultra-technologists group teamLab
  • 6. About teamlab teamLab is an ultra-technologists group made up of information specialists including; engineers (user interface engineers, data base engineers, network engineers, robot engineers, computer vision engineers, software architects), mathematicians, architects, CG animators, web designers, graphic designers, artists, and editors. 400 employees work in tokyo. 70% engineers.
  • 7. Characteristic of teamLab Creation without boundaries between Design and Art
  • 8. There is not much of a border between Design and Art because we focus on the digital domain. We sell art works at the top world art markets, such as Art Basel. We also find solutions for new products.
  • 9. Example
  • 10. 10 Technology, Design, Art, Science.
  • 11. 11 We are creating works through "experimentation and innovation" making the borders between Technology, Art, and Design more Ambiguous.
  • 12. Example
  • 13. Today’s theme Prototyping methods Multi diciplinary co-working Interactive design from Japan
  • 14. Example Sketch Aqualium
  • 15. Theme How to Make Educational by Technology and Art.
  • 16. Theme Today's children is always using smartphone and pad.
  • 17. For the children, Digital world is fun. Real world is too boreing.
  • 18. On the TV, Mario and Angry bird are jump,play with friend. But child is lie down. These are bad things for growth.
  • 19. We maid it “Real Super Mario World”! To play with friends using the brain and physical. teamLab future park
  • 20. Example Hopscotch for Geniuses
  • 21. Example Sketch Aqualium
  • 22. Example Sketch Aqualium
  • 23. Concept Co-Creative by children -A line drawing for coloring -Physical drawing -Every drawing in same Big screen -Aqualium by Everybody
  • 24. Augmented Field SiliconValley way is Augmented Human. Empowerment myself. Our way is Augmented Field. Empowerment people together. Person People
  • 25. Team Sketch Aqualium Drawer (U.K) Graphic Designer(Japanse) ComputerVision engineer(Japanese) Unity 3D engineer(Japanse) Around 2 month.
  • 26. 1st Prototype Image by Drawer
  • 27. Adam Booth(Drawer) Adam Booth is an English-born master of Nihonga, a kind of painting that uses traditional Japanese methods and styles.
  • 28. 2nd Prototype Make 16m 3D world by Unity3D engineer.
  • 29. Sugi-cho(Unity3D engineer) Sugi-cho is an Graduation of Technology polytechnique and Art university. He is founder of our interactiveTeam.
  • 30. 3rd Prototype More visual effect,light, perspective by Unity3D engineer and Designer. Before effect After effect
  • 31. 4th Prototype Move andVisual design by engineer and mathematics pos.x = A * sin(t); pos.y = B * noise(pos.x,t); pos.z = C * cos(pos.x/C+t); noise(x,y):
  • 32. 5th Prototype Algorithm Fish swim aim target Same shape fish same target, making squadron Escape from the Shark When Escape and Find food are more fast.
  • 33. 6th Prototype Visual and Move Making(important!) Understandable, Look so good,not borling Every moveing has meaningful. Meaningless moveing is borling. Still same move is borling.
  • 34. 7th Prototype Interaction Design How to get drawing in display The fishes are touchable? The fishes eyes are able to see us? How to connect Virtual and Physical.
  • 35. 8th Prototype Choose tool We use scanner and IR Camera.
  • 36. Example Sketch Aqualium
  • 37. How to Multi diciplinary co-working? Prototype is best way,not need language. “Two heads are better than one.” Don’t think alone,All right!
  • 38. One More Thing Make:technology on my time I told about our business product. But next thing is not out business Prototypeing, Made by only our mind.
  • 39. This is our toilet. Our office toilet is few. Typical Enginner is male. Toilet for male always under heavy traffic.
  • 40. An engineer want is "don't stop my hacking". An engineer want to recognize his toilet are “open" or “closed" at his desk. Therefore we made it. Heaven’s door
  • 41. Toilet door
  • 42. With mouce
  • 43. Click! Click by door!
  • 44. toilet Server (laptop) Apache web server The mouse send a toilet situation to server.
  • 45. Become a able to knowing toilet situation when still my eyes gazing computer. 1 click change few second. heaven's door is browser extension.
  • 46. Do It With Others Heaven’s door
  • 47. Do It With Others “heaven’s door” @nazoking I make it web user interface! When toilet open,send alert from web page.
  • 48. Other Enginner makes: Heaven's door become adapt cacti (network graphing solution). We can recognise heavy traffic time. Do It With Others “heaven’s door”
  • 49. We are Future! Tack “the conference” Takasu@team-lab.com @tks