Hannah and kate curiosity

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This is my Curiosity Presentation that I did with a friend. We got to chose out of the rover or the volcano eruption

This is my Curiosity Presentation that I did with a friend. We got to chose out of the rover or the volcano eruption

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  • Curiosity\n\n
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  • This is the brainstorm that we did about Curiosity. It tells you what we knew about curiosity before we did this presentation. \n
  • This is my Haiku, it is about Curiosity and whst it is going to do on ‘The Red Planet’.\n
  • This is my poem that I made about the rover and how people could end up living on Mars.\n
  • Our question\n
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  • 1. CuriosityBy Hannah Brown & Kate Hayward
  • 2. Contents AnswerBrainstorm PhotosPoems DiagramQuestion VideoNotes CreditsNotes ContinuedFact Page
  • 3. Brainstorm
  • 4. Hannah’s Poem Curiosity landing on Mars Curiosity Scanning the red planets land Two years till return.
  • 5. Kate’s Poem Curiosity The rover That landed on Red sandy rocky mars Taking pic of the planet Seeing if it’s safe Soon People might Live on Mars
  • 6. Question:Why do scientists want human to live on Mars in the future ifits safe for .
  • 7. Notes Yes, People we will be able to live on Mars if we plant trees there. It will take quite a few years. http://goo.gl/itCn2 On Mars, youll get extra time in a day to do the things you want to do. Martian days are about half an hour longer than Earth days. But thats nothing compared to the extra time youll get in a year 687 days compared to 365 days on Earth. http://goo.gl/FG 493 On the surface, Mar’s freeze-dried world of rocks, ice, and dust looks like an unlikely place to plant a garden and to grow your own veggies. http://goo.gl/fREJ9
  • 8. Note Continued...
  • 9. Fact PageDid you know that it takes 14 minutes for a photo from Marsthe reach Earth.
  • 10. Answer
  • 11. Photos
  • 12. Video
  • 13. Video
  • 14. Diagram
  • 15. Credits http://goo.gl/HUKrr http://goo.gl/itCn2 http://goo.gl/FG493 http://goo.gl/fREJ9