In addition to racism, women were alsomistreated. Lets go back a few centuries tothe time of Henry VIII. He had six wives....
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Craig's speech on bullying


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  • When it's time of the year to go back to school, many kids dread ending the freedom and summertime activities. While these feelings are common for most kids, some don't look forward to going back to school because they are teased and harassed by bullies.As parents, we may not always know when a bully strikes our innocent kids. And sometimes, they might just keep their mouth shut about what happened, or they may even ask for help but nobody would bother for the reason that the bully might include him or her on his list.As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who find it quite hard to manage time, I found this great Safety Service which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. #SafekidZone, Check it here:
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Craig's speech on bullying

  1. 1. In addition to racism, women were alsomistreated. Lets go back a few centuries tothe time of Henry VIII. He had six wives. SixWives. And when he got bored of them, hehad them executed (except Jane Seymour,Henrys third and favorite wife who died from Craigs Speechnatural causes).We all know whatname calling and physical inRacism, sexism, bullying is. It could comethe form of all forms of bullying, and it is aabuse are calling someone a name,spreading rumors or physically hurtingserious matter.someone.Unfortunately, its a lot more serious thanpeople may realize.I know all this because I have been in thisposition. I have been called a nerd, retard,geek and more which I wont name. Youdont need to be angry with who you are,It makes can angry, because when an adultand you me just accept yourself as you are.made fun of another persons you what youYou dont need a bully to tell name he losthis job atcannot do.can and the Breakfast news company.(which he deserved) But when kids call eachother names, that we needitto be more awareDo you think they just do back. In myopinion, bullies need to we punishedstrictabout bullying? Should be be more moreheavily for bullying. Less and less kids arewith our school rules?going to the teacher for help. A bully may tryto convince their victims that by going to theteacher, they will look weak. Truly, they dothis to avoid their own downfall.It gets worse.Think about this; in some colleges the policecome in to check for weapons. Thats right,weapons. Knives, scissors, perhaps evenguns. Some bullies are capable of killing theirvictims. Does this worry you? It worries me.Imagine losing your son or daughter, or sisteror brother or perhaps a close friend tosomeone who bullies them, it woulddevastate you. Or, perhaps, losing your ownlife. Thats why we need to stop bullying fromthe source.Its not just kids we need to worry about, itsalso adults. Attacking someone is consideredassault and insulting someones name,gender or race over and over is consideredharassment. And to think that in the 1800s inAmerica, dark skinned people had to go in adifferent bathroom from the white people.And the black people were enslaved, andforced to work for the white people. That isalso a form of bullying, called racism.