Cultural of india


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Country of diversities, India is one of the popular destinations for the tourists. The beautiful tapestry of religions, cultures, traditions, music, dance, art, philosophies and mythologies allures the people from different parts of the world.

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Cultural of india

  1. 1. Cultural India TourCountry of diversities, India is one of the popular destinations for the tourists. The beautiful tapestry ofreligions, cultures, traditions, music, dance, art, philosophies and mythologies allures the people fromdifferent parts of the world. India displays a vivid kaleidoscope of different colors of life. From snowcovered mountain peaks to golden sand dunes, golden beaches to religious shrines, lovely forts andpalaces to emerald backwaters, India offers an array of choices to the tourists. The land of all seasons, itis where beauty beckons, tradition delights and culture echoes. Be ready to discover the cultural aspectsof the magical land of India in the following cities and make your vacation in India a fabulous one. Incredible Agra
  2. 2. The Mughal land of the city in Uttar Pradesh is famous for the testimony of love Taj Mahal. A trip toAgra will allow the tourist to discover the true beauty manifesting the hearfelt love of the MughalEmperor Shah Jahan for this beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. This white marble beauty stands gloriously onthe bank of the river Yamuna. It not only attacts the tourist but also serves as an inspiration for thepoets, painters, writers and of course the lovers. As you enter the gate leading to the monument, an auraof immense charm and beauty engulfs your mind. This monument of love is adorned beautifully withvarious precious and semi-precious stones and intricately carved floral motifs. It is not only about thearchitectural experitse but also a worth visiting monument for the regal tombs, minarets, revered mosqueand the beautiful surrounding of the place. Agra is gratified to have the world famous Taj Mahal as atourist attraction. Agra tourist attractions doesnt end with the visit to Taj Mahal. It has lots more instore. From the massive Agra Fort to the deserted Fatehpur Sikri, tomb of Akbar to the beautiful gardensmade by the Mughals, local markets to emporiums, the tourist visiting Agra can enjoy a lot of things. Vibrant Jaipur
  3. 3. The second largest city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a culturally rich place. The rich heritage in the form ofpalaces, forts, traditions, cultures, art and crafts, dance and music is found in abundance in this city. It isone of the famous destinations in the land of India which experiences a large number of domestic andinternational footfalls every year. The majestic forts and palaces like the Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, CityPalace and Hawa Mahal are the center of attractions for the visitors. You will be astounded by the pinkcolored buildings in Jaipur due to which this city is also known as the Pink City. The grand forts andpalaces in Jaipur displays rich architecture and the wonderful locations of some offers picturesquelandscapes. Exploring the markets in jaipur will allow you to know the varied types of art and culturerevailing in the capital city of Rajasthan. It takes pride in its remarkable handiworks that preseve itsancient art and crafts. Blue pottery is one of the famous art of Jaipur which is popular worldwide. Splendid Khajuraho
  4. 4. Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Khujuraho displays the cultural aspects of India in the group oftemples. Khajurahos art is the manifestation of the essence of philosophy of Indian aesthetics. The eroticsculptures of the temples depict kamasutra which is unique in the entire world. Having great religioussignificane, the temples are constructed thousands of years ago by the Chandela dynasty. You will getsurprised by the perfection with which the stone sculpting was done. Having the Vindya range ofmountains on the backdrop of the sacred shrines, it makes Khajuraho a more fascinating as a touristdestination.
  5. 5. The culturally rich India has no dearth of travel destinations. Agra Jaipur tour package is one of thefamous package tour which takes the travellers to some exotic locations. Trip to Taj Mahal included inthis package is the important attraction for the tourists.