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For anyone in network marketing and/or direct selling, here are some insights and resources to help you grow your organization.

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Network Marketing Times

  1. 1. INSIDE THIS ISSUE MLM Products to take you to the next level of success! View our directory PAGE 20 © MMVII Prime Concepts Group. All Rights Reserved. Network Marketing Times is a division of Prime Concepts Group Inc. 1807 S. Eisenhower St. Wichita, KS 67209-2810 USA Toll-free US & Canada: 1-800-946-7804 Voice: (316) 942-1111 Fax: (316) 942-5313 FEATURES 04 Working the Cold Market 09 Book Reviews 10 Getting More Prospects 14 Keeping New Distributors from Dropping Out 17 Changing the Way We Change 22 What is your Prosperity IQ Quiz 24 Prosperity Principles to Live By 30 Success Programing PRODUCTS 20 Index of MLM Products 21 Index of Prosperity Products 37 Online Resource Directory 41 Order Form What’s Your Prosperity I.Q.? Take the quiz. PAGE 36
  2. 2. s many of you know, I've been back and forth on the issue of Cold market versus Warm market. I make no apologies for that, as I think it is important that you run your business in response to what is happening in the marketplace. In the late eighties and early nineties, I went hog wild with cold market prospecting. I did card deck mailings, display ads, and direct mail letters. I worked the phones ten hours a day, moving across the time zones. That was a good approach for me, as I was pathologically shy, and was afraid to meet people in person. I was quite relaxed on the phone, and developed some strong relationships that are still alive today. It was also a very good time to broadcast market like that. The market was insatiable, and there were millions of people looking for opportunities at that time. But markets change. During the Clinton years, the perception of the economy was quite good. The deficit was being paid down; unemployment and layoffs faded from the news, and people didn't feel so economically vulnerable. During times like that, mass market opportunities don't grow as strong. I encouraged people to get back to their warm market, and work with their friends, neighbors and relatives. When the perception of the economy is good, this is the way to go. continued on page 7... By Randy Gage Page 4 A When people feel their retirement security is threatened, layoffs are imminent, and the economy seems shaky, then the timing is better for the cold market.
  3. 3. Randy Gage conducts some of the most compelling opportunity meetings ever seen. Check Out The Biz was filmed live before an audience of more than 1,000 people, so it offers an exciting and compelling presentation for your prospects. Use it to speed up your sponsoring and duplication rates. Randy knows how to grab the prospect’s attention, and really drive home why they’d be crazy not to build a business. Best of all, the presentation is totally generic! Your prospects see how they can build wealth in network marketing from master marketer Randy Gage, but they are directed to find out the company and products specifics from you. It’s a powerful resource to recruit new distributors fast, and in large numbers. It’s especially helpful for building long distance lines and internationally. You should also watch Randy’s presentation for tips on improving your own meetings. And have your existing distributors watch the presentation as well to learn how to present better as well. Page 5MLM PRODUCTS Check Out The Biz DVD format $17.00 order # DVD1 Order in Quantity & Save! 1-5 $17 6-24 $15 25-49 $12 50-99 $7 100-1000 $5 The benefits of owning their own MLM business; Why MLM is the new paradigm in distribution; How the industry will be expanding in the next few years; Why they should get involved now! Your prospects will learn: CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111
  4. 4. How to Become a MLM Rock Star Advanced Level Training by MLM Master, Randy Gage If you are ready to make the transition from MLM “grinder” to MLM “Rock Star,” there is a new album from Randy Gage that is exactly what you are looking for. It's like NOTHING that has ever been released before. This is the true “Insider” info that Randy used to build one of the fastest growing organizations ever seen in the industry. This is NOT a training album on how to get a prospect's phone number, or product retailing tips! This is the high level, leadership and culture stuff, the information you need to lead a massive organization and guide it through exponential growth. What he reveals on this powerful new resource can flat out make you rich! This 5 CD album will show you the difference between grinding along in the business like thousands do, or breaking free of the pack and building a huge organization MLM Rock Stars are adored in their group, they make huge bonus checks, and they get the satisfaction of seeing their people develop and grow with them. They are sought after by start up companies, are respected among their peers, and they command recognition at industry events. They understand the science of building and leading huge organizations. And no one can better teach you how to do this than Randy Gage. And this album is where he does it. This is your chance to have Randy as your “surrogate sponsor” and learn from this undisputed MLM Master! CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111 Stop grinding along in your business-- Break free of the pack and build a huge organization! Disc 1: The Fundamental Principles of Organizational Growth Disc 2: Creating the Right Culture in Your Organization Disc 3: The Group Dynamicof Massive Growth Disc 4: Developing Leadership in Your Group Disc 5: Managing a Monster Group Bonus CD: Escape the Rat Race Order How to Become a MLM Rock Star CD album #A60 - $97 First you have to learn to play.
  5. 5. When people feel their retirement security is threatened, layoffs are imminent, and the economy seems shaky, then the timing is better for the cold market. So that begs the obvious question. What should you be doing right now? Both! Right now, economic security is threatened. Here in the States, the government has gone trillions of dollars in debt. Savings are at an all-time low. Bankruptcies are at an all-time high. And because the U.S economy is the world's largest, it has ripple effects all over the world. There are serious financial issues in Japan, South America and Central America. Yet there is a perception that the economy is improving. The stock market is rebounding to highs it hasn't seen in a couple years. The government is doing everything it can to get people to spend. The perception is that the economy is rebounding. I for one don't believe that for an instant. The government can paint a rosy picture, but the underlying issues haven't changed. Jobs are being eliminated, not created. Individual debt is getting higher. People are refinancing their homes, and then paying down their credit card balances. Then two months later, they use up this credit on their accounts. So they are still maxed out on their credit cards, they just own less of their own home. Governments keep printing more money, devaluing what is already out there. Countries like The U.S., France, and Japan are technically bankrupt. Stocks are trading at twenty and thirty times earnings. Yet people keep buying them. So what does this mean for your business? Cover both bases. Keep working your warm market. Home meetings, hotel follow ups, and personal contact will always be effective for getting people to view your opportunity. Even though they do not feel financially threatened at the moment, your friends and relatives will almost always give you an audience to see what you have got. Take advantage of this. And hedge your bets. Start a campaign to get your message out to the cold market. Create a vehicle that keeps a steady stream of prospects coming into your business. This means you will always have steady consistent growth in your network. As more corporate accounting scandals are discovered (which they will be), as more people realize that their government retirement programs are bankrupt (and they are), as more currencies lose value (which they will), you will be positioned to capitalize on the wake up call. The fact is, network marketing always experiences great growth when the economy falters. And you can expect the economy to falter, because right now it is propped up with smoke and mirrors. A program you may want to consider is my “Recruiting 101: Building a Big Network Fast” audio album. It is six cd’s with follow-along study guide all about how to meet people, the best places to do it and how to approach them about your business. It is the most advanced training on prospecting for network marketers ever presented. Happy prospecting! -RG Start a campaign to get your message out to the cold market. Create a vehicle that keeps a steady stream of prospects coming into your business. Page 7 Continued from page 4 MLM PRODUCTS
  6. 6. page 8 The Recruiting 101 album, will teach you the best places to find good prospects, how to meet two new people a day, how to get their phone number, tips to get them to presentations, the exact sponsoring sequence you should bring a prospect through, and how to approach them at each step. You’ll also learn Randy Gage’s direct approach, and the indirect approach—and learn when to use each one. There is even a bonus cd on how to program your subconscious mind to meet new people and sponsor better! This is the most relentlessly detailed training you’ll ever find specifically on recruiting. If you want to recruit faster, this is the album to get. If you want to build a big group, fast—you have to be good at recruiting. And to be good at this, there are four skill sets you have to develop: Contacting; Inviting; Presenting; and, Follow-up. Order in Quantity & Save! 1-14 $77 15-29 $67 30+ $57 Recruiting 101Learn how to meet two new people every day. Discover how to convert propects who say ‘no’ into customers. Find out the critical elements that your presentation must contain. Learn when to follow up at each stage of the pipeline process. Discover the secrets of making successful presentations. Building A Big MLM Network Fast Randy Gage CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111 In Recruiting 101: Get the Recruiting 101 album today.
  7. 7. page 9MLM PRODUCTS How to Build A Multi-Level Money Machine: The Science of Network Marketing by Randy Gage Review by Mike Ferris, Independent Publisher Magazine. Network marketing, despite its 50-year history, is still largely misunderstood by most outsiders. Randy Gage, in his excellent book How To Build A Multilevel Money Machine, helps to de-mystify, and legitimize this powerful distribution concept. More importantly, the book lives up to its title. Almost devoid of the success stories of others (the hype), it focuses on what you the reader can do (the how to) to ensure your own success as a network marketing professional. How To Build A Multi-level Money Machine is conversational and highly practical, with sound advice on selecting a network marketing company, getting off to a fast start, and growing your business big. He also emphasizes the importance of duplication in building a secure network that will produce ongoing residual income. An established company will have its own system of ensuring this reproducibility, Gage points out, and he wisely advises the reader to follow that system to the letter. For those who lack such a system the book describes a generic one, with components available from the author. Clearly a veteran of the trenches, Gage makes no attempt to conceal his mistakes and failures along his own road to success. His transparency is refreshing in a business whose practitioners often minimize the hard work involved, and advise us to just “fake it ‘til we make it”. Randy Gage brings a large dose of integrity to an industry too often accused of lacking it, and his book is a major contribution to the professionalism of network marketing. I highly recommend this book for all network marketers. To learn more about this book by Randy Gage, visit page 13. The Prosperity Series by Randy Gage Review by Dr. Javier Vera Randy Gage says: So why might you not be accepting all the abundance that is meant for you? "Because you’ve been programmed that money is bad, rich people are evil, and it is spiritual to be poor. And this programming started when you were an infant." Randy Gage advise us on the danger of Media programming: “Do you realize that the average person watches 6 hours of TV per day? That equals 42 hours a week and 168 hours a month. So that means in one month, they watched approximately 6,720 commercials and has accumulated seven full 24-hour days worth of mostly useless and often lack-centered information. For every hour you were listening to the radio, you put even more commercials and useless information into your brain. If you just listened to the radio in your car, you might be subjected to 5 to 10 hours of status quo information per week, or 20 to 40 hours per month.” Allowing the media to continue shaping your perception of success, happiness, and money will continue to promote lack consciousness," This might go on only until you master the practice of Randy Gage's techniques to clear unwanted programming Despite my familiarity with the concept of prosperity, this wonderful book series had an unusual impact on me. The books are an expansion on clearing the blocks to unveil your full expression. If you think you've read enough on the topic -- don't hesitate, these books are a key addition to your library. Even though some people may be uncomfortable with what they read, you will be left with clear and ruthlessly honest answers When you start practicing Randy Gage's techniques, clearing unwanted programming, you allow the creation of a sustained and refreshed mindset that will manifest greater wealth and happiness. Randy Gage is a recognized expert, author and professional speaker in the arena of success, prosperity and developing a life of abundance. To learn more about the Prosperity Series by Randy Gage, visit page 28.
  8. 8. ave you ever wondered why some prospects get excited at your presentations and others just gaze at you with a blank stare? Have you given any thought to what the psychological "hot buttons" are that motivate people to act? If you haven’t, it’s time to learn. The MLM/Direct Selling Marketplace has gotten much more competitive in the last decade. The Internet now allows companies to go international a lot sooner. So now you have hundreds of companies from other countries competing with you. Online recruiting has made prospecting easier. But it has also increased the number of distributors fighting over your prospects. Compounding all this is the dramatic increase in advertising prospects are subjected to today. Hundreds of cable channels, the onslaught of more print media, and mind-boggling avalanche of spam has made people more distracted, overburdened, and much more skeptical than ever. Now for the good news… People are hungrier now for true financial security than they have been at any time since the 70’s. Corporate downsizing, large scale bankruptcies, and the Dot Com meltdown have all helped awaken people to the folly of placing their hopes and dreams in an employer. Entrepreneurism is making a strong comeback. And network marketing and direct selling have never looked better! The secret for you is knowing how to present your opportunity n a way that alleviates skepticism, stands out from competing marketing messages, and really connects with your prospect on an emotional level. Let’s look at some ways you can do that. By Randy Gage page 10 H MLM PRODUCTS Getting More Prospects FASTER!
  9. 9. One of the best ways is understanding the difference between features and benefits. Features are things about you, your product or your company. (Examples of these would be that your company has been in business for 15 years, you have a 1000,000 square foot manufacturing facility, or your products Pass a 7-step quality control process.) Features are important, but only in that they give credibility to validate benefits. Benefits are specific things that give value to prospects. (Examples of product benefits would be that they help prospects lose weight, save time, save money, etc.) Your prospects will be a lot more receptive to your presentations if you open with benefits instead of features. This will also differentiate you from most of the other people you’re competing with. What else can you do to stand out? When everyone is zigging, you want to be zagging. When we launched a new company back in the 90’s, I took a huge, centerfold two-page ad in an industry newspaper. In the center, in small type was the name of the new company, and the words, "If you don’t know, ask somebody." Then I had an 800 number. We received thousands of calls, and from them, screened down to a few hundred serious people who turned into distributors. Another thing you may want to consider is a "lifestyle" card. Instead of a company card, that has the name of your company, and possibly product info, I always liked to use a lifestyle card. A lifestyle card focuses on the benefits of the business. Back in the day, my business was called Worldwide Wealth Builders, and my lifestyle card talked about tax breaks, travel opportunities, residual income, unlimited potential, and the chance to help people while you help yourself. Creativity makes you stand out from the herd and gets your message noticed. I did a mail out in the 80’s with a photo of me with a blindfold over my eyes. It had a headline about the "masked man" who was looking for protégées he was going to introduce to success in the business. I was using it as a lead generation for when I went to cities to conduct opportunity meetings. I actually had to stop using it, because it produced so many people in a city, I couldn’t effectively handle all of them. I have sent out mailings with foreign money at the top ("Can I have One Million Pesos of Your time?"), Pepto Bismol tablets ("Is Your Paycheck Giving You Indigestion?") and aspirin ("Is Your Bank Balance Giving You a Headache?"). Continued on page 12 Your prospects will be a lot more receptive to your presentations if you open with benefits instead of features. Page 11 Duplication Nation Randy Gage’s Step-by-step system to building a massive organization see page 12 for details
  10. 10. If You’re In a Health and Nutrition Program… Use the “Great Health Through Nutrition” audiotape to boost your volume! Does your company have those boring doctor’s tapes? You know the kind. Some PhD or MD, droning on about molecular regeneration at the cellular level, or the peristaltic action of the colon. Yech! It’s no wonder your prospects end up in a coma! Switch over to using the Great Health Through Nutrition CD and watch how fast your sponsoring increases, and your product volume goes up. This CD is another great resource from Randy Gage. He explains in simple, layman’s terms why we need extra supplementation of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber. He details the shortcomings in today’s foods from depleted soil, pollution and irradiation. Once you put this tape to work in your organization, you’ll have better trained distributors, higher retail volume, and you’ll increase your recruiting rate. See for yourself! Great Health Through Nutrition - CD # T4CD $10 Order in Quantity & Save! 1-5 CD $ 10 6-24 CD $ 8 25-49 CD $ 6 50-99 CD $ 4 100+ CD $ 3 CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111 # B33 How to Build A Multi-Level Money Machine by Randy Gage- 304 page paperback book Whether you have what it takes to succeed in this amazing business; How to get started fast and avoid the avoidable mistakes; Where to find the best prospects and how to turn them into distributors quicker; Counseling techniques to build depth in your group; How to choose the right company; Little known secrets to make your presentations more compelling; and, How to create a sponsoring “pipeline,” that brings you a steady stream of new prospects. The most important book on creating wealth since Think and Grow Rich! How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine Five years in the writing, it’s the first professional, indexed, book ever published on the science of how to become wealthy in Network Marketing. For the first time ever, Randy Gage lays bare his exact system for creating a multilevel money machine. You’ll find more money making tips on any two pages of this book than you’ll find in the entire manuscripts of other so-called how-to books. It’s packed with the actual methods, strategies and techniques to need to become wealthy in MLM. Finally, you’ll learn what to do once you have a large group; the leadership strategies and management skills necessary to build depth and secure lines for lifetime residual income. You’ll discover: A perfect companion to the Duplication Nation album. Randy shares the simple, duplicatable secrets used by every superstar. A MUST for everyone in your downline. –Donna Davis, Member of Mannatech Advisory Council, 8-Star Presidential Director Mannatech Great Health Through Nutrition CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111 Order in Quantity & Save! 1-5 $17 6-10 $15 11-25 $13 26-50 $10 51-99 $ 8 100+ Please Call
  11. 11. Fast Track Pack with CDs #FT1CD $37 Fast Track Combo Pack #C15CD $177 (You get 6 packs) You know how much it hurts you in lost time and money when a distributor drops out. . . so the most important component in your business is the training you give your new distributors in the first 48 hours. everage your time, grow your business and stop new distributors from dropping out . . . There’s a magic moment in the sponsoring process when your prospect catches the vision and makes a decision to join the business. But, there’s another magic moment -- one even more important. This happens when your new distributor really understands how he can make his dreams come true in your program. When people drop out, it’s usually because this second magic moment was never reached. What happened was your distributor had second thoughts. Those big checks, free cars and trips sounded wonderful . . . for you. But your distributor just didn’t relate to how he could get those things for himself. Unless you show him how he can reach his dreams through your program, he won’t have the frame of mind to persevere through the challenges and reach success. If you make this connection--you’ll have a distributor forever. Here’s the usual sponsoring process: You make a presentation and sponsor a new distributor. He’s excited and dreaming about all the money, trips, cars and other goodies he’s going to get. He already has his first five distributors in his mind. So, you send him home and tell him to make a name list. Since he already knows the five people he wants, he doesn’t bother with the name list, but calls all five people and invites them to the next meeting. Now, he sits back and relaxes --waiting for the big bucks to roll in. The night of the meeting arrives, and what happens? With luck, one person shows up. Your new distributor is devastated. Hopefully, he will recover. Then, he will spend the next five weeks re-inviting those four people who never came. Every week, they have even better excuses. What your distributor doesn’t realize is that these people DON’T WANT TO COME. They just don’t know how to tell him. So, by the end of his second month, your new distributor tells you, "I just don’t know anybody else." Keeping New Distributors From Dropping Out STOP DISTRIBUTOR DROP-OUT BY 80% Fast Track PackFast Track Pack by Randy Gage L (Individual CDs and Booklet can be purchased separately.)
  12. 12. What You Need to Know First CD. You and your new distributors will discover the mindset you need to succeed, who your mentors should be, what a duplicable system is and the only two ways you earn income in this business. This is the audio you — and your people — must listen to first, before you start the mlm network marketing business. Getting Started CD. Give this audio to your new mlm distributors to get them started fast. It will take your new distributors through the all-important beginning work — to set a duplicatable foundation to build on. Includes making their list, setting realistic goals, becoming product-focused and scheduling. First Steps booklet. This 36-page booklet goes hand-in-hand with the Getting Started audio to start your new distributors right — following a duplicatable system — so they make money — so you make money Secrets of a Dynamic Day CD. This inspirational and motivational audio is designed for you -- and your people — to listen to daily, during your self-development time. In addition to its uplifting message, there are reminders about goals, appointments and follow-through — to keep you focused — and moving closer to your dreams each day. Check Out the Biz DVD. Randy Gage conducting a live generic opportunity meeting that was filmed live before an audience of more than 100 people. It offers an exciting and compelling presentation for your prospects. Use it to speed up your sponsoring and duplication rates. In the FAST TRACK PACK you get: Rather than having to face more rejection and frustration, your distributor has given up the ghost. It’s highly likely he will quit. If he stays with it, there’s a good chance he may come to meetings for the rest of his life, but he will never bring a guest. His fears are greater than his dreams. He now sees those big checks, trips, etc. in the abstract -- they sound good and look good, but he doesn’t actually believe they are ever going to happen for him. To turn fantasies into dreams, and dreams into commitment - - your dreams must be stronger than your fears! Motivation, positive thinking and hype will only last so long. Unless your distributor has a believable, logical plan for attaining his dreams, the fear will take control. The same holds true for you, too. Probably the most important component in building your business is the training you give your new distributors in the first 48 hours. This formative stage determines whether or not they approach their new business like a business. Randy Gage's Fast Track Pack will get you off to a fast start -- and teach you how to work with your new distributors as they sponsor into the business. The tools in this pack are the collateral support resources to train your new distributors on how to be a "business" person. The Fast Track Pack includes: * What You Need to Know First audio - You and your new distributors will discover the mindset you need to succeed, who your mentors should be, what a duplicatable system is and the only two ways you earn income in this business. This is the audio you- -and your people-- must listen to first, before you start the mlm network marketing business. * Getting Started audio - Give this audio to your new mlm distributors to get them started fast. It will take your new distributors through the all- important beginning work -- to set a duplicatable foundation to build on. Includes making their list, setting realistic goals, becoming product-focused and scheduling. * First Steps booklet - This 28- page booklet goes hand-in- hand with the Getting Started audio to start your new distributors right--following a duplicatable system--so they make money--so you make money. * Secrets of a Dynamic Day audio - This inspirational and motivational tape is designed for you -- and your people -- to listen to daily, during your self- development time. In addition to its uplifting message, there are reminders about goals, appointments and follow- through--to keep you focused-- and moving closer to your dreams each day. * Check Out The Biz DVD - Randy Gge conducting a live generic opportunity meeting filmed live before an audience of more than 100 people. It offers an exciting and compelling presentation for your prospects. Use it to speed up your sponsoring and duplication rates. 70 minute DVD. Use these tools, and convert your would be dropouts--into productive distributors. Randy Gage's Fast Track Pack will get you off to a fast start -- and to teach you how to work with your new distributors as they sponsor into the business. CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111
  13. 13. Lifestyle Freedom Pack The hardest part of networking for most people is facing rejection from their friends and family. Here’s how you can remove rejection from your sponsoring process. Use the Lifestyle Freedom Pack to screen out non-prospects and qualify the real ones. Basically, this is an opportunity meeting in an album! It helps you sponsor faster, and duplicate easier. The Freedom Pack contains the Escape the Rat Race CD and the Money for Life Special Report. The CD is a recording of Randy Gage, conducting a LIVE opportunity meeting. Randy’s a dynamic, compelling speaker and he really drives home the benefits of network marketing in a way that prospects understand. He also describes the concept and establishes the credibility of the industry. It’s like having Randy as your sponsor, making your presentations for you. This tape has sold millions of copies for a good reason—it works! (For Spanish-speaking markets, we suggest using the Spanish adaptation of the tape, Huya De UN Futuro Sin Mañana.) The Money for Life Special Report is the follow along companion for the tape. It will further your prospects’ understanding of the business opportunity and let them see how leverage and residual income work. We packaged them together in a beautiful album that depicts the lifestyle, or you may order them separately. Put these profitable resources to work in your business today! The Lifestyle Freedom Pack #C15CD $16 Includes Escape The Rat Race CD and Money For Life Special Report Escape the Rat Race Spanish Version single CD #T2ESPCD $9 Order in Quantity & Save! 1-5 $16 6-24 $14 25-49 $11 50-99 $9 100 + $8 (Individual CDs and Booklets can be purchased separately.) page 16 MLM PRODUCTS CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111
  14. 14. Every so often an idea revolution occurs that turns our world view upside down. The earth is round. Germs cause disease instead of evil spirits. We have an unconscious mind. Each advancement had naysayers. And each advancement had people who took tremendous advantage of this new knowledge. Now there is a revolution starting in network marketing. And it turns conventional thinking upside down. It has to do with the way you can change to grow your business. Conventional thinking says: Change your beliefs, your behavior will change and so will your life. If you’re lucky, your emotions will change as well. There so much evidence to prove the legitimacy of this approach that it almost has the reverence of the Ten Commandments. Changing your beliefs to change your behavior also takes work, according to conventional wisdom. A lot of work. Change will eventually happen if you persist. So keep working at changing your beliefs, even though they feel etched in granite. You are told about the ruinous effects of negative beliefs. Use affirmations and big dreams to help overcome them. They work— but with a 80% attrition rate maybe the formula needs adjusting. The revolutionary adjustment is here. And you can apply it to the biggest problem of network marketing. Prospecting. Although to be accurate, it’s not prospecting that is the problem. The problem is the two biggest fears that are the inevitable companions of prospecting: The fear of rejection and the fear of failing. Too many network marketers have not been able to sufficiently change their beliefs to overcome these twin assassins of prosperity. The emotional response to prospecting is more deeply embedded than the networking person is aware of. It has to do with how your brain works. Your brain has stored every painful rejection and failure to help you avoid it in the future. This is a necessary survival process and your brain does it automatically and efficiently. Think about it. If you got mugged at a convenience store, it takes no effort to feel unease the next time you go there (if you go at all). If you get mugged again at another convenience store it will be a while before you return to any convenience store. You will only go out of necessity. It’s simply the way your brain works to protect you. How does this apply to network marketers? Every time you approach a prospect and the prospect refuses your opportunity, you are not just being rejected by them. They are re-stimulating the part of your brain (the limbic system) that has stored all painful memories of rejection and feelings of prior failures. It is the same as a having a phobia. You don’t want to go near anything that looks like the phobic stimulus. Telling people that they are sabotaging themselves when they don’t prospect insults o a million years of brain evolution designed to keep us from repeating painful or fearful patterns. Your fear of prospecting is simultaneously… • a problem (you resist wanting to do it so you don’t grow your business); • a solution (keeps you from feeling severe emotional pain). For many network marketers, this emotional pain (phobia) is stronger than the lure of financial freedom and leading the good life. The 80% attrition rate or minimum success now makes a little more sense. Now there is a way to overcome the anxiety of acting that is faster than trying to force a new change of beliefs. To deal with the protective fears, you need a new approach. The way you change is going to be easier and faster than you have been taught. The world is not flat… A Little Magic for Prospecting Relief The following exercise will help you make a rapid shift so you can take action with reduced distress. This exercise is based on brain research, plus my professional and personal experience with clients around the world. CHANGING THE WAY WE CHANGE By Dr. Peter Pearson
  15. 15. ontinued from page 17 Here’s what you need to make this work like magic: 1. Knowledge about what to say when you approach a prospect; 2. Knowledge about how to follow up after the initial contact with the prospect; and, 3. Confidence that your product, service, or opportunity offers a genuine benefit to the prospect. If you have these three in place then you’re set to take the following steps for a little more brain magic. Read the directions all the way through before doing them. Remember this is only an experiment to see what happens when you feel and think differently about taking action. Reverting to the old tension is always a choice. 1. Think of a prospecting action Step you have been avoiding or not doing very vigorously. Rate difficulty of taking action on a 1-10 scale with 10 being high. 2. When you think of taking this step, pay attention to the stress feeling in your body. It may be in the chest, neck, jaw, breathing, etc. 3. Then look up: it can be at the ceiling or sky if you are outside. The key is to look upward. 4. Pay attention to the location of the stress feeling in you body and with two fingers tap the acupressure point on your cheekbone directly under your eye (either one) while you take a few (4 or 5) relaxing deep slow breaths. 5. Don’t force anything to happen. Just let any new insights, feelings,or better ways of looking at the problem occur spontaneously. 6. Think of the original situation and rate the difficulty of taking action. Most people will experience a drop in their rating. If you went down a few points and want to reduce the rating even more, return to the difficult situation and think of a specific part of the action step that remains troubling. Then repeat steps 2 – 5 again. Keep repeating these steps until you experience noticeable or sufficient relief. Why does this work? It involves more regions of your brain than the part that creates beliefs. I’ve discussed this technique (and others that are even more powerful) with physicians, medical researchers, and other related professionals to get a better understanding of why and how this works the way it does. The conclusions of these scientists are theoretical. Interestingly, they independently reach similar reasons about why these techniques work. However, that’s not really important… just try these steps and see the results your self. Interesting stuff, but there’s more… You can learn more about rapid change to overcome the anxiety of taking action. These innovative and breakthrough techniques can give you the mental edge for lasting success. The good news is you can apply these same strategies for any area that you have been avoiding, procrastinating or time when you want to feel more confident. World-renowned Network Marketing Expert Randy Gage and I went into the studio and recorded a CD album on how to respond to objections of prospects. In addition, we added how to respond with confidence. Overcoming the protective fears while applying laser like responses to objections makes an unbeatable combination that is simply not available anywhere else on this planet. You will learn these strategies plus more on this album. This knowledge is priceless and fast becoming the foundation for building a big organization fast. You’ll also learn how to elicit the help of your number one ally in building your dream—your spouse. We discuss how to create a better alliance with your spouse. But that still is not all. I hope to have aroused your curiosity enough to check out The Mental Edge for success by going to the web site, Read about this resource for accelerating your success as a network marketer and begin changing the way you change. -- Peter Pearson Now there is a revolution starting in network marketing. And it turns conventional thinking upside down. It has to do with the way you can change to grow your business.
  16. 16. MLM PRODUCTS directory Get the information you and your organization need to make more money in your network marketing opportunity. page 20 13 Great Health through Nutrition 14 Fast Track Pack 16 Lifestyle Freedom Pack (Including bonus CD “Escape the Rat Race”) 19 Mental Edge MLM 15 Check Out The Biz 16 How to Become a MLM Rockstar: Advanced Level Training 18 Recruiting 101: Building a Bigger Network Fast 12 Duplication Nation: How to Earn at Least $250,000 a Year in Network Marketing 13 How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine Book
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  18. 18. 1. Do you secretly fear that if you became wealthy your family and friends might not like you anymore? 2. When you grew up, were you ever told things like, "We may not be rich, but at least we're honest!"? 3. Did your religious upbringing teach you that it is noble to sacrifice now, and that your reward will come in the afterlife? 4. Did you feel a little guilty when you started to earn more than your parents did? 5. Were you raised to "fit in" and not do anything to stand out? 6. Did you grow up liking shows like Dallas, Dynasty, Gilligan's Island, MASH, and The Beverly Hillbillies, where rich people were always presented as unscrupulous and conniving, or pretentious and bumbling? 7. Do you have chronic health challenges that doctors can't seem to solve? 8. Did you ever get jealous of people with expensive clothes, cars and houses— which may have led you to develop a “hate the rich” mentality? 9. On some level do you think it is somehow noble, romantic, or spiritual to be poor? 10. Did you ever end a negative relationship—then immediately replace it with another one with a person just like the last one? 11. Have you sometimes used judgmental expressions like “poor as a church mouse,” “filthy rich,” or “obscenely wealthy”? Page 22 PROSPERITY PRODUCTS What's Your Prosperity IQ? Take the quiz below by prosperity expert, Randy Gage, and see if you have been infected with lack and limitation programming. You might want to bookmark this page so that you can share this quiz with your friends and loved ones.
  19. 19. How Did You Score? Tally your results and enter the score below. YES NO 12. Do you make excuses for failure by saying things like, “you have to have money to make money,” “you have to know someone” or “you have to get in at the top”? 13. Do you relish being the underdog and fighting against the odds all the time? 14. Is it possible that you are experiencing health challenges, financial challenges or business failures in order to evoke sympathy and attention from the people you are close to? 15. Are you in a stable relationship, have enough money to meet your needs and basically healthy—but just feel like life is passing you by? If you answered Yes to 7 or more questions: You are headed toward, or already experiencing a definite downward track toward serious emotional, physical, and financial challenges. This is the kind of “victim cycle” Randy was on when he lost everything at 30 years old. It is imperative that you take immediate action to break the pattern and stop the failure cycle. This will involve uncovering the limiting beliefs you possess on a subconscious level, and radically reprogramming yourself with positive ones. If you answered Yes to 3 or more questions: You likely have some issues of worthiness on a subconscious level. You may be in a holding pattern, afraid to leave your comfort zone. You’re probably not radically unhappy, but there is no passion and excitement in your life. You know something is missing, but you may not know what. If you answered No to 13 to 15 questions: You have a very strong prosperity consciousness and can probably pass this information along to someone else. If you answered Yes to 5 or more questions: You are quite likely in a stagnancy cycle. You make small advances, but also experience setbacks, so that you are not really breaking through to the real success and happiness you desire and deserve. Page 23
  20. 20. When you look at the issue of manifesting prosperity in your life, there are at least two factors that are unalterable. First is prosperity itself. Prosperity operates by unshakable, unchangeable laws. There are heavy ramifications for breaking laws. The other thing I’m thinking of is principles. Principles are unwavering and set in stone. They don’t change with the winds, whim, or convenience. At least not if they are real principles anyway . . . Today we live in a very complex world. And this world will challenge our principles like nothing ever before. The Middle East, free trade, human rights, and cloning are all examples of the modern day complexities that can cause us to examine our principles. Each year progress and technology create new and complex political, philosophical, and intellectual dilemmas. In response to this, politicians, the media, and society in general often talk of compromise. They would have you believe that today’s world is now so complex that general principles no longer work. They argue that we must all compromise more, so that everyone can benefit. And that is the problem with the world today. It’s “tribal thought” and it’s one reason so many people are sick, broke, and unhappy. Because it is only your ability of forming principles that allow you to deal effectively and positively with the complexity of life today. This denial of principle in ethics, government and relationships is why things are so messed up. In many cases, compromise solves the immediate problem, but actually creates more complexity, and more challenges for the future. When this happens, it’s because you violated a principle, for the sake of compromise. When we opened our direct marketing agency in Central Europe, the first company that approached us about representing them was a tobacco company. Actually they were the only company that approached us. It would have been easy to validate or justify taking them, especially with no other client in sight. But we didn’t even consider it for a minute. There is no way on this earth that I am going to create marketing campaigns to promote cigarettes, not even for a multi-million dollar fee. And that gives you a clue. If a principle doesn’t cost you something, it’s probably not a principle. Now being the way prosperity works, the vacuum we created by not accepting the tobacco company’s business opened up a place for others to come in. But that was irrelevant. If I had to sell cigarettes to make my marketing agency a success, I would rather dig ditches. Now let’s get a little intellectual, and explore the objectivist philosophy. Ayn Rand maintained that reason is our only means of perceiving reality. She saw reason as our only source of knowledge, our only guide to action, and our basic means of survival. Now if reason is our source for knowledge, and our guide for action, it stands to reason (no pun intended) that reason will have a great impact on our prosperity. When I’m speaking to audiences, I challenge many people’s beliefs in a variety of areas. One of them is their purpose in life. And I do this by presenting them with a dilemma that pits their emotion against their reason. Purpose is important, because if you don’t have a purpose, it’s next to impossible to be consistently happy. And you certainly can’t be prosperous if you are not happy! I explain that my life’s highest purpose is my own happiness. To achieve that happiness, I live my life based upon the fundamental values of: Purpose. Self-esteem. Reason. And that based on these values, I have formulated principles I live by. Unfortunately, most people are so infected with lack programming that they have no principles they live by, and as a result, have a sick, twisted view of their purpose. They view their purpose through the eyes of serving others, contributing to the greater good, or looking after the people around them. This is nothing but decadence; a make-believe view of the world that is dysfunctional and causes low self-esteem and codependency. And if you see your main purpose in life as serving others, you’re probably personally responsible for the founding of at least three co-dependents anonymous chapters. Let me go on the record and say, if your main purpose in life is to “serve others” or “serve God”—you have an extremely low opinion of yourself, don’t believe you are worthy, and will experience a tremendous amount of lack and limitation in your life. People who spend their existence worrying solely about the needs of others and not themselves are not noble, benevolent, and spiritual. They are crazy. And they will not be happy, nor will they be prosperous. To repeat an oft-quoted line from a character in “The Fountainhead,” “To say ‘I love you,’ one must first know how to say the word ‘I.’ You know that to love anyone else, you must first love yourself. But are you really aware of what that means on a practical application level? We’ve discussed the virtue of selfishness in an earlier lesson. Let me refresh your memory and tell you what I said then: Your highest moral purpose must be your own happiness. Because this is the only healthy, sane way to live. And the only way that ensures the survival of the species, and the well-being of the most people. In fact, it is the only honorable way to conduct any relationship! You must not sacrifice yourself to others because that is depravity. It is depravity because it is a certain state of moral corruption and degradation. It is sick, a sure symptom of mental illness. Do you really get that? And likewise for the opposite situation. You shouldn’t ask others to sacrifice for you, for that is no less sick and depraved. Corrupting the morals of others is no less evil than corrupting your own. THE PROSPERITY PRINCIPLES TO LIVE BY BY RANDY GAGE Page 24
  21. 21. It doesn’t serve anyone to degrade yourself or to degrade others. And that is exactly what sacrificing yourself for others is. In the book “Atlas Shrugged,” one of Ayn Rand’s main characters is asked, “What is the most depraved kind of human being?” His answer would likely surprise most people, since he doesn’t suggest a murderer, or rapist, or other sex offender. His answer is, “The man without a purpose.” When asked about why she suggested this as opposed to the other possibilities, Rand replied, “Because that aspect of their character lies at the root of and causes all the evils which you mentioned in your question. Sadism, dictatorship, or any form of evil, is the consequence of a man’s evasion of reality. A consequence of his failure to think. The man without a purpose is a man who drifts at the mercy of random feelings or unidentified urges and is capable of any evil, because he is totally out of control of his own life. In order to have control of your life, you have to have a purpose—a productive purpose.” When you have your own happiness as your highest moral purpose, you have a productive—and moral—reason to exist. And here’s the important thing . . . If everyone did this, the world would be a much better place! Instead of dysfunction, depravity, and codependence, we would have healthy, functional, value-for-value relationships. No one would be asking others to sacrifice yourself for him or her, and you would behave the same way. That is the way healthy relationships are done. The next important fundamental value is running your life by reason. Which means that you analyze things with the criteria of whether it serves your highest moral purpose, which is the perpetuation of your happiness. The question people ask me the most is, ‘How do I know whether a belief I have is lack oriented?’ This is actually quite easy. Don’t make it complicated. The question to ask is simply: “Does this belief serve me?” And the way to discern that is with your rational mind. Emotions are good. They are a vital part of living a full and rich life. But a truly sane and emotionally balanced person will know—or will make it a point to discover—what is causing those emotions. There does not have to be a clash between your emotions and reason. I often tell the story of Ayn Rand being interviewed before the publication of “Atlas Shrugged.” A publisher’s rep asked Rand whether she could present the essence of her philosophy while standing on one foot. She hopped up and said: 1 Metaphysics: Objective Reality 2 Epistemology: Reason 3 Ethics: Self-interest 4 Politics: Capitalism Some big words there. What does it all mean? If you pressed Rand to come up with simple words to describe the above, it would be: 1 “Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed” or “Wishing won’t make it so.” 2 “You can’t eat your cake and have it, too.” 3 “Man is an end in himself.” 4 “Give me liberty or give me death.” I believe you can hold these concepts with total consistency, as the basis for your own philosophical system to guide your life by. But to actually do this—to really understand, define, prove and apply them—'requires a lot of intellectual exercise. Which is why philosophy can’t be discussed while you’re standing on one foot. And why it can’t be understood while you’re standing with one foot on each side of a fence. And unfortunately, this seems to be the prominent approach to philosophy in the world today. So after centuries of this bad philosophy, most people actually have no philosophy to live by, and thus, no principles they follow. And when you talk about principle, most of them will start labeling you with words like “stubborn,” “unreasonable,” “narrow-minded,” “unrealistic,” and “intransigent.” Then they pull out the arguments about the complexities of today’s world requiring you to compromise more, be more flexible, and relax your standards. I’ll take my cue from Thoreau, and settle for a “majority of one.” Try this premise on for size: 1 To be happy, you must have a purpose. 2 To have a purpose require values. 3 Your values create a congruent philosophy to live by. 4 Your philosophy is congruent only if you stand by the principles that make it up. It is your rational mind’s ability to form principles that gives you the means to deal with complex issues. Your need to act on rational principles is inescapable, if you want to live a life of happiness, meaning and significance. And this is going to require that you use your reason and intellect, not emotion as you determine the principles by which you live. -RG Page 25
  22. 22. t is the first resource of its kind, ever developed in the world. It will transform you from lack and limitation programming to prosperity consciousness. For 31 days, Randy Gage will work with you, helping you go through the same transformation that he did. Level upon level, he will help you peel away limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that serve you. Level upon level, he will help you identify fears and conquer them. He will guide you in a metamorphosis of your thought process—from how sick, unhappy and broke people think— to the way healthy, happy, rich people do. The Midas Mentality is a multi-media format, scientifically developed to literally change the way you think. You will create new neural pathways in your brain, develop your critical thinking skills, and foster whole brain synchronicity between the two hemispheres of your brain. You will develop the multi-millionaire’s mindset, which is the first—and most critical—step to becoming open. This program goes beyond anything that has ever been done before. Randy takes the tireless wisdom of prosperity and gives you practical application on how to apply it in your day-to-day life. Randy Gage has been known to earn: $45,000 in a morning; $200,000 in a weekend; and, More than $500,000 in 20 minutes! In this breakthrough program, Randy Gage reveals the secrets of manifesting true wealth and abundance in your life. You'll learn vital, never-before-released information on how prosperity really works, and what you can do to manifest it in your life. It's a total program, designed to change your consciousness from lack to limitless. Randy is a Jedi Master of wealth and prosperity. By the time your 31 days are over, you will be a new person. Really. 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111 The Midas Mentality: Expecting and Accepting Your Abundance · 5 DVDs · 30 CDs · Study Guide Order The Midas Mentality 31-day Prosperity program by Randy Gage $477
  23. 23. Here is the list of the lessons you will go through: 1. You Are Worthy 2. Who You Are 3. Lessons in Truth 4. What You Desire to Become 5. What Your Future Looks Like 6. Healing 7. The Joy of Work 8. Encouragement 9. Finding the Peace Within 10. Creating a Prosperity Vacuum 11. Expecting Good 12. The Miracle of Tithing 13. Receiving the Riches 14. Faith Filled Outlook 15. Exercising Creativity for Prosperity 16. Abundant Health 17. Sacred Circle 18. Divine Order 19. Relationship Riches 20. Freedom to Excel 21. The Principle of Attraction 22. Manifesting Momentum 23. Gratitude 24. Harmony in Meditation 25. Circulating Prosperity 26. The Power to Influence 27. Successful Endeavors 28. Programming Your Subconscious 29. The Power of Forgiveness 30. Taking Action Trust me when I tell you that you will be thinking entirely differently than when you started. You will have the mindset of a multi-millionaire, the single most important step to becoming one. You can’t be treated for prosperity; you can only be open to receiving it. By the time you finish this program, you will be. Really. - Randy Gage 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111
  24. 24. You are meant to be healthy, happy and prosperous. Once you recognize and accept this, it is simply a case of learning the principles that abundance is based on. In this insightful book, Randy Gage reveals 101 keys to manifesting that prosperity in your own life. You will move from lack consciousness to living in the light of true abundance. You'll discover: What creates prosperity consciousness; The universal laws that govern prosperity; Why you should embrace critical thinking; The secret to creating a vacuum for good; What it takes to manifest prosperity on the physical plane. In this landmark book, prosperity guru Randy Gage unveils 37 little-known insights into the science of prosperity. Gage breaks it down into simple, understandable explanations, so you can apply the information in your life immediately to create your own prosperity. He reveals how he went from a dishwasher in a pancake house to a self-made multi- millionaire. You'll learn: Why most people remain poor; How the rich leverage their prosperity; Why you should emulate certain business models; What separates broke, sick and unhappy people from the rich, healthy and happy ones; and, How you can manifest prosperity in all areas of your life! Page 28 PROSPERITY PRODUCTS You are meant to be healthy, happy and prosperous. Once you recognize and accept this, it is simply a case of learning the principles that abundance is based on. In this insightful series, you will move from lack consciousness to living in the light of true abundance. What creates prosperity consciousness; The universal laws that govern prosperity; Why you should embrace critical thinking; The secret to creating a vacuum for good; What it takes to manifest prosperity on the physical plane; Why you are supposed to be wealthy. Manifest Health, Happiness and Wealth in Your Life... The Prosperity Series Randy Gage Randy Gage reveals . . . Do you believe that it is somehow spiritual to be poor? One reading of this fascinating book will dissuade you of that belief fast. You'll understand that you are meant to be healthy, happy and wealthy. Prosperity guru Randy Gage cuts through the religious dogmas to reveal why becoming rich is your spiritual destiny. You'll discover: Why poverty is a sin; What may be keeping you from your prosperity; Why being wealthy is your natural state; The difference between the way rich and poor people think; and, How to attract and accept your true abundance! AcceptYourAbundance WhyYouAreSupposedtobeWealthy 37SecretsAboutProsperity ARevealingLookatHowYouManifestWealth. 101KeystoProsperity InsightsonHealth,HappinessandAbundanceinLife.
  25. 25. Page 29PROSPERITY PRODUCTS The Prosperity Series You will receive: 101 Keys to Your Prosperity Accept Your Abundance! 37 Secrets About Prosperity Prosperity Mind! How to Harness the Power of Thought The 7 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Order the Prosperity Books Individually paperback book $7 downloadable eBook $5 (Immediate download) Best Deal! eBook & Paperback book $11 Quantity Pricing for individual books: 1 - 9 books $7 each 10 - 99 books $6 each 100 - 499 books $5 each 500 - 999 books $4 each 1000 + books $3 each CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 316-942-1111 Get all 5 prosperity books and start living a life of abundance! All books are available in print version or eBook. 5 Paperback prosperity books Order #PS1 $30 eBook—all the books in 1 downloadable pdf Order #PS1E $20 (Immediate download) Best Deal! Get the eBook and all 5 paperbacks! Order #PS1C $47 CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111 It is your birthright to be healthy, happy and prosperous. Accept this truth and it's simply a case of learning and living by the 7 Spiritual Laws that govern abundance. In this breakthrough and insightful book, Randy Gage reveals the secrets behind harnessing these laws to manifest your own prosperity. You'll learn about each of these Prosperity Laws and discover how to: Create a vacuum for good; Use imaging to get what you want; Find and keep your perfect soul mate; Use creativity to get the bills paid; Attract money, health and harmony to your life! Since “Think and Grow Rich,” people have been fascinated with the power of the mind to accomplish great things. Now a recognized expert in human potential cracks the code on how you program yourself for prosperity! In this breakthrough book, prosperity guru Randy Gage reveals how you can actually program your subconscious mind to move from lack consciousness to prosperity thought. You'll discover: How to identify self-limiting beliefs that hold you back; The 5 common expressions you probably use every day, which program you for failure on a subconscious level; How to practice the "vacuum law" of prosperity to attract good in your life; Imaging techniques to manifest things you want; How you can actually program your own subconscious mind for riches! 7SpiritualLawsofProsperity AndHowtoManifestTheminYourLife ProsperityMind! HowtoHarnessthePowerofThought
  26. 26. Page 22Page 30 PROSPERITY PRODUCTS By Randy Gage I was behind a one-armed man at the sub shop. He was complaining about the fact that the lady cut the tip off of the bread she was making his sandwich on. The attendant explained that they cut the bread exactly, so regular subs are six inches long, and large are 12. He kept whining about the ¼ inch tip she had cut off. She explained that he would receive the same standard portion of meat and other fillings. He wasn’t impressed. In fact when the sandwich came out, he insisted that he wouldn’t pay for it unless they found the tip she had cut off, toasted it, and put it in the bag. Standing behind him, with my blood sugar dropping, and my blood pressure rising, it was all I could do to refrain from smacking him upside the head. Of course he left without leaving a tip. I watched him get behind the wheel of a taxi parked in front and begin his dining experience. So what kind of success programming do you think he had? I bet he’s proud of himself for cadging that extra bite of toast. In fact, I’m sure he sat in that taxi, congratulating himself for his assertiveness and savvy consumerism. What do you think about his priorities, and where he expends his energy? Is he focused on abundance or lack? It’s a similar kind of situation with you. I think the programming you’ve had is what determines your approach to just about everything in life. But instead of being programmed for success—most people are programmed to avoid failure. Now perhaps you think I make too much of our cab driver’s thriftiness. I think not. Your programming controls how you react to hundreds of situations, each and every day. And the way you react reveals what your programming really is. Another example . . . How do you think about money? When you think about money, is it about how much of it you lack, or how much you can manifest? And why you want to manifest it. Continued on page 35 Page 30
  27. 27. This eight CD album will help you uncover the subconscious “lack” programming that is holding you back. Then, you’ll replace it with prosperity consciousness to manifest money, health, great relationships, happiness, and strong spiritual harmony. True prosperity comes from understanding and living by the spiritual laws that govern our world. This album takes you through each of the Seven Spiritual Laws that govern prosperity—and how to apply them. You will discover the ancient secrets to manifest prosperity in your own life. You’ll discover: Page 31Page 23 Why you’re supposed to be rich; The secrets of optimum health;How to get out of debt; The Seven Spiritual Laws you must live by; Your special powers for prosperity; and, How to image—then manifest—boundless, limitless prosperity. This album will take you on a journey of spiritual enlightenment. You’ll learn the practical applications so you can manifest prosperity in your life NOW! You’ll learn about faith, the principle of attraction, and even how to use creativity to get the bills paid! This is the most specific, detailed and comprehensive album ever produced on how to become prosperous. Develop your prosperity consciousness now! Page 51Page 35PROSPERITY PRODUCTS Learn How to Apply Spiritual Laws to Create Health, Wealth & Abundance in your Life” CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111 Prosperity: 8 CDs $97 Order #A28CD Page 31
  28. 28. Page 32 Dynamic Development Journey to Enlightenment. Achieve Your True Potential with the Dynamic Development Series 24 Lessons on Health, Abundance, and Success Hailed when it was released as the ultimate self-development resource, this is a 24-step journey to happiness and enlightenment. It will nurture your innate talents, turbo charge your personal growth, and help you achieve the greatness that is uniquely yours. Both volumes contain 12 lessons from human achievement expert Randy Gage with a lesson, and some "homework" to complete. And on some audios Randy interviews some of the biggest names in personal growth for their unique, potent, and powerful insights. Many different facets of an abundant life are covered, from prosperity to goal setting, happiness to creativity, and health to money management. If you want to break out of self-imposed limitations and break through to your true potential—the Dynamic Development Series is the perfect resource for you. It's a continuing roadmap on your journey of personal development. Each lesson brings you on an in-depth study in some area of human achievement, whether body, mind or soul. You'll discover new truths about yourself and uncover old ones. You'll desire more, obtain more, and accomplish more . . . by becoming more.
  29. 29. Page 33 In Volume Two, you’ll move on to new adventures and new breakthroughs. 1) Crafting Your Vision How to create and manifest the vision of what you want to become. 2) Discovering Yourself Randy chats with Lisa Jimenez on knowing your purpose and the journey to self-discovery. 3) Connecting With Others . . . Especially Yourself An interview with author Arnie Warren on how to communicate with different personality types 4) Unleashing Your Twelve Powers Learn the secrets to life enrichment by activating the 12 powers in you. 5) Balancing Life and Work Insights from Career Coach Tom Welch on how to work happy and live healthy. 6) Self Identity How to really think for yourself, not what others program you with. 7) Viruses of the Mind A fascinating interview with Richard Brodie on “memetics,”and how you protect yourself against viruses of the mind. 8) Communicating With Passion Brian Norris on how to get your message out with power, passion and love. 9) Finding Your Path Human development expert Jim Cathcart, on how to “nurture your nature” to discover your own innate talents. 10) Self Empowerment “Mr. Impact,” Desi Williamson on how you develop the ability to get yourself to take action. 11) Managing Your Money Discover your real programming about money and learn how to create a plan for financial security from money expert Hank Brock. 12) Working on You How you see things dictates how you perform. Stephen Garber from People Development, Inc reveals how to accept your power and achieve the things you want. Here is what you will discover in Volume One of your journey of challenge, exploration, and growth. 1) Crossing the Fringe of Fear. Learn how to transcend fear and turn obstacles into opportunities. 2) Creativity: Unleashing the Power of You Tap into your innate creativity to dance, write, paint, build, compose, design or other creative endeavors. 3) Spiritual Prosperity Use spiritual laws to manifest health, wealth and abundance in your life. 4) Choosing Happiness How you can choose happiness—even in the face of change, challenge and other obstacles. 5) The Power to Heal Thought-provoking insights on healing from Aborigine medicine men to the power of the mind. 6) Achieving Optimum Health How to wake up each day brimming over with vitality, enthusiasm and passion. 7) Meditation Experience inner peace by traveling to the space between thoughts. 8) Goal Setting for Positive Results The real truth about setting and getting your goals. 9) Achieving Optimum Performance You’ll hear from several extraordinary experts on how to get peak results in your life. 10) The Power of Man Learn how to shatter self-limiting beliefs from the extraordinary W. Mitchell. 11) Creating Loving Relationships Discover how to attract—and keep—healthy relationships. 12) Developing Leadership This is one of the most important skills you’ll ever need. Learn how to develop it. Get both Dynamic Development volumes and take the 24-step journey to enlightenment! You can also order the volumes separately. Order Dynamic Development 24 CD album # DDS-SET-CD $247 Save $47! (regularly $294) Volume 1 12 CDs - Order # DDS-V1CD $147 Volume 2 12 CDs - Order # DDS-V2CD $147 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111 CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS!
  30. 30. PROSPERITY PRODUCTSPage 34 Anchor Your Prosperity in Your Subconscious Mind Then Manifest it on the Physical Realm Randy Gage's Prosperity Manifestation Map This is the prosperity manifestation map or "dream board" you've heard Randy discuss in his prosperity books, and on his "Prosperity" audio album. A prosperity map is a big poster that you fill with images of things you want to do, have and become. Seeing the images everyday programs them into your subconscious mind. This creates a desire within you to take the daily action steps that bring your dreams closer to reality. You see your prosperity in your mind first, then manifest it on the physical plane. Order your kit today, and start collecting magazines, brochures and other materials in the hobbies and areas you are interested in. Randy suggests you divide your map into sections, such as work, spiritual, relationships, etc. There are no rules for how you put things on the prosperity map, except that the image has to mean something to you. It doesn't matter if anyone else understands it. They don't need to. As long as you know what it means every time you see it. Get ready to have a lot of fun with this very powerful tool for manifesting your prosperity. No excuses . . . This prosperity manifestation map comes with complete instructions from Randy on how to get the best results, scissors, marker and glue stick, so you can start immediately. The whole Kit is only $20! (map dimensions are 22"x28") Order Prosperity Manifestation Map Kit $20 Prosperity Map CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111
  31. 31. Continued from page 30 Most poor people spend all their time thinking about money. Or more specifically, their lack of it. When I was younger and broke, that is what I did. I was fixated on money all the time. I thought about all the things I didn’t have and couldn’t get. And I was very jealous of the people who had them. Know where that led to? Jealousy soon turned to hate. Soon I hated all rich people because they had what I wanted. Nice homes. Exotic cars. Expensive clothes. They could go to a restaurant and order what they really wanted. And not worry about who would pick up the check. That’s when the real problems started . . . Because I hated rich people. But I was working hard every day trying to become one. So that set the stage for a whole bunch of internal conflict that I had no idea was going on. So I would surge forward to success—only to sabotage myself every time I got close. I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory more times than I can count. I thought I was programmed for success, but that wasn’t true. I was programmed for poverty, but acting for success. The symptoms are always there, if you know what to look for . . . Ever see someone who experiences more anguish at losing $10, than the joy he gets from earning $100? Someone orders his dinner at a restaurant and the waitress asks, “Would you like a salad with that?” The correct answer is “yes” or “no” but never, “Is it included in the price? Ever see someone who drives around a parking lot for five minutes—to save a one-minute walk to the store? All of these scenarios have the same plot line: They are fear-based, not abundance-based. Decisions are made not on what the possible benefits are – but in order to avoid a possible negative outcome. Now the question for a lot of people is, “How do I really know what kind of programming I have?” They want to know if they really have success programming, or just success surface actions. The answer is in the questions above… If you make decisions—particularly money and career ones—based on the moving away from fear model—you’ve got poverty programming. If you make decisions on a positive, move toward good model, then you have true success programming. So what do you do if you test poverty programming? Well you’re already doing it. Of particular importance is regulating the influence you’re getting from the TV shows and movies you watch, books you read, etc. And the other area is the people who are closest to you. Your “Sacred Circle” of the five people you are the closest to. It’s crucial to your success that you have some positive people in the five to support you. One of the biggest factors in your prosperity is the people that you associate with. Of particular note is your Sacred Circle. These are the five people that you are the closest to. I believe that the people you allow to make up this group are so instrumental to your prosperity consciousness, that they truly become sacred to your prosperity path. They color your goals, expectations, and what you believe is capable and possible for you. Be honest with yourself, would you describe what you now have as a Sacred Circle, or a “Rancid Ring?” Who are the five people in the group closest to you now? Can you think of two or three new people that you currently know, that you can actively work at developing a deeper relationship, and bring into your circle? Give this some real thought and if you want to test your Prosperity IQ go to page 22 and take the short quiz to see if you need to break out of self-limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success! If you make decisions, particularly money and career ones, based on the moving away from fear model — you’ve got poverty programming. If you make decisions on a positive, move toward good model, then you have true success programming. Page 35
  32. 32. If you are responsible for sales or recruiting, this dynamic album will help you craft a compelling vision that pulls you toward your highest good. Twelve of the most successful leaders in the direct selling and network marketing industry join forces to create the most powerful resource on visioning ever produced. They share how they formulated their own vision, and also created a vision that inspires others to follow your lead. As soon as this album was released, it was hailed as one of the greatest self-development tools since Think and Grow Rich! It gets to the real root cause of success or failure—the vision you create for yourself. It's pleasing to your ego to assume your business is not growing because of outside factors and other circumstances. But the truth is —you are reaping the results of the vision you created! Order Crafting Your Vision for $97 12 Audio CD album #A30CD This breakthrough album includes talks by: Richard Brooke (President Oxyfresh) Michael S. Clouse (Author of The Fifth Principle) Rita Davenport (President of Arbonne International) John Milton Fogg (Founder of Upline) Matthew Freese (Founder of Envion) Randy Gage (Author of How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine) Lisa Jimenez, M.Ed. (Author of Conquer Fear) John Kalench (Author of Being the Best You Can Be in MLM) John David Mann (Senior editor Network Marketing Lifestyles magazine) Jan Ruhe (Author of Fire Up and MLM Nuts 'n Bolts) Tom Schreiter (Author of the "Big Al" book series) Tom Welch (Author of Work Smart, Live Happy) CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111 Page 36
  33. 33. Page 37 Shocking. Controversial. Brilliant. "Vintage Gage. Brilliant, but brash. Insightful, and in-your-face. Thought-provoking, and threatening. A real-world look at what keeps you broke, and a road map on how to get rich. Packed with insights on how you manifest a life of health, happiness and prosperity." - Art Jonak Founder, Network Professionals “Love or hate him, Randy Gage is one of the few writers left in America with the guts to take a stand and challenge his readers to really think. Put on your critical thinking hat, buckle up, and pack a lunch. This book is going to take you for the intellectual ride of your life!” - Steve Siebold Author, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class "I admire a terrific writer. I admire a writer who has something important to say. I admire a writer whose book actually helps me learn how to become happier and more successful. I admire Randy Gage for doing all those things with this book. So will you." - John Milton Fogg Author, The Greatest Networker in the World “Why You’re Dumb, Sick, and Broke will resonate with you deep into your soul. It will rock your world of status quo beliefs. If you dare to read it more than once it is guaranteed to reinvent your world into anything you want.” - Richard Bliss Brooke Author, Mach II with your Hair on Fire MLM Multi-Millionaire Randy Gage goes mainstream with the first- ever book geared to the general public that shows them why the corporate world, traditional businesses, and the Rat Race will keep them dumb, sick, and broke. More importantly, Gage devotes an entire chapter to the power of leverage and specifically recommends Network Marketing as the fastest way to create wealth. Like the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, this book is a powerful, totally generic 3rd-party credibility tool to edify the industry and grow your business. Get five copies and lend them around to your most skeptical prospects. And be sure to get your own team members reading this book to create strong success habits, build the belief, and their business! Gage is controversial, politically incorrect, and not afraid to take on some of the most hallowed institutions of our day, from organized religion to government, pop culture to the food you eat. His “Deepak Chopra meets Dennis Miller” style is bold, brash, but right on target if you want to know the secrets of success. Published by John Wiley & Sons Why You’re DUMB, SICK & BROKE... And How to Get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH! CALL OR ORDER ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS! 1-800-946-7804 or 316-942-1111
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