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ROC (Taiwan) Yearbook 2011 01message ma
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ROC (Taiwan) Yearbook 2011 01message ma


From the last edition of the ROC (Taiwan) Yearbook that used to be published by the disbanded Government Information Office (GIO).

From the last edition of the ROC (Taiwan) Yearbook that used to be published by the disbanded Government Information Office (GIO).

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  • 1. The ROC Centennial A Celebration of Human Dignity A s the Republic of China com- Message from the President pletes its first century, the reasons for celebrating the cen- tennial are clear. First and fore- most, our Republic is solidly founded on the principle that sovereignty resides with the people. Its very existence is a celebra- tion of human dignity. Governments rooted in the will of the people, however, are still the minority. The ROC is one of only a few Asian nations, and the world’s only predominantly ethnic Chinese society, that embraces democracy as a core value. We hope our example can serve as an inspiration to others. We further celebrate the ROC Cen- tennial for the freedom that we enjoy in this land, which enables our people to fully explore and develop their potential. II2-建國百年總統賀詞OK (indexed).indd 2 2011/10/17 10:08:21 PM
  • 2. It is free societies that most effectively collaborate in creating a se- cure and peaceful world. The ROC’s existence, therefore, is a boon not only to its own people but to humanity as a whole. We are very encouraged by the spirit of cooperation that has emerged in cross-strait ties during my administration. Observers the world over have hailed this trend as a boost to peace and stabil- ity in East Asia and beyond. The people of Taiwan look forward to acting upon this same spirit in other realms of common concern. We are confident that through nurturing the best of our shared cultural heritage while embracing a vitalizing spirit of innovation, together we can achieve lasting peace and prosperity. Mindful of the broader significance of the Republic of China on the global stage, we invite the international community to join us in celebrating our 100th year, and to share in our ongoing quest for a better world. Ma Ying-jeou III2-建國百年總統賀詞OK (indexed).indd 3 2011/10/21 1:17:39 AM