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  • 1. Reading the World 從香港閱讀世界20-26/7/2011Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre香港會議展覽中心
  • 2. Fair builds on success to spread the word on reading in Asia 推廣亞洲 閱讀風氣The HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair 2010 underlined the fact that 第21屆香港貿發局香港書展已於2010年7月the written word is as powerful as ever with its very impressive 21至27日舉行,吸引920,000人到場參觀。attendance figures. Taking place from 21-27 July 2010, the 香港書展的入場人數眾多,令人欣喜,足證21st edition of the show attracted a total of 920,000 visitors. 書藉吸引力龐大,魅力非凡。More than 270 cultural events under the theme of “Reading the 香港書展2010的主題為「從香港閱讀世界—World, Writing the Future”, were organised during the event, 關心社會‧關愛地球」,會上舉行了超過270with more than 90 authors taking part. 項文化活動,共有90多名作家參與其中。These figures reflect the influence that the fair exerts on 從上述數字可見,書展影響力龐大,有助促cultural life in Asia. Not only is it dedicated to the promotion of 進亞洲的文化生活。書展不但積極推動亞洲reading in Asia, but it also acts as a gateway to the Asian book 的閱讀風氣,也為區外的出版商、作家、文market for publishers, authors, literary agents and others 學代理及其他業內人士打開通往亞洲書籍市outside the region. 場的大門。
  • 3. English Avenue draws enthusiasticcrowdsAlongside the always-popular General Books Pavilion, new and expandedhighlights were very well received. The enlarged English Avenue drewlarge numbers of visitors, and showed that Hong Kong is a hub not just ofChinese culture and literature, but of the English-language books of alltypes. English Avenue, took up about 50% more space than the previousyear, featured the largest display of English books in the fair’s history.The exhibitors of this zone were able to take advantage of the growingenthusiasm for English-language publications, which was also evident in thesuccess of two forums featuring celebrated British authors – best-sellingnovelist Frederick Forsyth, author and actor Stephen Fry and historianAndrew Roberts. Other notable English-language authors who took part inthe show included British poet James Fenton, children’s novelist andscreenplay writer Anthony Horowitz , New York-born and Hong Kong-raised Andrew Xia Fukudu and Hong-Kong-based, Chinese-Indian author Xu Xi. The 2011 edition will build further on the excellent reception afforded toboth English Avenue and the international writers, seeking expand it in bothsize and scope.eBooks open a new chapter inpublishingAnother major trend that was fully embraced at the 2010 edition and willplay an even higher profile in 2011 is digital media. The eBooks &e-Learning Resources Zone made their debut in 2010, displaying thelatest ebooks and digital-reading products from 21 exhibitors, while aDigital Interactive Zone allowed visitors to operate electronic readers andbrowse reading material in ebooks.This aspect of the fair is also set to strengthen its presence in 2011, ase-reading becomes even more popular and more ebooks and e-readersbecome available. The HKTDC commissioned Actrium Solutions (HK) Ltd toconduct an onsite survey during the Book Fair, which revealed that 25% ofthe visitors interviewed had purchased ebooks and related digital tools atthe fair.
  • 4. International profile The Hong Kong Book Fair is extremely well covered by media not only from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland but overseas, too. In 2010 a total of 8,000 stories were generated. This interest not all brings in more visitors but also brings added publicity to exhibitors and participating publishers and authors.Cultural platformThe Hong Kong Book Fair provides the publishing industry with the biggestplatform in Asia for promoting a huge array of publications in Chineselanguage as well as foreign languages, particularly English.But on a higher level, the event is also very effect inpromoting culture and encouraging reading among allsections of society, especially through activities such asreadings, forums and presentations with internationallyrenowned authors.英語世界氣氛熱鬧除了設有深受歡迎的綜合書刊館外,大會亦新設和擴充了一些展區,獲得熱烈反應,其中擴大後的英語世界吸引大批參觀者駐足,反映香港不單是中國文化和文學中心,也是各種各樣英文書籍的樞紐。英語世界面積較上年大增逾50%,展出的英文書籍數目繁多,為歷屆之冠。英文書籍日受歡迎,令這個展區的參展商大為受惠。此外,大會舉行了兩場研討會,由英國暢銷小說作家Frederick Forsyth、演員兼作家 Stephen Fry及歷史學家 Andrew Roberts 主講,場面熱鬧,足證這股英文書籍熱潮十分澎湃。其他出席書展的知名英文作家包括英國詩人 James Fenton、兒童小說家兼電影劇本作家 Anthony Horowitz、生於紐約並在香港成長的 AndrewXia Fukudu 以及居於香港的印度籍華裔作家許素細等。鑒於市民反應熱烈,香港書展 2011將擴大英語世界的面積,並邀請更多國際作家來港,與參觀人士見面交流。電子書揭開新一頁數碼媒體在香港書展 2010大放光芒,於 2011年將更受注目。於 2010首次登場的電子書及電子學習資源專區,共有 21家商號參展,呈獻最新的電子書及數字閱讀產品。此外,會場內也設有數字閱讀互動區,讓參觀人士試用電子閱讀器,並閱覽電子書內容。電子書勢必風靡一時,而市場也將推出更多電子書及電子閱讀器,因此此區於香港書展2011的陣容將會更加鼎盛。香港貿發局委託敖志方 略 ( 香 港 ) 有限公司在書展期間進行現場調查,結果顯示 2 5 % 受訪者在場內購買了電子書及相關數碼工具。
  • 5. Product Categories 產品類別 Books and Publications 各類書籍及刊物 Childrens and Teens Books 兒童及青少年圖書國際焦點 Religious Books香港書展備受香港、中國內地及海外各大媒體注視, 2010 年共有 8,000 篇關 宗教書籍於書展的媒體報道,不單吸引更多市民進場參觀,也增加了參展公司、出版社和作家的宣傳機會。 e-Learning Resources: ebooks, eBook Reader, Digital Publishing文化平台 Audio-Visual香港書展為出版業締造亞洲最大的宣傳平台,以便推廣眾多中文及外文書 Learning Aids, Educational Software籍,尤以英文書刊為然。書展也透過閱讀講座、研討會及國際知名作家分享 電子學習資源:會等一連串活動,大大提高了社會各階層的文化氣息及閱讀風氣。 電子書、電子書閱讀器、數字 出版、視聽教材、教育軟件 Multimedia Products 音像多媒體產品Themed Zones 主題展區 Stationery and Printed Products General Books Pavilion 綜 合 書刊館 各類文具及印刷品 English Avenue 英 語 世界 eBooks & e-Learning Resources 電 子 書及電子學習資源 International Cultural Village 國 際 文化村 Children’s Paradise 兒 童 天地 Remarks: All exhibitors are only allowed to display/show/offer for sale/sell Religious & Spirituality Zone 心 靈 及宗教書區 CLASS I ARTICLES under the Control of Obscene & Indecent Articles Ordinance (Cap.390 of the laws of Hong Kong) and Category I Films classified under the Film Censorship Ordinance Teens’ World 年 青 人世界 (Cap.392 of the laws of Hong Kong) at the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair. Multimedia & Stationery Zone 音 像 及文儀用品館 註: 「香港書展」祇容許《淫褻及不雅物品管條例》(香港法例第 390 Chinese Mainland Publishers 中 國 內地出版 章)下的第一類物品 及根據《電影檢查條例》(香港法例第392章) 評級為第 I 級的電影於會場內陳列 / 展示 / 提供銷售 / 售賣。 Taiwan Publishing Community 台 灣 出版人 University Press Square 大學坊Join us! 報名參展!Dont miss the opportunity to be a part of this interestingevent! Book you space today!香港書展匯聚豐富商機,不容錯過,請即報名參展。
  • 6. Please fax the reply form to 請傳真表格至 (852) 2824 0026 Or you may mail to Hong Kong Trade Development Council 或郵寄至香港貿易發展局 Please send us more information on exhibiting at the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair 2011 本公司欲參加香港貿發局香港書展2011,請惠寄有關資料。 Company Name 公司名稱 : Contact Person 聯絡人 : Title 職銜 : Address 地址 : Country 國家 : Postal Code 郵編 : Tel 電話 : ( ) Fax 傳真 : ( ) Email 電子郵件 : Company Website 公司網址 : Product Categories 產品種類 : *Please attach your business card for easy reference 請附上閣下名片以作參考 Booth Service Fee 展 台 服 務 費 9 sq.m. Standard Booth A 9 sq.m. Standard Booth B Custom-built Participation 6 sq.m. Standard Booth 1 3m(W) x 3m(D) 2 with display platform 3 Minimum Size: 36 sq.m. 4 (eBooks & e-Learning Price: HK$21,735 / US$2,810 3m(W) x 3m(D) Price: HK$2,115 / US$280 Resources Zone only) 9 平方米標準展台 A Price: HK$25,605 / US$3,310 特裝參展最少租用面積: 2m(W) x 3m(D) 3米 (闊) x 3米 (深) 9 平方米標準展台 B 連展示台 36平方米 Price: HK$14,490 / US$1,873 價格:港元21,735 / 美元2,810 3米 (闊) x 3米 (深) 價格:每平方米港元2,115 / 6 平方米標準展台 價格:港元25,605 / 美元3,310 美元280 ( 只限電子書及電子學習資源展 ) 價格:港元14,490 / 美元1,873Manage your participation - with just a clickOur online service, Exhibitor Online Platform (EOP), makes managing your exhibition-related matters convenient, quick and efficient.• Submit booth application online, with immediate acknowledgement from HKTDC• Track application status and update information online anywhere, anytime• Receive fair-related information and reminders in timely fashionAct now, apply online at www.hkbookfair.com/en參展事宜 一按即妥「參展一站通」是香港貿發局的網上服務,協助業者理參展事宜,便捷有效。• 上網遞交參展表格,本局即時發出申請收悉通知• 隨時隨地上網檢視申請進度及更新資料• 第一時間獲得最新展覽資訊及備忘 Just a Click 一按即妥立即行動,登入 www.hkbookfair.com 申請參展。 www.hkbookfair.com For more details of the facilities, please visit our fair website 更多有關設施資料,請瀏覽展覽會網址Organiser 主辦機構: Official Air Express Co. 大會速遞服務Hong Kong Trade Development Council - Exhibitions DepartmentUnit 13, Expo Galleria, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong KongTel: (852) 2584 4333 Fax: (852) 2824 0026 Email: exhibitions@hktdc.org香港貿易發展局 – 展覽事務部香港灣仔博覽道1號香港會議展覽中心博覽商場13號電話:(852) 2584 4333 傳真:(852) 2824 0026 電郵:exhibitions@hktdc.org