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taislim_opportunity taislim_opportunity Presentation Transcript

  • FreeLife’s Mission: “ To serve each other by promoting good health, well-being, and the opportunity for an abundant life.”
    • 80% of adults in the U.S. are overweight!
    • Obesity is the leading health challenge in all developed nations around the world.
    • Being overweight dramatically increases your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many other illnesses.
    • Americans spend more than $60 Billion a year trying to lose weight!
    The Facts…
  • People want HELP Ask yourself this, do I know people who… … are among the 80% of overweight Americans? … are LOOKING for a way to lose weight and keep it off? … need to reduce the serious health risks of “belly fat”? … have tried and failed at “Fad Diets”? … want a safe and effective weight loss solution? … want an easy method that really WORKS?
  • The Weight is OVER! FreeLife International has found the answer to the Global Obesity Epidemic! Lose Weight, Feel Great!
  • TAI slim TM
    • The COMPLETE SOLUTION for a Totally New You!
    • Based on FreeLife’s groundbreaking clinical science
    • Exclusive triple patent pending formulation and technology
    • Helps you to reach and maintain a healthy weight in FOUR important ways:
      • Fights Dangerous Abdominal Fat
      • Enhances Metabolism
      • Controls Appetite
      • Cleanses & Replenishes Your System
  • Imagine a Plan That Could Fight Belly Fat 1. The TAI s l i m plan fights abdominal fat by:
    • Suppressing the body’s production of the stress hormones that cause it.
    • Providing special starch and fat blockers that help to reduce the amount of calories absorbed from the foods you eat.
  • Imagine a Plan That Could Enhance Metabolism
    • 2. TAI s l i m is clinically demonstrated to boost metabolism without harsh herbal stimulants:
      • Turns on the body’s thermogenic fat burning power.
      • The metabolic boost lasts for HOURS!
    After 4 hours, clinical study participants taking TAI s l i m burned 20 times more calories than those drinking coffee or green tea! Increased Metabolic Rate (kcal) 4 hours after intake
  • Imagine a Plan That Could Control Appetite
    • 3. TAI s l i m helps control your appetite so you don’t feel like eating as much!
      • Key ingredients work on the pleasure centers of the brain to help suppress food cravings and the urge for between-meal snacks.
      • The product also promotes the early release of CCK, the satiety hormone that tells your brain that you’re full.
      • These effects make it easier for you to cut out unwanted calories.
  • Imagine a Plan That Could Cleanse & Replenish 4. TAI s l i m features NuFlora ™ , an advanced proprietary dextrin fiber complex.
    • Nearly twice the fiber of leading fiber supplements.
    • Delays absorption of food calories.
    • Clears metabolic toxins and promotes regularity.
    • Remodels intestinal flora, ridding your body of bad bacteria that may actually be causing you to gain weight.
    • Fast-acting, pleasant tasting liquid formulation goes to work right away!
    • Just take two ounces right at the start of breakfast, and again at the start of lunch, and always with a full glass of water.
    • Follow the simple guidelines of the TAI s l i m Ultimate Weight Loss Plan. It’s an essential component of reaching your weight loss goals.
    The Plan WORKS! Losing Weight has never been easier!
  • Do You know … has struggled with their weight all their life someone who… … needs to lose weight for their health OR…wants or needs to earn additional income by simply telling others about TAI s l i m ? … wants to look & feel younger An Opportunity…
    • FreeLife is a Rock Solid 14 year old Company started by Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier who are committed to your success!
    • FreeLife is one of the fastest growing companies in America with 10x growth in the last 5 years.
    • At $60 Billion a year in the U.S. alone, the weight loss market is enormous and growing each year.
    • FreeLife rewards its Leaders better than any company in Direct Selling.
    “ FreeLife is going on a mission to help the world lose weight and feel great!” – Ray Faltinsky, FreeLife CEO & Co-Founder Why FreeLife, Why NOW?
  • Fast Start Bonuses $20,500 in Advancement Bonuses Star Director Bonuses Star Director Development Bonuses 10 Level Uni-Level Bonuses Matching Bonuses up to 60% Retail Commissions Leadership Bonus Pool 2% Generational Bonuses Royal Bonus Pool $100,000 Presidential Royal Bonus and more… Up Front Income Long-Term Income Several Ways to Earn Income…
  • Company Compensation TIMING! Product Success An Opportunity for YOU…
    • Become an AC100 Marketing Executive for just $39.95
    • Order Your TAI s l i m
    • Determine the level YOU wish to achieve:
      • Part-time Income for some extra cash
      • Full-time Income and be your OWN Boss
      • Life-changing Income for a Bright & Exciting Future
    • Begin Sharing TAI s l i m with everyone
    Get Started TODAY…