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    23mar11 23mar11 Presentation Transcript

    • South America, Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul
    • Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, District 4660 Brasília
    • Rovian Bauken Age: 41 years old. Occupation: Dentist My name is Rovian Bauken. I am the team leader of the GSE 2011 and I joined Rotary in 1996, founder member of the R.C. Santa Rosa Amizade. Born in 1970 in Nova Prata, Rio Grande do Sul. I am married to Gabriela and our son is 5 years old. I have worked for 19 years in my dentist’s office, located in Santa Rosa, giving special attention to the orthodontic area. My hobbies are playing the guitar, riding a motorcycle, reading, watching movies and traveling. I am very much looking forward to the forthcoming visit to District 5580 and starting making new friends.
    • Rovian Bauken FAMILY AND FRIENDS Family Army Hobby
      • Soy Homeland
      Santa Rosa
    • Santa Rosa Waterfall - Santa Rosa River Santa Rosa is located in the Northwest of Rio Grande do Sul, 490 Km away from Porto Alegre, the capital of our State.
    • Santa Rosa Population: 70,000 Influenced by Germans, Italians, Portuguese, Polish, Africans and Arabians
    • Santa Rosa We are an agricultural and industrial city.
    • State and District Demographics US$ 1,00 ≈ R$ 1,65 Rio Grande do Sul District 4660 Population 10,695,500 1,150,000 Area 281,750.000 Km² 108,780.000 sq mi 56,530.000 Km² 21,760.000 sq mi GDP US$ 63 bi US$ 8.2 bi
    • Rotary in the District 4660 1,381 Rotarians 52 Clubs, 33 Cities, 207 Rotaractors 13 Clubs 248 Interactors 11 Clubs
    • Frederico Wenzel Age: 28 years old. Occupation: Administrator I studied Elementary and High School in public schools and graduated in the Accountancy University in 2005. I worked with my family since 2007, currently running my own company, which distributes wireless internet signal (Multimedia Communication). My second activity today is studie to became a Aircraft Pilot, In my free time, I work with planes.
    • FAMILY AND FRIENDS Frederico Wenzel
    • Cerro Largo
      • Regional Culture’s Home
    • Cerro Largo: Passo São José Dam In command of the Jesuit Father Maximilian Von Lassberg, through the Society of Settlement "Bauervein, " the first families arrived.
    • Cerro Largo Waterfall - Santa Rosa River Founded on October 4th 1902, Cerro Largo has 13,289 inhabitants. GDP per capita is R$ 21,274.79 .
    • Cerro Largo The economy is based mainly on agriculture (soybean, wheat and corn), swine and cattle raising, as well as dairy production. Business and industry are also very important.
    • AGRICULTURE Primary Economy in District 4660 Soybean Wheat Corn Horticulture Fruit and Vegetables Rice
    • CATTLE-BREEDING Primary Economy in District 4660 Aviculture Cattle S wine
    • AGRICULTURAL TRAINING Primary Economy in District 4660
    • AN IMPORTANT RESEARCH CENTER Primary Economy in District 4660
    • PASTURE Primary Economy in District 4660
    • Oscar Strücker Age: 30 years old. Occupation: Graduated from Foreign Trade, work in Rockink Company. Was born and live in a small town (around 38 thousand inhabitants) called Panambi. Graduated in Foreign trade, works as export manager in a metal mechanic industry. Participates in the scout boys all life. Nowadays, coordinates the local scout boys group. The city of Panambi it’s one of the most important metal mechanic pole in its state, because of the number and size of its industries. The machines and equipment made in Panambi are exported worldwide.
    • Oscar Str ücker FAMILY AND FRIENDS
    • Oscar Str ücker FAMILY AND FRIENDS
      • The Machine City
    • Panambi
      • Population: 38,000 (constituted by Germans, Italians, Portuguese and other ethnic groups)
      • GDP: US$ 232.5 millions
    • Panambi
      • Germanic culture (architecture and gastronomy)
      • The name Panambi, means “Blue butterfly valley”, in Tupi-guarani language.
    • Panambi Panambi is also known as “City of Machines”, because of its industries, some of them internationally recognized. Panambi and Condor (a small city near) together have less than 50.000 inhabitants, but, they are the biggest Brazilian industrial center, making machines to clean, dry, storage and move grains and seeds. It’s about 80 companies building equipments to store the national agriculture production.
    • Industry in District 4660 Although we have footwear and wine industries in our State, our district shelters many industries in areas like: mechanics, food, fiberglass, linen seeds industriali-zation and hydroelectric energy.
    • Industry in District 4660 Horizontina RS Site area: 122,700 m²; Employees: Ca. 2,000; Combine manufactu-re and seed machines. They have more sites in Brazil.
    • Industry in District 4660 Santa Rosa RS This site built combines and axial lines; They have more sites in Brazil; It is the owner of the brands: Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Challenger.
    • Industry in District 4660 Santo Ângelo RS A company producing parts made of cast iron; Their market is: cars, trucks and agricultural equipment.
    • FOOD INDUSTRIES Industry in District 4660 Industries processing milk into a dehydrated product. CCGL – Cruz Alta NESTLÉ – Palmeira das Missões
    • Daiane Soares Valdameri Age: 29 years old. Occupation: Lawyer. I am a lawyer and a Labour Law teacher. I have been a Rotaractor since 2001. I live in Três de Maio. This town has 26,000 inhabitants. This city has its economy primarily agricultural. Its economy is also based in the furniture industry, besides investments in education. This is a small town, beautiful and enjoyable place to live.
    • FAMILY AND FRIENDS Daiane Soares Valdameri
    • FAMILY AND FRIENDS Daiane Soares Valdameri
    • Três de Maio
      • The Garden City
    • Três de Maio
      • Founded on May 3 rd , 1954, has 26,000 inhabitants.
    • Três de Maio
      • Its economy is based on family farming (small properties) with diversifica-tion of crops, fish and milk; and furniture industries.
    • Três de Maio
      • It is an educational Micropole (between schools and coleges). Its colleges has courses in the agro, and the furniture industry, such as: design, management, production management, agronomy, and technical courses.
    • TOURISTIC PLACES Tourism in District 4660
    • Angelopolitana Cathedral The cathedral was built in the 1920s. It was modeled after the São Miguel das Missões reduction. Tourism in Santo Ângelo is associated with the Jesuit’s history.
    • Ruins in the São Miguel das Missões The Mission was built from 1735 to around 1745. Jesuit missionaries founded the mission in the 18th century. The ruins have been protected by UNESCO since 1983.
    • Yucumã Falls It is located at Turvo State Park. It is between Brazil (RS) and Argentina.
    • Yucumã Falls In Tupi-guarani it means “great fish”. It is the biggest longitudinal waterfall of the world, with 1,800 meters of extension along the Uruguay river. The Yucumã Falls is a part of the Guarani Aquifer which is the largest source of fresh groundwater in the world. He emerges in the Yucumã Falls.
    • The Mineral Water: Fonte Ijuí Hotel & Spa
      • It’s located in a town called Ijuí
      • It’s a very modern and comfortable place to visit.
    • The Thermal Water
      • It’s located in Vicente Dutra and Iraí town.
      • This water is known for its therapeutic properties
    • Rotaract Club District 4660 13 Clubs 207 Rotaractors Rotaract Club Três de Maio 26 members Rotaract Club Três de Maio conduct projects since 1995 .
    • Rotaract Club In most projects Rotaractors and Rotarians work together. The Rotary Club Três de Maio is the only one that has a Center for Community Development in the District 4660.
    • Ivan Carlos Trentin Age: 34 years old. Occupation: Language teacher and Interpreter (English, Portuguese, Italian) My name is Ivan Trentin and Iwork as a Portuguese/English teacher at Fisk Foundation. Besides being a teacher, I work as an interpreter and translator with these languages. I live in Horizontina, a town in Northwest Rio Grande do Sul, in an area whose economy is typically agricultural.
    • FAMILY AND FRIENDS Ivan Carlos Trentin
    • Ivan Carlos Trentin
    • Horizontina
      • John Deere factory seen from above
    • Horizontina
      • Population: 18,300 inhabitants
      • Economy: Agriculture and Industry
    • The main Universities in District 4660
    • Santa Maria Federal University UFSM is the biggest university in District 4660 They offer 10 Technical Graduation Courses 50 Graduation courses 14 Post-Graduation Courses 31 Master’s degree 11 Doctorate courses
    • Culture Native Brazilians and Africans. Portuguese settlers. Immigrants. Neighbors: Argentina and Uruguay.
    • Culture: “chimarrão” or “mate”
    • Culture: typical gaúcha dance
    • Culture: barbecue
    • Culture: typical music
    • Culture: literature Érico Veríssimo
    • Brazil The Rotary International Conference 2015 will be in Sao Paulo. Brazil is the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil Brazil is the world’s leading technology to produce biofuels (ethanol).
    • Brazil Cristo Redentor: One of the 7 wonders of the world: 130ft Rock in Rio has been the largest rock festival in the world: average 1 milion people Carnival is the greatest show on Earth. Itaipu is the largest dam in the world. Located between the countries of Argentina and Brazil.
    • Brazil Brazil has been elected 9 times for the US Council. It has cut 45% of deforestation in the Amazon (the world’s most advanced tecnology of rainforest surveillance). The Brazilian electoral system uses an electronic voting machine since 1996. 2016 Brasil will host The Olympic Games.
    • Thank you District 5580!