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Fairtrade news

  1. 1. B U S I N E S S N A M E Fairtrade News S P E C I A L C O C O A E D I T I O N D E C E M B E R 9 , 2 0 1 0SPECIALPOINTS OFINTEREST: Kuapa Kokoo, big Ghana Cocoa Industry goes Fair-trade steps towards Ghana is a small country in days global Fair-trade Chocolate West Africa, it is bordered by • take the sacks of beans to Côte dIvoire, Togo, Burkina sell to cocoa buyers. Cadbury jumping Faso and Gulf of Guinea. The on Bandwagon? Cocoa buyers: name „Ghana‟ means Ghana, the home “Warrior King” deriving from • weigh the sacks of beans of fair-trade the ancient Ghana Empire. • pay the farmer for the chocolate Making chocolate is a long Cocoa beans- beans complicated process that Photo taken by Annmari • arrange to take the beans to starts with farmers collecting, Kostyk the port. splitting, fermenting and dry- Importers: ing. This process can take up to 2 weeks or longer. De- grow and care for the cocoa • arrange transport for the INSIDE pending on the quality of the trees for three to five years beans from Ghana to the UK THIS ISSUE: chocolate. For all this work • harvest the cocoa pods in and Ireland for every 1£ a chocolate bar very hot temperatures  turn the beans into co- Where is 2 is sold for, the farmers re- • remove the beans from the coa solids and cocoa Ghana?? ceive 8p, less than 10% pods butter. Chocolate 2 Cocoa Process: • ferment the beans for six Story Continued on Page 2 made? Farmers- days and dry them for ten Inside Story 2 The REAL chocolateirs Inside Story 3 Inside Story 4 Inside Story 5 People in Ghana have been Ghana created Kuapa Kokoo, Day Chocolate Company, growing and harvesting Co- a company to sell their own Which later formed into coa since 1878, when Tetteh cocoa to CMC (Cocoa Mar- Divine Chocolate Company. Inside Story 6 Quarshie brought Cocoa keting Company). Now in 2010, Devine Choco- pods from Equatorial Guinea. In 1998 they joined up with late is aiding Sierra Leone to In the 1990‟s the cocoa NGO Twin Trading and The set up their own fairtrade industry of Ghana was liber- Body Shop, Christian Aid and company, Kpeya Agricultural ated and the farmers of Comic Relief to create The Enterprise.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Interview with a Farmer We interviewed a farmer in Since joining up he says, even amazing, new concept. Also it Ghana who worked for Kuapa his baby girl can go and he still has improved their confidence Kokoo. has enough money to feed and some farmers have been During the interview he told everyone. empowered to talk to their us about before Kuapa Kokoo “It had been almost ten years superiors, who they would/ and how his family did not since I had a new pair of could never approach before. have enough money to send boots, since joining up three “I am more respected in my their children to school. years ago, I`ve changed them community and my organiza- “It was hard for me, not to be twice. Its important to wear tion through my involvement able to send even one of our boots. The snakes and scorpi- in Divine Chocolate.” four children to school be- ons will get you other wise.` cause, I knew they will be in Joining up with Kuapo KokooThe Kuapa Kokoo Farmers the same rut we live in now, has done wonders for Ghana`sUnion poverty” farmers. They can afford medi-Photo off divinechoco- cation for one, which is alate.com “LONG LIVE DIVINE LONG LIVE Front Story Cont. FAIRTRADE Chocolate companies: And for all this: 45% of they get a direct say • buy the cocoa solids and farmer 8p on what happens to their LONG LIVE cocoa butter cocoa. How much it is sold KUAPA cocoa buyers 7p for, what kind of chocolate. KOKOO.” • buy the other ingredients importer 14p Etc. • make the chocolate bars chocolate company 28p -Comfort So the farmers are getting • pay for the chocolate bar shops 28p what they really deserve Kumeah, cocoa wrappers money and recognizing government 15p farmer, member  pay for advertising the wise. This is an Unfair trade be- of Kuapa Kokoo chocolate bars. cause the farmers who do Shops: the most work are recog- • buy the chocolate nized the least because they bars from the are ‟the bottom of the food chocolate compa- chain‟ their say counts the nies least .  sell the choco- Until about 1980. Kuapa A Kuapa late bars to shop- Kokoo started and changed Kokoo pers. all of this. Kuapa Kokoo has Farmer revolutionized the Cocoa Trading Chain for farmers Government: in Ghana. In cooperation  charges tax on with Divine Chocolate a the chocolate bars company that they own FAIRTRADE NEWS
  3. 3. S P E C I A L C O C O A E D I T I O N PAGE 3The Good Cocoa Farmers Company Devine Chocolate, The farmers Divine Chocolate works in co- own 40% of the company so they operation with Kuapa Kokoo receive 40% of the money this is a fair-trade situation because the objectives are to farmers do 40% of the work so * increased power and representa- everyone is getting the money they tion within the market for the farm- deserve. ers Kuapa Kokoo sells about 1000 tons * social, economic and political of chocolate to the European Fair-Kuapa Kokoo which means „Good empowerment trade market.Cocoa Farmers Company‟ in the * enhanced womens participa-local language Twi. Is an organiza- tion in all its affairstion set up by farmers for farmers. * environmentally sustainableTheir motto “Pa Pa Paa” (the best production processesof the best of the best) and their They work in cooperation with “Increased power and representationWhat is Fairtrade Cocoa? within the market for the farmers”Fairtrade is an new approach to ment when the world market price  ensure women‟s voices aretrade and it is based on partnership of cocoa falls below the guaranteed heard in making decisionsbetween producers and consumers. price of $1600.Fairtrade is payment of a fair price To be a Fairtrade company theyto each person involved in the mustprocess  farm in a way that‟s kind toFairtrade guarantees a minimum humans and the environmentprice for each product, in the caseof cocoa it is $1600 per Metric ton make working conditions safeof cocoa, a social payment of $150  Ban child labourper Metric ton and an extra pay- Cocoa Beans set out to dry
  4. 4. Divine Chocolate Ltd4 Gainsford street Fair-trade chocolate.London SE1 2NEHead Office Telephone: + 44 (0)20 7378 6550 Its that simpleHead Office Fax: + 44 (0)20 7378 1550Divine Chocolate Shop: +44 (0)1914 828 753Owned by Cocoa farmers, Made forChocolate Lovers For more information go to divinechocolate.com Divine Chocolate Guarantees: Good quality Cocoa Beans Environmentally safe practices Good Records Keeping Democracy, Transparency and Ac- countability Sources: Kuapakokoo.com Divinechocolate.com