TEXT WORTHY NEWSLETTERDEAR READERSSo far 2012 is off to a great start. Companies appear to be spending more money on their...
TEXT WORTHY NEWSLETTERTHE NEXT GENERATION OF MOBILEBy Taylor AbbettProximity Marketing – If you haven’t heard this buzz wo...
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Textworthy Spring2012


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Textworthy Spring2012

  1. 1. TEXT WORTHY NEWSLETTERDEAR READERSSo far 2012 is off to a great start. Companies appear to be spending more money on theirbrands and on new technologies. Today it is all about becoming about creatinginteresting content whether it is for your website, social media or other marketingmaterials. Consumers want to be engaged on a personal level and technology is makingis easier and easier to track behavior.Sincerely,Taylor G. Abbett, President T Opening/Parking Promotion, Sports & Exhibition Authority and Alco Parking CorporationOLD/NEW ARRIVALSMany thanks to our fall Interns, they did a great job: Meredith Carber, The University ofPittsburgh; Nia Lafferty, Duquesne University; Matthew Lapes, The University ofPittsburgh; and Smita Shree. We would like to welcome our new spring interns: Kathryn HOME ABOUT ACADEMICS ADMISSIONS ATHLETHICS VOLUNTEERS ALUMNI GIVING CONTACTWalker, The University of Pittsburgh; Jocelyn Wolfe, Duquesne University; Lindsay Palmer,Duquesne University; Aytac Akkan Karaguzel, Pittsburgh Film Markers; and Michael NURTURING FAITH, INSPIRING EXCELLENCELastig, Duquesne University. Quality academic education dependent on an organized plan of basic content with special attention given to the integration of Gospel values. LEARN MORESOCIAL CORNER:EMAIL MARKETING DEAD? Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy is a TEACHER PAGESBy Laura Osmolinski Find your teacher’s Pittsburgh Diocesan Regional elementary school page for news and providing a Catholic educational program for updates. students enrolled in grades pre-kindergarten through eight. Located in Aspinwall, PA, the school VIEW PAGES currently serves families residing in the Fox Chapel, Shaler, Hampton, Riverview, andTailored Marketing is now offering new branding services Pittsburgh school districts. CALENDAR The success of our program is manifested by our Daily calendar, Lunch excellent results on national standardized menus, and Volunteerto clients in the form of email marketing. Think email achievement tests and the levels of schedules accomplishment that have been obtained by our graduates as they continue their educational VIEW MONTH program and enter the mainstream of society. Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy is UPCOMING EVENTSseems a little old school? Well, you’re right; email has been accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Elementary 2/14 - St. Valentine’s Day Schools. 3/3 - Night at the Racesaround for 40 years and is being overtaken by texting, Christ The Divine Teacher Catholic Academy . 205 Brilliant Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15215 . 412-781-7927 . fax 412-781-0891instant messaging, and Facebook messaging. But I think Website Design and Development,it’s safe to say that you haven’t given up your personal Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academyemail account yet, have you? This is simply because emailis still useful and universally accepted. According to a guynamed Chip House, who makes a living out of emailmarketing; “There’s never been a better time to do it. Email marketing is getting moreexciting because of some of the things you’re able to do with it.” TMI has taken thismiddle-aged technology and refined the process to work seamlessly in a variety ofmarketing plans. We focus on giving your target customers value added messaging ratherthan SPAM emails full of sales pitches and pure noise. It works because customers aregetting value from your company before they even buy any of your products or services,which in the end actually makes them more likely to make a purchase.Email marketing also works well with social media strategies. Both are built aroundproviding your customers with value, and both allow you to connect with your customerson levels never before achieved with other forms of marketing. Many companies arefailing to see the value of social media, and those that do still aren’t taking full Database Interface and Development,advantage of it. It’s time to get real, stop using social media as another avenue to NACS – The Association for Convenience and Fuels Retailingbroadcast yourself. We’ve found the best results come from full on engagementand not being afraid to ask the tough questions. Social media is a fantastictool for progress, but only if you can effectively harness its power.
  2. 2. TEXT WORTHY NEWSLETTERTHE NEXT GENERATION OF MOBILEBy Taylor AbbettProximity Marketing – If you haven’t heard this buzz word yet you soon will.The idea centers around the ability to push information/offers to a consumer’ssmartphone based on their specific geographic location. Imagine that you arerunning in a park and using a smartphone application you get the typicalweather, events going on at the park, rest room areas, first aid stations etc. andalso a message from a sporting goods store with a great offer on the newrunning shoes you wanted. Take it a step further, you are now walking past thesporting goods store and again receive an offer to prompt you to walk into the store andmake a final purchase. In short it is a marketers dream, a tremendous way to target people who are interestedin your product or service. Think of it as taking location-based marketing to an even greater level of “local,” and beingcontextually relevant in absolute terms. Proximity marketing allows business to leverage their strengths and create aneven more memorable interaction for consumers and, by extension, motivate return visits and increase ROI. Googlehas already said they are going to start doing it with their platforms but the playing field is not limited to them and ismuch much bigger! It might be Big Brother to some but it’s a marketing tool that is here to stay. CONNECT WITH US facebook.com/tailoredmarketing twitter.com/TailoredMktg linkedin.com/company/ tailored-marketing-inc._2CLIENT SPOTLIGHT:INDIANA COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCEProject: The Indiana County Chamber of Commerce sought TMI’s services to jumpstarta pilot program for the creation and marketing of chamber WAPs (mobile websites).These mobile sites will allow chambers to communicate with their members moreefficiently via mobile. The Indiana chamber and TMI hope that a new WAP will bringnew business into the area, help spread information about the chamber and special @IndCntyChamber Twitter Feed: Economic Development Specialist Job inevents, and offer a member directory for easy access to member contact information. PA-Indiana - TheIndianaGazette: http://bit.ly/qatVYW via @AddThisStrategy: TMI created and launched the WAP for the Indiana County Chamber of MEMBER DIRECTORYCommerce. In addition to the WAP itself, TMI produced QR codes which link directly to FEATURED EVENTSthe mobile site. QR codes were placed on marketing materials such as flyers, posters, MEMBER SPOTLIGHTtable tents for chamber events, and their member newsletter. ABOUT THE CHAMBER Brought to you byResults: Within the few months that that WAP has been public, it has Site developed by Tailored Marketing Inc.received over 3,000 visitors with 30% of those being directed fromthe marketing QR codes. As part of this pilot program, TMI hopes toconvince both the chamber and its members that WAPs are anefficient way to spend marketing dollars. INDCNTYCHAMBER.MOBI