Textworthy Issue 2 2012


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Textworthy Issue 2 2012

  1. 1. DEAR READERSFrom the desk of Taylor Abbett, President of Tailored Marketing Inc.Summer has arrived and we are having one of the nicest stretches of decentweather that I can remember. So, what new pearl of wisdom can I give you tohelp market your company? As I have said in other newsletters, there is a lotof noise in the market place. I think the best way to stand out is to tell a story.Since the dawn of time, people like to hear great stories. And how do youcreate a story for a company? Every organization, no matter how big or small,has stories that make them unique, so what is yours? Once you have it, shareit through the web, social media, newsletters, etc. Tell the world! GPS Shuttle Finder on FlyPittsburgh.mobi, Grant Oliver CorporationOLD/NEW ARRIVALSMany thanks to our Spring interns, they did a great job: Kathryn Walker, TheUniversity of Pittsburgh; Jocelyn Wolfe, Duquesne University; Lindsay Palmer,Duquesne University; Aytac Akkan Karaguzel, Pittsburgh Film Markers; andMichael Lastig, Duquesne University.We would also like to give a warm welcome to our Summer interns: AshleyBurk, Washington & Jefferson College; Kevin Ray, Univeristy of Pittsburgh;Taylor Beisell, Carnegie Mellon University; Danielle Lebo, Art Institue ofPittsburgh. Mobile Website, Alco Parking Corporation CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: SPORTS & EXHIBITION AUTHORITYThe Sports & Exhibition Authority and Alco Parking wanted to help thePort Authority in introducing the new T service to the North Shore thathas a stop positioned under their parking garage. After years ofconstruction and millions of dollars, the new line was finally ready toopen. The challenge was breaking people’s habit and get them toconsider parking on the North Shore and then ride the train.Strategy: The main focus was on the major corporations to see if theywould be interested in shifting some of their lease parking fromdowntown to the North Shore and promote the service to theiremployees. In turn, we created collateral material, an animation of thenew route, and supporting information on the website.Results: Since the opening of the North Shore Connector, the garagehas performed well, with daily usage reaching capacity and eventparking increasing. Tailored Marketing provided an effective campaign promoting the West General Robinson Street Garage in conjunction with the opening of the Light Rail Transit station in the North Shore. Their engaging print materials, website design and imaginative animation clearly shows the value and convenience of the Authoritys Garage, and surrounding lots. It was a pleasure working with Tailored Marketing on this project. – Rifat Qureshi, Development Manager, Stadium Authority of the City of Pittsburgh
  2. 2. SOCIAL CORNER:PINTEREST BENEFITS FOR BRANDSOn the surface, Pinterest may seem too niche to benefit a wide range ofbrands. As with any network, once Pinterest grows there will most likelybe features added specifically for businesses (promoted pins?sponsored boards?). For now, there are 3 main benefits for brands usingthis network…1. Get Seen – Pinterest levels the playing field for smaller retailbusinesses that don’t have the budget or resources to compete insearch results. If you search for jeans on Google Shopping, you’re goingto see Levi’s and a bunch of other brands that sell jeans. “Discoverability”is a word that has been thrown around a lot regarding Pinterest.Meaning, Pinterest helps people find new products/brands/styles theywould normally not come across by plugging keywords into a searchengine. Chances are, the people you choose to follow on Pinterest havesimilar taste to you. More than likely when you check out their pinboards, you’ll probably see pins of jeans that would suit your taste. Ifyou do a search for jeans on Pinterest, you will find trendy options andsmaller brands you didn’t know about, or even a DIY project for turningan old pair of jeans into a mini skirt. If you search for jeans tomorrow,you will see something new since results change as new pins are added.2. Building Links – Anytime someone pins something from your site, itautomatically pulls in not just the image from your site, but also a link.There is a possibility for that pin to be repinned multiple times (evenhundreds of times, in some cases), building up a healthy amount ofbacklinks. You can see if people are pinning things from your site byreplacing “yoursitename.com” in this link with your URL inhttp://pinterest.com/source/yoursitename.com/3. Brand Advocacy – If people love your products and they’re onPinterest, they will not only pin your stuff, but they might dedicate anentire pin board to your brand.Need proof people are voluntarily hawking products? Just look atsome of the Diet Coke-related things that have been pinned...TELLING YOUR STORY THROUGH VIDEOWritten by Taylor AbbettOne of the first jobs I had was working for a video production company. We made TV commercialsas well as any number of training videos, and even did production for some regional sports shows.At the time, video was very expensive to do and only the big companies really took advantage of it.While today you can film and produce your own videos using only your smartphone. Video is agreat way to engage every sense but smell. (Remember the idea of having smells released in movietheaters. What ever happened to that idea?)Here are some ideas for using video: Use humor to personalize your staff and company; tell a storyabout great customer service or a funny experience; in a very brief 3-4 minutes, educate youraudience on a topic that benefits them. Finally, create a short promotional video of your companythat talks a little about you. Try sending it out to your next prospect instead of a brochure and seewhat happens! Spread your story by posting your videos on your website, YouTube, Facebook, orburn them to a CD. Marketing is all about telling a great story, so go tell yours.The videos pictured can been seen at www.worldmemoryproject.org/videoand http://youtu.be/-rTzIAWI4Ms