Discovering and capitalizing on employee engagement's golden key.


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Discovering and capitalizing on employee engagement's golden key.

  1. 1. Taico® :: 67 Patterson Village Ct., Bldg F :: Patterson, NY 12563 :: 845-228-GIFT (4438) :: fax: 845-228-5136 ::© 2012 Taico® Incentive Services Inc.Discovering and capitalizing on employee engagements golden key.Weve all heard the saying, "its simple but not necessarily easy." The "golden key"that instantly engages and motivates your employees is very simple and even easy toimplement. Unfortunately, at the same time, changing the negative attitudes somemanagers have toward their employees is neither a simple nor easy task. For them,theres no point or worth in putting forth the effort to engage or motivate anyone.Their behavior is habitual. Successful employee engagment resides in looking at howyour employees experience their workplace. Are employees experiencingadvancement toward their work goals? Are they encouraged toward steady workimprovement in an atmosphere that supports safety, dignity and purpose? This is thegolden key.Can you answer the following questions in the affirmative?Are you recognizing your employees small wins? Does your workplace provide a safe haven to present new ideasand take risks? Do your employees feel that their dignity is being protected and their voices heard? Do you recognizeand reward real progress?Understanding how to use this golden key will reduce employee turnover and boost your overall employeeperformance. Here are some pointers.Teacher, author and workforce coach, Diane Ingram shares this personal observation. "When I was president of theNYC chapter of World Runners, I had the opportunity to witness, first hand, the power of engagement in action.We were raising money as our contribution to end hunger. As the chapters leader, I decided to create and nurture asafe haven for brainstorming, creativity and the contributing of ideas toward our goal. We were able to inspire andachieve innovation by making it clear to all that everyones ideas had value. With room for any idea to be considered,even the wacky ones, which by the way, are often the best ones ultimately, people felt free to play, explore anddiscover—the exact ingredients necessary to create an atmosphere of empowerment and purpose. We raised abunch of money!"Share This
  2. 2. Taico® :: 67 Patterson Village Ct., Bldg F :: Patterson, NY 12563 :: 845-228-GIFT (4438) :: fax: 845-228-5136 ::© 2012 Taico® Incentive Services Inc.The real meaning of employee engagement.The sad fact is few employers are able to define, measure and manage this quality within their workplace. It remainsessential to business success yet it still remains largely misunderstood and misapplied.Simply, its the interest, emotional involvement and commitment your employee has in their work and yourorganization. Thus, an engaged employee is highly interested and enthusiastic about what they do at your company.They will act in a way to further support your companys direction."Employee Engagement is a measurable degree of an employees positive or negative emotional attachment to theirjob, colleagues and organization that profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work". notesone of the longest operating employee surveying companies in the world, Scarlett Surveys®You lead people by supporting their desire to do what is necessary to support the continuous high performance andsuccess of your enterprise. Employees will be aware of their attitude and emotional state developed fromexperiences in the workplace. Experiences are the "drivers" of engagement. Use the golden key to create positiveemployee experiences. This will stimulate your workers natural desire to do their best work.Lets be clear. Cleaner kitchens or bathrooms or extravagant awards in themselves, do not structurally improveengagement or performance.If you are a horrible, unaccountable boss you are wasting your organizations time even reading this article.Command and control approaches to squeeze out specific work is Neanderthal. Thousands of years ago bosses usedthe club or the whip to motivate workers. You may not be using the real thing but make no mistake, your clubs andwhips come in the form of demoralizing individuals through psychological intimidation. Changing the manner inwhich you carry yourself will make using the golden key simplier, easier and dramatically improve your companysperformance.How you uplift everyday work-life and build workplace human connections is another component of the key that willboost spir-de-corp and participation.One way you can help yourself to define and measure engagement is by asking your employees to participate insurveys from time to time. Structure your survey with the purpose to gather helpful information leading to betterengagement practices.Share This
  3. 3. Taico® :: 67 Patterson Village Ct., Bldg F :: Patterson, NY 12563 :: 845-228-GIFT (4438) :: fax: 845-228-5136 ::© 2012 Taico® Incentive Services Inc.Some employee survey questions can include:*What do you want to personally get out of working in our organization?*Please share an emotion and a motivation you experience after a day of work?*Do you feel safe and encouraged enough here to share your ideas and creativity?*Do you feel a sense of steady improvement or advancing?*Please share some of your goals and how working here provides you with a sense of getting ahead?*Who do you feel is in control of your career, you or your boss?*Does the work environment support your recovery from any emotional setbacks such as making mistakes orfailures to achieve desired goals?*Do you feel in control of your day to day activities as soon as you walk in the door?*Please describe any level you are experiencing of burnout?*Please provide any comments and suggestions you feel will improve your work experience here?Asking your employees to describe their deep interests can act as a valuable peek into what engages them and whythey joined you in the first place. You will be able to better calculate your engagement approach from the answersyou receive from those surveyed.Reap the benefits of a correctly defined and managed engagement initiative. Lower direct supervision costs, boostperformance, invite new ideas from employees and achieve higher customer loyalty.You might also consider a Peer to Peer recognition program.Win in the marketplace by reorienting manager behavior toward celebrating employee small wins, risk taking,dignity and innovation.Share This
  4. 4. Taico® :: 67 Patterson Village Ct., Bldg F :: Patterson, NY 12563 :: 845-228-GIFT (4438) :: fax: 845-228-5136 ::© 2012 Taico® Incentive Services Inc."Enthusiastic employees excel in their work because they maintain the balance between the energy they give and theenergy they receive." notes Prof. dr. Arnold B. BakkerAs former Campbell’s Soup CEO, Doug Conant put it, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”I am very impressed with the research on this subject by Teresa Amabile, professor of business administration atHarvard Business School.In her book, The Progress Principle, co-written by Steven Kramer, she defines the best leaders as those "who usetheir power to build up employees to have great inner work lives, positive emotions and strong motivation." The bookgoes on to help managers guard against the undermining, demoralizing and disengaging impact of employeesetbacks.Capitalizing on the golden key starts with acknowledging your peoples value and learning how to encourageemployees when work gets difficult.The key is about striking up a new contract where HR and senior management invest emotionally in their workforce.If done right, employees will make a similar emotional investment. A sort of “discretionary effort” is brought intotheir work that often translates into loyalty and superior performance. I heard it described by a colleague as: "ourorganization will do things designed to make your jobs (and perhaps your lives) more meaningful. In return you bringyour hearts and minds to your work."Share This