Automatic Meter reading (amr)


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Best option to be adopt in Power Sector to overcome line losses and theft .

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Automatic Meter reading (amr)

  1. 1. 1In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
  2. 2. OUTLINE Acknowledgement Self Introduction Brief on AMR Benefits of AMR Previous Metering Task assigned What I Did Achievements/Rewards Results Conclusion Recommendations
  3. 3. I am grateful from the core of my heart toAlmighty Allah who bestowed upon me His blessings forshouldering the responsibilities to prepare and present myIME.I am highly grateful to Course Director Mr.Mubashar Mehmood and Dy. Course Director Mr. Asad Ali ofWAPDA Staff College Islamabad for making excellentStandards of education and transferring the same to thetraining participants with full devotion.3Acknowledgement
  4. 4.  Name Muhammad Tahir Rashid Qualification: B.E(Electrical) BUET KhuzdarPGDIT (Network) ComsatsInstitute of informationTechnology Islamabad Was posted SDO G-6 Sector Islamabad(06/2010-09/2012)4Self Introduction
  5. 5. Brief on AMRDefinition• Automatic Remote Meter Reading .Automating the process of measurement through digitalcommunication techniques.Bring “intelligence” into the revenue cycle and manage it:Metering Billing Operations Customer Service
  6. 6. 6Components of AMR System Energy Meters (Built-in Communication Modules) Communications Host Central Station (HCS)AMR Architecture
  7. 7. 7Comparison with old metersPASTELECTRO-MECHANICALLow AccuracyControl – NILCommunications - ExpensiveTheft Detection – PoorDIGITAL SOLID STATEHigh AccuracyControl – LIMITEDCommunications – External through RetrofitTheft Detection – Node onlyNEXT GEN SMART METER & IT SYSTEMVery High AccuracyControl – FULLCommunications – Built in (on chip / PCB)Theft Detection – High (Network level)CURRENTLEAPFROG
  8. 8. Data Reading for old systemReading Highly person dependent. Accessibility of meter Reading in rural /remotezones. Billing done mainly on estimated / average basis Inability to monitor and control discrete loads Billing cycle requires excessive time.
  9. 9. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)MobileNetworkGPRS &GSMGPRSBACKBONESGSNGGSNFirewallSIMCARDMIU(ModemGPRS/GSM)DigitalMeterDATACENTERRadiotowerBillingSystemDataAnalysisFor ResearchGood Service
  10. 10. 10Modes of Communication in AMR1. GSM Based Communication• Single stage communication between Meter andcentral station through GSM Modem2. Radio frequency network• Radio frequency based AMR (handheld,mobile/drive by, and fixed (Star/Mesh networks)3. PLC Based Communication• Electronic data transmitted over power lines -- thenetwork being the distribution network which theutility has built and maintains to deliver electricpower.4. Hybrid Communication• Two stages of communication in AMR System
  11. 11. 11AMR Architecture (Hybrid) used in our ProjectTerminalsControl RoomDatabase& Communication ServerSystem SoftwareWebsiteBilling SoftwareMeterGPRS/GSMMeterGPRS/GSMGatewayGateway GatewayGPRS/GSMGPRS/GSMGPRS/GSMRFRFMeterMeterMeterMeterMeterMeterMeterMeterRFRFRFRFRFRFRFRFRFRFRFRFRFMeshMeshMesh
  12. 12. www.ajked.goajk.pk12AutomaticMeterReadingOutageManagementPre-paymentSub-MeteringRevenueProtectionAutomaticMetering Active LoadControlAutomatic Metering
  13. 13. Data sourcesUsers/Access levelWeb ApplicationWeb Power Plus(www.datamaticmosaic.comLoad Profile15 min ScheduleBilling MonthlyIESCO MIS IESCO Authorized CustomersAble to view all reports Able to view onlydata in his territoryAble to view onlytheir data
  14. 14.  Ability to detect tamper events and outage occurrences. Remotely Connect/ Disconnect power supply throughmeter. Calculate transformer loading and sizing from intervaldata 15 minute interval data gives accurate load informationfor supply scheduling, switching operations, planning etc Monitor voltage at each premise to know conditionswhen to operate capacitor switches or regulatorsCritical Benefits Of AMR
  15. 15.  Which consumers require extra vigilance on account of highcommercial losses? Which consumers have violated sanctioned demand morethan 3 times in the last month? Which network nodes have reported more than 1 outageevent last week? How can I accurately reconcile all my bills with actualconsumption? How can I reduce system peak load through feederreconfiguration?Benefits of AMR – Contd…
  16. 16. The Pilot AMR was started in Sector G-6/3 of G-6 sub divisionIslamabad circle Islamabad in 2008.The purpose was to check theresults/benefits for future planning.But due to some reasons it could not be completed till 2010when Worthy CEO appointed me as SDO G-6 sub division withtask to complete the AMR project and to bring the readingonline(human free) in collaboration with Manager (MIS) and M/sTelco net .Task assigned
  17. 17. IESCO AMR Project The Situation was Meters Installed Single Phase : 124 Three Phase : 249 CT Meter : 4 Transformers : 23 Total : 400But proper network was not established so readingwas still taken manually by the meter readers .
  18. 18. IESCO AMR ProjectReasons were I studied the case thoroughly and sort out that Some of the meters installed were defectivewhereas some meters were not responding due tofault in Fire Fly (a unique identification of meter). Gate way installed was not at the proper locationresulting slow/disturbed signal.
  19. 19. IESCO AMR ProjectWhat I Did I established team of trained staff who installed those meters. Visited each and every meter at site. Removed discrepancies i.e. burnt meters, replacement ofmeters with defective fireflies. Coding of transformers for calculating T/F losses.IESCO AMR Project
  20. 20. IESCO AMR ProjectWhat I Did Feeding of transformer wise consumers. Meeting s with different suitable building owners for relocationof gateway. Relocation of Gate way at suitable building which resolved theproblem of data transferIESCO AMR Project
  21. 21. IESCO AMR Project• These Steps taken resolved the problem and data transferthrough AMR started and reading was done succesfullywithout meter readers just on internet.• These efforts were highly appreciated by worthy CEO ofIESCO.• I was nominated for training on AMR in Thailand.• I am also included in the committee constituted for purchaseof 300,000 AMR meters through ADB loan.• I have been taken as member of working committee tofinalize the specification of AMR meters to be purchasedthrough USAID and ADB.Achievements/Rewards
  22. 22. IESCO AMR ProjectResults Net Improvement: 3,79,111 KWH over 12months Revenue Generated @ Rs 8.33 per unit =31,57,944.63 PKR Project ROI in 23 MonthsEnhancement through AMRResult‘‘Service and Technology
  23. 23. IESCO AMR Project Nothing is impossible if you work hard withconsistency. If one is determined to his goals and work harddevotedly he can achieve the Targets. Team work and positive approach is the key ofsuccess. Enhance managerial skills.CONCLUSION
  24. 24. IESCO AMR ProjectIt is suggested that hard to reach areas andsensitive installations such as Parliament lodges,atomic installations ,embassies etc shouldimmediately be shifted on AMR GSM basednetworks so that manual system be eliminated atonce in order to avoid the errors and ensuresecurity and to save the precious time of IESCO’sofficersRECOMMENDATIONS
  25. 25. IESCO AMR Project
  26. 26. IESCO AMR Project