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  1. 1. Serene telecom - keep in touch “for your perfect communication”
  3. 3. About usWe are a sister concern of t- mobileand its been 3 years we have come toBangladesh. We are aware that thereis a huge competition in the marketof telecoms and so we seek to makeourselves different in the market bygiving the corporate people our firstpriority and give them not onlysatisfaction but delight in using ourtelecom.
  4. 4. About usMISSION- our mission is to serve our customer’sneed by providing them a smooth, flexible anddesirable communication customer serviceprogram and make sure this communicationsystem is economically affordable.Vision- we have only one vision; that is to makesure every citizen in Bangladesh is a serenetelecom user one day.
  5. 5. About usINDUSTRIES WE HAVE SERVED UPTILL NOW: PARTEX GROUP PRAN- FOODS LIMITED ABUL KHAIR GROUP OF INDUSTRIESFor them we have designed a special packagecalled CORPORATO which we are now bringingto you.
  6. 6. Survey• Are you satisfied with the current mobile operator? yes 40% No 50% Not sure 10%
  7. 7. Survey• What problems are you facing with your current mobile operator? a) disrupting network (mainly in the basement, lift etc.) b) slow internet connection, sometimes not available c) nil network in the rural areas d) unsatisfactory customer service
  8. 8. Survey• Do you want to change your mobile operator if you had a better service? yes 60% No 35% Not sure 5%
  9. 9. Survey• What services do you want now?And the answers were: Better network 3G technology lesser call rate smooth and fast internet connection better customer service increase supplementary service (eg. News updates, GPS system, call blocker)
  11. 11. Positioning
  12. 12. Network We have established more than 10,000 base stations in 3 years, we have at least 5 base stations in every thana of the country We always gather customer feedback to make our network better We traffic data through fiber optic cable and the transmission is done by DWDM system
  13. 13. NetworkWhat is DWDM?Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing. Acore technology in an optical transportnetwork. The essential components of DWDMcan be classified by: Converts different wavelength into one Up to 80 separate wavelengths can be transmitted on single optical fiber Can carry 2.5 billion bits/sec
  14. 14. NetworkIN- BUILDING SOLUTION (IBS)For uninterrupted service we have initiated IBSwhich will provide network everywhere
  15. 15. ConvenienceWe will provide our respectable customers withthe utmost convenience.PROCESS: Assign a KAM (key accounts manager) for the first two months in case you receive any inconvenience. Update our database with your required info within that time.
  16. 16. ConvenienceNumber: No need to worry regarding your previous number and all your important contacts! Only the first 5 digits will start with 01234 The rest 6 digits are your choice! =D Example: Your new number will be 01234xxxxxx XXXXX= the last 6 digits of your previousnumber, a number of your choice, or a newnumber of our choice; whichever way you want itto be!
  17. 17. ConvenienceService charge (CALL RATE) NAME EXCLUDING VAT INCLUDING VAT SERENE TO SERENE 65 paisa/ min 75 paisa / min SERENE TO OTHER 87 paisa/ min 1 taka/ min OPERATOR WITHIN CORPORATO 25 paisa/ min 29 paisa/ min
  18. 18. ConvenienceWe have divided our SMS packages into three smartpackages. User can choose a package according to theirconvenience: Flat rate package- 50p/SMS SMS mania package- 35p/SMS Call mania package-60p/SMS MMS- 1.25/mms for 1000kb Voice SMS- 1.5tk/SMS International SMS- it will vary from country to country. International MMS- you can send MMS to people outside of the country
  19. 19. ConvenienceINTERNET CHARGE we will charge 1.5 paisa per kilobyte Surfing BEXIMCO website by our internet package will be completely free Favorite websites will be charged at a lower rate We also promise a fast internet connection.
  20. 20. ConvenienceROAMING- we have roaming facilities in 239 countries of the world!Benefits of serene international roaming: Same number worldwide: contacts will be able to reach you wherever you are. GPRS roaming: same serene internet service and serving system worldwide. Maritime roaming: you can use your own mobile while cruising over oceans. SMS roaming: want to control roaming costs? we have a cost effective solution for you called SMS roaming safe arrival SMS: you can inform your friends, colleagues and family about your safe landing in a convenient and cost effective way using our safe arrival SMS. Currency (exchange rate) information: you can get exchange rate for major currencies, and even can convert any amount of major currencies to bd taka. No extra monthly charge: no additional monthly charge for availing roaming facility.
  21. 21. ConvenienceBonus the amount you talk via serene during weekends, you get a 20% bonus of that amount the following Sunday!
  22. 22. After sales serviceWe have taken a vow to provide the bestservice in the history of mobile telecom!• To reduce the hassle of our customers we have appointed one of our employees to deal with your problems 24/7.• This person is specially trained to deal with corporate problems.
  23. 23. After sales service• Whenever you buy Corporato, you will have a membership in the following places and get 10% discount : 1) Square hospital 2)Bashundhara convention center 3)Bashundhara cineplex 4)Admission in officer’s club 5)Kurmitola golf club 6)Steakhouse 7)Bashundhara Gold’s gym 8)Pink city and Shopper’s world
  24. 24. After sales serviceAlerts: for the convenience of the customers, we haveprovided some alerts! 1) Stock alerts 2) Namaaz alerts 3) News alerts (including sports) 4) Missed call alerts 5) Special service alerts 6) Credit usage alerts
  25. 25. After sales serviceSupplementary services: 1) Phone memory backup 2) GPS system 3) Mobile tracker 4) Health line 5) Online ticket booking:  Travel (bus, airlines, train)  Entertainment (concerts, sports events)
  26. 26. After sales serviceSupplementary service: 6)Online banking 7)Conference system (up to 6 people) 8) VIP checking in the airlines 9) Paying utility bills 10) Call divert 11) Yellow pages 12) Mobile radio 13) Push mail 14) Business SMS broadcast
  27. 27. After sales serviceCustomer service center:We have customer service centers all through the country (61districts in total). CORPORATO owners will have the highestpriority. They wont have to stand in the queue!  our relationship manager will instantly attend to all your inquiries including the following:  product information  subscription and information on value added service  clarification of bill  replacement of lost/broken/stolen sim card  change of subscription type- package migration  coverage information  handset information
  28. 28. ConclusionIts not only about business, its also aboutbuilding relationships.At the end, we can say that we: will provide the best service a telecom can offer, and we will be the first telecom to provide the revolution in the communication system. That is the 3G technology in Bangladesh which will gift you with video calling, conferencing and other interesting options.
  29. 29. ConclusionWe can say that we have the best networkwhich consists of IBS and fiber optic. In ourconvenience section, we have tried our best toprovide you with the best offer that can evercome to you and our first priority was alwaysthe after sales service. Our main focus is to giveour beloved customers with a happycommunication service.
  30. 30. Now would you choose another telecom forYOUR business before Corporato?