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Lc presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. AIESEC BABEZ Local Committee Presentation
  • 2. Structure : LCP LCVP BD&F TL Members LCVP COMM TL Members LCVP OGX TL Members LCVP TM TL Members
  • 3. Is that all ???
  • 4. What is an LC ? Local Committee is an entity which regroups a random number of AIESECErs , with specific goals and objectives for each terms. An LC has to follow the AIESEC way and AIESEC Vision . Product ? In AIESEC the Main Product is to deliver full AIESEC XP and Exchange Programs .
  • 5. Impact ? There is two ways of making impact : 1- Direct Impact : By implementing Projects 2- Indirect Impact : By Creating Future Leaders for Nations.
  • 6. LC Deliver Product + Postive Impact Team Leader
  • 7. Needs Finance Human Resources Communication Exchange Business Developemnt
  • 8. Structure : LCP LCVP BD&F ( Business Development & Finance) External Relations & ICX ( Incomming Exchange ) Finance TL LCVP COMM TL LCVP OGX (On Going Exchage) TL LCVP TM (Talent Management) TL LCP : Local Committee President LCVP : Local Committee Vice President EB : Executive Board TL : Team Leader
  • 9. LCP ( Local Committee President ) Besides having an overview of the 4 main aspects, the LCP also should understand what should be priority and what is happening in the LC of importance. For that to happen, ideally you should have an LC calendar and an EB calendar (for example, in google agenda). Where you should mark, for example: • Recruitment periods • Important dates, such as deadline for releasing and receiving EB applications • National and international conferences • Team days • LC meetings
  • 10. LCVP Communication An LCVP Communication is responsible of the total communication of LC but more over like : • Promoting the AIESEC Babez and AIESEC Algeria • Managing Websites and Social Network Accounts • Working on the image of AIESEC Babez • Working on Internal and external Communication • Creating educational packages for members • Creates partnerships with Medias and news paper
  • 11. LCVP Business Development & Finance developing and managing external partnerships for the Local Committee. The ICX is responsible for overseeing the marketing of AIESEC products, such as the Global Internship Program, to local businesses to raise internships and/or secure sponsorship. the ICX team will serve as the main line of communication between external partners and the LC, including matching any internship(s) raised and servicing the company for the duration of the partnership. • Create a marketing culture within the LC, which a large portion of the membership participating in marketing of the AIESEC program. • Ensure execution of the partnership development process at the local level, including market research, market segmentation, lead generation, marketing meetings and raising internships. • Promote excellent account management, including fast delivery times for internship matching and consistent company servicing • Expand partnerships to engage businesses in other aspects of the AIESEC program • Ensure that all contact and partnership information is current and logged in the CRM system ICX ( Incoming Exchange ):
  • 12. F ( Finance ) : ER ( External Relations ) : It concerns all financial parts , incomes and outcomes . External Relation is one of the most important deparmant that linkes the LC with the external world , in fact it concerns any partnership , cooperation , or sponsorship : • Always seek for new partnerships • Connect AIESEC with external Organisation or Associations • Make exchage of product with other organisation
  • 13. LCVP OGX managing the portion of the exchange process between students . OGX is responsible for all parts of the OGX process, from planning and recruiting exchange participants to their reintegration upon return home as well as for the quality of the exchange experience : • Manage the outgoing exchange process including, but not limited to, exchange participant selection, exchange module training, matching, cultural and exchange preparation, intern support and reintegration. • Ensure exchange participant recruitment and induction are completed correctly in cooperation with the Talent Management portfolio. • Stay current with global exchange trends and opportunities. • Promote exchange opportunities to the membership and university community in cooperation with the Talent Management and Communications portfolios
  • 14. LCVP TM He/she is in charge of all human resource , LCVP TM has to plan and structure of the recruitment process for each new term , in addition for that he/she has to ensure the tracking of all members of the LC , and know what each member is doing in order to be able to recognize efforts of all members , in addition to these tasks , LCVP TM has to : • Prepare educational package for members • Be sure to provide full AIESEC XP to all members • Work on Rewards program • Be able to allocate each member in any department according to his/her abilities
  • 15. What membership in AIESEC can give? the platform for your successful career by providing you international leadership experience, personal and professional development in the biggest in the world youth organization! Can i be a Leader in AIESEC ? - Team member program - Team leader program - Global Community Development program - Global Internship program
  • 16. Being AIESEC Babez Member Means • Having Big impact on the society • Enjoying Participation • Motivation • Innovate to Create • Experience AIESEC Fully AIESEC Babez Goals : • 80% of our members are active • 3/4 of all project are realized • 35% of members ready to go in an international conference • 25 % of members in eXChange • High Frequency of Feedbacks AIESEC Babez in Numbers
  • 17. What are AIESEC Babez Projects ??
  • 18. Story
  • 19. Feel Free To Give any Feedback in the Sugare Cube