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  • 1. cartoncph.pm, 2013-01-29lars@thegler.dk
  • 2. server app
  • 3. server app app
  • 4. server modules app app
  • 5. server perl modules app app
  • 6. Parent’s dilemma“Mommy, I want perl-5.8.8 and Mason!”“But *I* want Mojolicius! And perl-5.10.1! And a pony!”<sigh> “Can’t you two just stop fighting for 5 minutes?”
  • 7. Dependency managementDivide & conquerKeep it simple, stupidDon’t trample the other’s feet
  • 8. server server physical virtual - VMWare - jails perl perl - Xen - Virtualbox modules modules app app
  • 9. server perl perl perlbrew plenv modules modules app app
  • 10. server perl modules modules local::lib Fatpacker carton app app
  • 11. cartonmiyagawa-warealpha! ☠Last commit in github: 2012-05-11 ☹A great software that definitely needs more love fromthe author. Its not "stalled" per se. -- miyagawa, 2013-01-25
  • 12. cartonLatest version 0.9.4Latest dev version 0.9_7 (read: 0.9.7)
  • 13. carton philosophyproject-private module reporepeatable module versionswrapper around cpanmmix’n’match with perlbrew & local::lib
  • 14. Tracking dependencies # cpanfile requires Plack, 0.9980; requires Starman, 0.2000; $ carton installModules installed into ./local/ dir.Dependency info saved in ./carton.lock file.
  • 15. DeploymentCopy tree to remote location,skipping ./local/ dir $ carton installCarton now installs versionsset in ./carton.lock file,into ./local/ dir.
  • 16. BundlingDon’t even need to have net access:$ carton bundlefetches tarballs into ./local/cache/ dirCopy tree to remote location, and:$ carton install --cachedinstalls from there
  • 17. Bundling, with DarkPANAdd your own tarballs to ./local/cache/ dirCopy tree to remote location, and:$ carton install --cachedinstalls from there, with your own DPAN modules
  • 18. Housekeeping$ carton list List tracked deps in carton.lock file$ carton check Check for missing and unsused modules$ carton install Foo:Bar Fetch & install module ad-hoc
  • 19. Trial by fire $ carton exec -- perl myscript.pl Execute in isolated carton local environment Excludes .../site-perl/... Adds local/lib/perl5/ and .
  • 20. perlbrew and local::lib Development environment perlbrew lib (using local::lib) Co-development and production environment carton
  • 21. ThanksYes, slides will be on slideshareOther questions?