Essential mobile apps student publications and storage with i pads (jeff maggard)


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Essential mobile apps student publications and storage with i pads (jeff maggard)

  1. 1. Essential Mobile Apps:Student Publications & Storagewith iPads 10 November, 2012 HCT Womens College, Fujairah Jeff Maggard
  2. 2. Background• Background to the Integrated Skills Project (ISP) • ISP Learning Goals & Objectives • ISP Curricular Goals & Objectives • What is an epub? What is an iBook? How do they differ from PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF formats?• Examples of student epubs/iBooks for the ISP• Overview of Creative Book Builder (CBB) features as seen in student epubs/iBooks for the ISP
  3. 3. Which apps?• *CREATE STORAGE SPACES FIRST, THEN CREATE ePUBS• WebDAV (a file system with unlimited storage)• Dropbox (limited storage for free up to 16 GB)• Popplet lite (free storyboarding/mind-mapping app)• Creative Book Builder (a paid app that enables students to create and publish highly interactive ePub books that can read with any ePub reader, including iBooks. ePubs can be imported/exported to Dropbox, Google Drive & email)• iPad camera and video (free w/iPad) and/or iMovie ($4.99)• Voice Record Pro (optional free HD quality app)
  4. 4. WebDAV Storage• Open WebDAV and create a folder for student projects (this will be their “Path” when you export to WebDAV• Remember to use dashes (no blank spaces for the folder names)• If you have empty spaces between names, students will have to write %20 in the gaps.• For example: AUH%20SCRATCH%20DRIVE/students/Level%205/Jeff %20Maggard/Fakhira.• This is better: AUH-SCRATCH-DRIVE/Level-5/Jeff- Maggard/Fakhira
  5. 5. Dropbox account• Create a Dropbox Storage (• Make a shared folder (click on “Sharing” and then “New shared folder”)• Name this folder and import contacts• Inside this shared folder, create a folder for each student. Then students can export epubs to Dropbox.• *Note: the size of an ePub cannot
  6. 6. Preparing to Create• Use Popplet lite to brainstorm ePubs and/or create an outline for the ebooks• Write texts to match the Popplet outline• Use iPad’s camera and/or video recorder to collect images and sounds• Use iMovie for the HD quality sound and video• Use Voice Record Pro (HD audio)
  7. 7. Creating ePubs• Open CBB and create an ePub file• Create a title page and save it• Insert Pictures, choose fonts, alignment, colors• Add and delete chapters and sections• Add texts, pictures, videos, audio recordings, links to
  8. 8. • Click on Publish (bottom left) Exporting ePubs• Select “ePub” and then Generate Book• Choose EPUB Version 3.0 and then click on Start Processing• When this finishes, click on “Close”• You may export to email, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, WebDAV, iTunes or QR• If you choose Dropbox, login first then export your ePub (in
  9. 9. Follow-up Resources• Academic Bridge Program, Level 5, Zayed University (2012). Level 5 Integrated Skills Project. (Handout from today’s workshop--email me if interested in a PDF version:• C. Chausis, H. Lazzaro (2012). Creative Book Builder Tutorial. Retrieved from lVSRHlkMW85N0NRYjdLdw/edit?pli=1• Jessica Pack (2012). Creative Book Builder Video Tutorial. Retrieved from• Tiger Ng (2012). Key Features of Creative Book Builder. Retrieved from builder/id451041428?mt=8