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This Is the Truth of LTTE they have never cared for Tamil Innocent People

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  1. 1. LTTE continues killing Tamil civilians
  2. 2. LTTE continues targeting Tamil civilians: suicide bomb attack at IDP rescue centre - Kilinochchi At least 28people were killed and 64 others including 40 civilians reported injured when an LTTE woman suicide bomber blew herself at an IDP rescue centre, North of Visuamadu in Mullaittivu Feb 9 at around 11.30 a.m. 3 woman soldiers were also among the military fatalities reported.
  3. 3. A soldier carrying the corpse of an innocent child, killed in the LTTE suicide blast.(09.02.2009)
  4. 4. This is how they (LTTE) 'liberate' the innocent Tamil people in Sri Lanka. Feeding on the same people, once they(LTTE) lambasted to 'represent'.
  5. 5. A helping hand in need'. Sri Lankan Security forces are the only liberators who can free these innocent people from the LTTE tyranny.
  6. 6. Injured and traumatized: civilians been evacuated for immediate medical attention. The reality of a facade 'struggle' exposed.
  7. 7. LTTE does not even spare the elderly. These people fled to the liberated area after undergoing unprecedented hardships with LTTE
  8. 8. The diaspora community, the 'victim industry', and the Colombo 'elites' should be shamed off for whitewashing the heinous crimes perpetrated by the LTTE over the years .
  9. 9. Sri Lankan Army medical corps attending to the injured civilians. See, the eyes of the traumatized mother. What liberation has the LTTE brought into these innocent lives?
  10. 10. The head of the LTTE woman suicide bomber, which was found lying in distances from the blast site.
  11. 11. Many pretend to be worried about the safety of the civilians "trapped" in remaining LTTE hiding areas in Wanni. Yet, they refrain revealing the accurate facts.
  12. 12. Obviously, the pictures would be embarrassing for anyone who had provided funds to the LTTE and its front organisations.
  13. 13. Millions of dollars were pumped for the LTTE by bogus HR campaigners and 'free media' organizations to continue with its crimes unabated .
  14. 14. These people were on the run for hours evading LTTE death squads before they arrived at the IDP rescue centre today (Feb 9) morning
  15. 15. Ltte Killing Own nation, people for dream Ealam land.
  16. 16. Who Protect Them?
  17. 17. un Un ,Noway and other NGOs are silent, when ltte killing innocent people
  18. 18. Tami people who living Canada France Aus Ect.. fund ltte to killing there parents brothers sisters and children's. Because of they have a Dream of Ealam
  19. 19. Tamil Nadu Politicians are blind when ltte kill innocent Tamils That is politics.