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Week 4   tuesday
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Week 4 tuesday


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  • Hold some up… have them guess what they are….
  • Periodicals are either trade, popular, or scholarly. But EVERY source is either primary or secondary! Periodical therefore, are both trade, etc and primary or secondary. Definition. Also, telephone game.
  • Primary: interview with an adult student, diary, emails from adult students, blogs, discussion
  • Transcript

    • 1. Week 4, Tuesday Zombie Security Threat Level: BLACK (hide your loved ones! Run!)
    • 2. If a zombie needs a Source…. That is scholarly, what should characteristics should it look for? That is written for experts in a particular field, it is looking for what kind of periodical? That is a periodical, what is it looking for?
    • 3. Training: Primary vs Secondary
    • 4.  
    • 5. Primary vs Secondary
      • Varies!
      Primary: Letters Memoirs Diaries Photographs Autobiographies Interviews Transcripts Emails Memos Blogs Discussion threads Facebook posts Surveys Data Newspaper articles Secondary: Books Textbooks Book reviews Reports Conference papers Dissertations Papers you write for Com! Handbooks Magazine articles Dictionaries Encyclopedias Newspaper articles
    • 6. If your topic is WWII then…. Primary or secondary??? An image of Nazi Propaganda A newspaper article from 1941 A article you found in a 2003 issue of Time Magazine
    • 7. If your topic is the Casey Anthony trial…
      • Transcript of the court case
      Primary or secondary??? The Dr. Phil interview with Casey’s parents Photographs of the crime scene Article in the Indy Star about the Dr. Phil interview
    • 8. If your topic is privacy policies on Facebook…. Primary or secondary??? Article in Computer and Human Interaction Journal comparing Facebook privacy policies with other social networks Article in Computer and Human Interaction Journal presenting original research on how people of different age groups use Facebook privacy features. Websites that show you how to change your privacy settings Online discussion forum on Yahoo! About Facebook privacy features.
    • 9. If your topic is Adults returning to School…
      • Primary?
      Secondary? Questions? Training Complete
    • 10. Today’s Concepts:
      • Primary vs Secondary sources
      • Summarizing
      • Types of periodicals: Scholarly, Popular, Trade
      • Using Google efficiently
    • 11. Fourth Brain Trust Mission
      • Use your research topic
      • Go to ANY search engine
      • Find three internet sources/websites
      • Record all the data on these
      • sources.
      • Summarize your sources; answer the reflection question
      • QUIZ over chapter 2!
    • 12. One last training exercise….