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  • 1. The Many Pages We Read
    • How to complete a historical fiction book report
  • 2. Why?
    • Historical fiction books help us to understand the past
    • As you create your scene, think of why this event is important
    • Write a paragraph (8-10 sentences) that will explain the importance of your historical event to your friends
  • 3. Expected Book Type
    • Select a great historical fiction book
    • This is a book in which the characters are fictional, but the setting and other details are rooted in actual history.
  • 4. As you read…
    • Pay attention to how the characters change
    • Decide which parts of the book are truly part of history
    • Think of the importance of the setting
  • 5. Keep Track of Your Thoughts
    • Use your bookmark to jot down important events
    • Keep in mind that you will create a diorama based on the most important scene of the book
  • 6. Stuck for a Book?
    • The below site will link you to a list of historical fiction books from 38,000 BC to 1900
    • http://lexicon.ci.anchorage.ak.us/guides/kids/booklists/historicalfiction/
    • =============================================
    • This site will link you to a list of books that include Wars of the 20 th Century, Medieval Times and North American History
    • http://www.waterborolibrary.org/bklistjh.htm
    • Be careful to select a book that will provide you with a
    • good scene to create from history
  • 7. Out of the Shoe Box
    • When finished reading, find an old shoe box
    • Inside this box, go back in time and create a historical scene from your book
  • 8. Rubric 30
    • Described to peers why
    • the event is important
    10 Paragraph – well written with 3 rd grade mechanics 10
    • Neatness and creativity
    • Directly tied to book
    20 Diorama – historical elements evident 20 Bookmark – turned in and complete with notes Earned Points Possible Points Responsibility
  • 9. Enjoy your Trip back in time! Questions? E-mail Miss Kot – [email_address]