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11 Final Class 2008

11 Final Class 2008






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11 Final Class 2008 11 Final Class 2008 Presentation Transcript

  • Final Class Meeting
    • Return final paper
      • Health
      • Gender
      • Children
      • Human Rights
    • Your unanswered discussion questions
    • Upload Take home final exam
    • Class Evaluations
  • Health Challenges
    • Health Priorities
      • Preventative vs. Curative
      • General vs. Targeted
    • Elite Origins->Post-colonial growth->Post-SAP cutbacks
      • Who gets what where and why
    • Culture and Health
      • Healing from Indigenous knowledge
      • Harmful local myths
    • Africa’s challenge of AIDS, TB, and Malaria
    • Environment and Health: Clean water
  • Africa’s challenge of AIDS, TB, and Malaria
    • New Developments
      • Global fund, http://www.theglobalfund.org/en/about/how/
      • AIDS drugs more available
      • Simple solutions to Malaria?
    • Diseases combined effect often lethal
      • Drug resistant TB?
  • Africa’s challenge of AIDS, TB, and Malaria
    • Hunger exacerbates AIDS, Malaria, and TB with medications with nutritional conditions
    • Cultural strengths and cultural weaknesses
      • Community networks vs. harmful cultural myths about AIDS and sex?. Natural resistance?
  • New HIV infections AIDS illness and deaths Family impoverishment Family stress/collapse Hunger School drop-out Child Vulnerability Abuse/ exploitation Trans-generational Transmission of Poverty
  • But what about Diaheria and Diabetes?
    • Diaheria
      • Old problem of sanitation and malnutrition
    • Diabetes and heart disease
      • Africa’s changing diet
        • More starch (Ugali na chipsi)
        • Less fresh vegetables (mboga)
      • Plaguing many African cities
      • Links to loss of Ik, but possibly genetic risks
  • A Nexus of Relationships or A vicious cycle
    • Diseases of Underdevelopment P174
    • A vicious cycle: Aids orphans
    • Nexus of relations within
    • Development->population change, movement, health, human rights, and environment
  • Discussion on Human Rights in Africa
    • Civil and Political Rights
    • Social Economic and Cultural Rights
    • Geography and human rights: “Who gets what where?”
    • Gender and rights and development
    • Children, Development, duties and rights
  • Gender
    • Women’s Double-Double work day: Double Colonialism
    • Gender and Agriculture
      • Changes in land tenure
    • Property, law, and travel issues
    • Women’s burden in AIDS
    • Girls’ Education at the expense of boys education
      • “ Watering another man’s garden”
    • Women’s burden concerning alcohol abuse, DV, and parallel families
    • Women in Development and women’s strengths
      • Greenbelt movement and women’s empowerment
      • Liberia’s first female president Ellen Sirleaf
  • Children
    • CRC
    • Duties and protection as important as freedoms
    • Protection from Abuse
    • Street Children’s rights
    • AIDS Orphans
    • Protection from Child labor
    • Challenges of universal primary education
      • Less children in school now than 20 years ago
      • Overcrowding
      • Teacher training
      • Language or Lugha
      • Going to school hungry
  • Remaining Discussion Questions Remaining Discussion Questions answered by Cecil Rhodes 06/04/09