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Pinterest for travel industry
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Pinterest for travel industry


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Pinterest for travel industry

Pinterest for travel industry

Published in: Business, Travel
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  • 1. FOR TOURISM Exemples and Tips
  • 2. interest is a image-based social network.Pinterest’s appeal is that it’s beautiful. Enter the lovely world of Pinterest, and all thetroubles of the day-to-day life just seem to slip away in a wave of desires, magicalplaces, dream homes and funny/cute pictures of chubby babies and furry dogs.But more then a personal wish-list, Pinterest has a major marketing potential.While surfing through impossible dream as a castle in the Loire Valley, a person canfind other unknown wishes such as a dress or a gadget a just click (and a credit cardnumber) away.The same principle applies perfectly to the travel industry. That marvelous picture ofthe Eiffel Tower or the Central Park, might just be linked with the hotel for the nexttrip…
  • 3. Pinterest Facts80% of all pins in Pinterest are REPINS –meaning that most people don’t uploadpictures themselves, they browse throughother accounts to get their pins. This meansthat a “successful” pin can reach a long way,since…
  • 4. Pinterest Facts… Pinterest has nearly 5.000.000,00 users, and is rapidly growing. Nearly 1.5 million unique users visit Pinterest daily, spending an average of 15 minutes a day on the site. Many businesses have been successful with Pinterest, such as Sephora and Whole Foods, so why not a hotel?
  • 5. Pinterest for Hotels A Hotel can “fish” followers and repins by adapting to its customers:- The romantic George V in Paris has a romantic approach, with boards on weddings and fine dining.- The edgy Design Hotels have boards on architecture and modern product. Let’s see some exemples!
  • 6. Travel Channel
  • 7. Public Hotels Chicago
  • 8. Hotel Tonight
  • 9. Four Seasons Paris
  • 10. Design Hotels
  • 11. The May Fair Hotel
  • 12. The PlazaHotel
  • 13. 5 ways to be Pinworthy1. Create great images.As with any other form of social media, you need valuable content.2. Integrate your brand into your images.Think of your brand in terms of a 360-degree view. This means use yourfirm’s colors and typeface. Show your company’s visual style. Go a stepfurther to think about color and presentation3. Check your rights to use the image.4. Optimize your image to achieve your goals. Associate great content with the image when people click. Offerinformation such as a tutorial or recipe.5. Make your content easy to pin.Remember, if your audience has to think about pinning your images,chances are it won’t happen. Include a “Pin It” button to remindreaders.
  • 14. So don’t be afraid and Good Luck!Taciana Medeiros