Simple Steps to Prevent Identity Theft


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Here are some simple steps to prevent identity theft that you should be aware of and should make sure to implement them into your everyday life. Identity theft is growing at a rapid rate all over the world these simple steps will help you to be safe .

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Simple Steps to Prevent Identity Theft

  1. 1. SIMPLE STEPS TO PREVENTIDENTITY THEFT..Here are some simple steps and statistics that you need to be aware of to prevent thisfrom happening to you !
  2. 2. HOWTO PREVENT IDENTITYTHEFT Identity thieves use low-tech methods (stealing your wallet or eveneavesdropping at key moments) as well as sophisticated Internet scams to robpeople of their sensitive personal data.That’s why it’s critical to closely protectany documents, banking cards, or sensitive numbers that can be used by thievesfor their personal gain – whether you’re at home, out and about in public, orsurfing the WebMonitor your credit closely.Your credit report contains information about yourcredit accounts and bill paying history so you can be tipped off when someone isimpersonating you.Watch for suspicious signs, like accounts you did not open.Youcan also consider identity protection services, which range from credit monitoringto database scanning, for extra security.
  3. 3. HOWTO PREVENT IDENTITYTHEFT Keep records of your financial data and transactions. Review your statements regularlyfor any activity or charges you did not make. Only carry essential documents with you. Not carrying extra credit cards, your SocialSecurity card, birth certificate or passport with you outside the house can help youprevent identity theft. Keep new checks out of the mail.When ordering new checks, you can prevent identitytheft by picking them up at the bank instead of having them sent to your home.Thismakes it harder for your checks to be stolen, altered and cashed by identity thieves. Be careful when giving out personal information over the phone. Identity thieves may call, posing as banks or government agencies.To prevent identitytheft, do not give out personal information over the phone unless you initiated the callGet A Free Credit Report Here
  4. 4. HOWTO PREVENT IDENTITYTHEFT Make sure to be conscious of what you throw in the trash your trash is theirtreasure.To prevent identity theft, shred your receipts, credit card offers, bankstatements, returned checks and any other sensitive information before throwingit away. Make sure others are keeping you safe. Ensure that your employer, landlord and anyone else with access to your personaldata keeps your records safe. Stay on top of your credit. Make sure your credit reports are accurate and that you sign up for a creditmonitoring service, which can alert you by email to changes in your credit report –a helpful way to prevent identity theft.
  5. 5. HOWTO PREVENT IDENTITYTHEFT Know who you hire or do dealings with do a Background Check on SuspiciousPeople None of this will be helpful if you do not CheckYour Credit Report RegularlyGet A FREE CREDIT REPORT