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  • 1. MOBILE MAGICEasy and Cheap Mobility for Remedy
  • 2. What is Mobile Magic• Access to Remedy from Mobile Devices (Android, WebOS, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone)• Dynamic Native Interface for each device• Up and Running in no time• No brainer licensing
  • 3. Problem With Existing Solutions• Expensive• Complicated• Project To Implement• Only available inside the firewall• Plain Jane• Custom development is dependent on maintaining in- house tribal knowledge
  • 4. What you get with Mobile Magic• The Product • 1 day training and installation • Project Plan, Test Plan, Implementation Plan, Rollback Plan, etc. – it’s a polished solution• The Interface • Dynamic display based on device (larger fields for pads, native interface for different OS variants like droid, windows phone, iOS, etc.) • User and admin customizable fields and pages • Easy, quick access to the information you need
  • 5. The Downside• Limited Functionality
  • 6. What Can You Do?• Cloud Service • View ticket data• Full Implementation • View and Search Data (HPD, PBM, TSK, CRQ) • View Related Items • View Tasks • View and Add Worklog Entries • Edit Ticket Data • Resolve and Close • Touch to Call • Touch to Email • View Attachments• Fun Options • Edit fields displayed so you only see what you need (user by user, admin) • Google Maps for locations • Helpful Links (dynamically include ticket data)
  • 7. Login and Console
  • 8. Trouble Ticket, Click to Call
  • 9. Related Items, Work Log
  • 10. View Attachments
  • 11. Different Themes (Droid and WebOS)
  • 12. With Firewall Limitations• Data to the cloud on TabTonic’s servers or your own servers via web services• SMS Notification with link• Click the link, see the whole ticket (no more character limit)
  • 13. Mobile Magic in 15 seconds• Mobile Magic is a polished and easy to install mobile solution for all types of devices with a fast native interface and a simple installation process.