Day of the dead work sheets


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Day of the dead work sheets

  1. 1. Day of the Dead Quest SheetsNombres _______________________ _______ Clase___________ Periodo _______Day of the Dead Quest SheetOctavio Paz writes the Mexican has no problems with death that he "... chases after it, mocks it, courtsit, hugs it, sleeps with it, it is his favorite plaything and his most lasting love." In your opinion, how isthis idea similar to or different from our "United States" view on death?This idea is different because Americans view death as an ending. They are more scared of it.Death ‘burns the lips’ of Americans.When is All Saints Day and All Souls Day celebrated?All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1 and All Souls Day is celebrated on November 2. Even though each region in Mexico celebrates Day of the Dead differently, what are things that theydo have in common.Similar to all of them are colorful adornments and lively reunions at family burial sites, thepreparation of special foods, offerings laid out for the departed on alters and religious thingsthat sometimes include fireworks.November 1 is reserved to remember the deceased children and infants.November 2 is reserved to remember the deceased adults.From mid-October to the first week in November, what are some of the items markets and shops stockup on?The markets and shops stock up on skeletons and other macabre toys, tissue paper cut-outscalled papel picado, wreaths and crosses decorated with paper and silk flowers, candles andlights, and seasonal flowers.List 5 edible goodies enjoyed on Day of the Dead.Some edible goodies are sugar skulls and coffins, chocolate seeds, special baked goods likesweet rolls with bones on top of them, and dark bread molded into the shape of ‘souls’. What are some things that are used to create an altar?Some things that are used to decorate an alter are papel picado, candles, flowers,photographs of the deceased, candy skulls with the name of the deceased on them, and the
  2. 2. deceased’s favorite foods and drinks like beer, wine, coffee, water, beans, rice, chicken,candied pumpkin, and breads.What occurs on November 2?The family of the dead goes to the cemetery for reunions that are more festive. Picnicbaskets, drinks, and mariachi bands all gather to honor the dead. Store owners set up theirown stalls at the entrance and sell their items and often fireworks and canons are set off.How do Aztecs view death?It is a blessing to die in childbirth, battle, or as a human sacrifice because it assured the deada good destination in the next life.In Mixquic, what takes place to celebrate Day of the Dead?Merchants set up their stalls to seel things and in the cemetery, all the plots are decoratedwith the items listed above and they all gather at 2 pm to mourn for the dead. Once it getsdark, the candles are lit and then they are all called home by bells.
  3. 3. Food Quest SheetNombre ________________________ Clase _________ Periodo ____Who is la Catrina?La Catrina goes by many different names like la Flaca, la Huesuda, la Pelona or la Muerte—death. She is an important fixture in the Mexican society.What are some foods that are made during Day of the Dead?Some of the foods are pumpkin cooked in brown sugar syrup, and coconut candy.What are the different types of Pan de Muertos or Bread of the Dead?There is pan de yema, which is yolk bread with heads in it, sometimes shaped like people.What do children love to eat?The children like to eat the sugar skulls that are made.What is the purpose of having a glass of water at the altar?The glass of water represents purity and the source of life. It helps the spirits not be thirsty.In your own words, describe the cemeteries in Mexico? What do you like or dislike about the cemeterydecorations?The cemeteries in Mexico during this time are decorated with a number of flowers anddecorations that honor the deceased person. Usually, they are skulls with names on them,flowers, candles, and photos of the dead. The decorations represent the family and how theywant to honor their dead family member.Look at the two recipes along the right side of the page. Would you eat either one of these recipes?What do you like and do not like about each?The first one is frightful pumpkin bisque. We would try it. There is nothing on there that wewould not like except pumpkin (not for Teresa). The second one is hobgoblin horror dip. Thisone looks like it would be better that the bisque.
  4. 4. Nombre_____________________ Clase __________ Periodo ________ Wordplay Quest SheetUnscramble the vocabulary word, then using the glossary, write the definition. 1. avlaseacr Calaveras 2. oelm Mole 3. lpoalic Copalli 4. otlae Atole 5. gatnielso Angelitos 6. tacera Careta 7. acavaler Calavera 8. fodraen Ofrenda 9. qfelnaieu Alfenique 10. apn ed osl ermtuso Pan de los muertos 11. zpamchtcleui CempazuchitlDefinitions 1. Songs and poems about the festival 2. A thick sauce made from a variety of ingredients, including chillis, sesame seads, herbs, spices, chocolate and fruit 3. A scented resin used to make incense 4. An ancient drink made from corn meal and water and flavored with various fruits 5. The souls of the cildren who have died; literally “little angels” 6. Mask worn by dancers to scare the dead away at the end of celebrations 7. A skull; also a slang term for “daredevil” 8. An offering; refers to the goods set out on the altars 9. A special confection used to fashion skulls, fruits, and other figures 10. Bread of the dead 11. A yellow marigold, the symbol of death, also known as cempasuchil or zempasuchitl
  5. 5. Day of the Dead vs. Halloween- November 1 and 2 - Celebration and- honors the dead superstition- no dressing up - Celtic- ofrendas - Candy - October 31- gathering in grave - Celebrated - Community based yards after dark - Dress up to ward off ghosts and spirits
  6. 6. Alter1. Photo of the person a. personalized frame with momentos that reflect the person.2. Food, whimsical skeletons, marigolds a. Purple candles mean pain, pink celebration, and white hope3. Bar of soap, towel, bowl of water and other grooming things are usually left on the alter because the dead are believed to want to refresh themselves4. Items that represent the personality which can be things a person enjoyed on earth5. Food the person enjoyed, other things the person enjoyed6. Incense, salt Timeline