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The ViewSonic gTablet assists to bridge the gap among the lower specification budget offerings, and also the much more potent tablets this kind of because the iPad two and Galaxy Tab.

If $500+ appears like far an excessive amount of cash to spend in your new tablet computer, then this could just be the tablet for you. But how does it hold up whenever you take a closer looks at its functions?

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ViewSonic gTablet review

  1. 1. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________ViewSonic gTablet ReviewThe ViewSonic gTablet helps to bridge the gap between the lower specificationbudget offerings, and the more powerful tablets such as the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab. If$500+ seems like far too much money to spend on your new tablet computer, thenthis could just be the tablet for you. But how does it hold up when you take a closerlooks at its features?Key Specs For The ViewSonic gTablet* Costs around $260* First released late 2010* Features Android 2.2 OS* 13 x 2.75 x 9.75 inches in size* Weighs 2.5 lb. / 1.13 kg* 10 inch screen* 1024x600 resolution* 16GB storage (expandable up to 32GB)* NVidia Tegra 2 Dual 1 GHz processor* Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity* 1.3 MP camera* 8 - 10 hours battery lifeWhat’s Great About The ViewSonic gTablet…Battery Life: With 8-10 hours average battery life, the gTablet really is up there withthe best (including the iPad, Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab). Whats reallyimpressive about this is the fact that the ViewSonic tablet costs nowhere near asmuch as its competitors in this area. This is a huge benefit for a far more budgettablet offering.Expandable Storage: Although the ViewSonic gTablet only comes with one basicstorage option (a mid-range 16GB), you can expand it up to another 32GB with theincluded micro-SD card slot. This is an excellent boost. Again, the storage size isfantastic value given the budget price of this tablet.Price: If you hadnt guessed it already from the points above, the price is anotherreason to consider buying this tablet computer. Its under $300, which is far less thanthe higher-end tablets out there and only a little more than the budget offerings.
  3. 3. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________The great thing is that its far more powerful than the most budget tablets, and notfar off the expensive devices with its powerful NVidia processor (also used by thelikes of Xoom, Galaxy Tab, the Eee Pad and others).Ports: There are plenty of ports on this high-value tablet. This includes a USB port(for external storage or keyboards), mini USB port and an HDMI port for connectingto a big HDTV screen. This is more than tablets such as the iPad 2 have to offer!Screen: Unlike some of the most budget tablets out there, this one does includemultitouch. This is the far more advanced type of touchscreen technology includedon the high-end tablets. It means you can make use of controls that involve touchingthe screen in two places (important for certain apps and games). The viewing angleon the screen doesnt quite match up to more expensive competitors, however. Thiseffectively means youll find it harder to see whats on the screen when youre notviewing it straight on.What’s Not So Great About The gTablet…Operating System: Although there are many benefits associated with running on theAndroid operating system, this is not the newest version of Android. The versionrunning on the gTablet (2.2) was not originally designed for tablets, and not allAndroid apps will work on it. Thankfully it still has the ability to run Flash if thats afeature youre looking for (for Flash games and videos on websites).Camera: The built in webcam is not great quality at 1.3 megapixels, but will do thejob you need it to do (for making video calls across an internet connection).No 3G Access: Although you wouldnt really expect it on a tablet at this price, thegTablet doesnt have the option of connecting to 3G mobile broadband. This meansyoure limited to connecting only when theres an available Wi-Fi hotspot.Apps: Although the tablet runs on Android, it doesnt actually feature the AndroidMarket app store out of the box. It has an alternative app store thats more limited,though youll still be able to find most of the common types of apps youd beinterested in (check that the specific apps you want are available before buying).Interface: The device uses "Tap N Tap" which has replaced the standard Androidinterface. This doesnt offer the same level of experience, so you may want to switchback to the Android 2.2 interface (thankfully a ViewSonic update made this optionavailable).
  4. 4. Tablet Pc Comparison Info Finding the Best Tablet PC for you: Make the right decision_______________________________________________________________________________________Weight: Weighing in at 2.5 pounds, this is certainly not the lightest tablet available.This will be noticeable when using the tablet for longer periods of time, as you mayfind it less comfortable to hold up. Thankfully there are keyboard docks available tohelp address this issue, and the tablet is still highly portable and small in size.ConclusionThis is an excellent value tablet buy if you arent too bothered about not having thelatest version of Android. As long as you still find the older version easy enough touse (which you probably will if youve ever used it before on a smartphone) andarent too bothered if some of the latest apps arent compatible, then the ViewSonicgTablet will probably do everything you need. The fact that it has the ability to installcustom firmware to override the installed "Tap N Tap" is also a massive benefit.Its got a good processor, a webcam for video calls, a good-sized screen, and itdoesnt look bad either! This is definitely a contender to the biggest Android tabletsbased on the fact that it costs a lot, lot less!Table PC Comparison is not easy. There are now much more choices accessible thanever, with smaller producers taking on the big ones like Apple and Samsung.But the choice ultimately comes down to the particular features you need from yourdevice.To get a guide to probably the most essential factors to think about visit