World Cafe Strategy: How To Increase Level Quickly


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Cafe world is increasing with every minute. if you want to win cafe world you must have to read this article or get full guide on cafe world tops secret here:

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World Cafe Strategy: How To Increase Level Quickly

  1. 1. Café World Strategy: How To Increase Level Quickly Zynga develops new social networking game ‘Café World’, according to Zyuga’s report ‘café world’ is the fastest growing game than their previously well-known games like Mafia Wars and Farmville. Café World claims more than the million users in his first week of launch. In his first week Café world surprise everyone with their results. Every minute or I have to say every second new player connecting with this game. With gaining popularity among every internet user you won’t get any problem to getting your friends to play this game. So this makes necessary for you to learn how to increase level quickly in order to dominate among your friends and Café world’? Right!! The main objective of this game is to make more even extremely attractive cafe. Many players, including me have a dream of such kind of café. I guaranteed, just play café world for couple of days and you agree with me, it is best game. The most important thing you need in Café world is Money and Experience point, Similar with other Facebook games. You can earn Money and Experience point at certain rate, this will put you in thinking how to earn more money and experience point faster. With every new level you gain more coins, unlock more recipes, decorative items, furniture and option to expand your café. If you look for some tips that’s helps you in purchasing more stuff for your café, here are the some tips you can utilized them to level up faster. To advance in game, you'll need to accumulate a certain amount of experience points known as cafe points to reach the next level; this can be done by cooking dishes you've already learned. One important tip to advance quickly through the levels is to make sure you're maximizing your cafe points per hour. There are many dishes to cook which take different amount of time to cook. It varies from 5min to 2days and of course they will yield you different amount of servings and money. It is better to select such a dish which coincides with your playing time. Suppose if you know you not available for next 24 hours then select “CHICKEN” which take 23-24 hours to cook. The list of cook time with number of servings is given in the recipe menu.
  2. 2. If you are think for some more and advance café world tips to get unlimited stoves, money, and waiters, then check out this Cafe World Strategy which contains numerous tips and tricks which helps your Café to look like Extra-Ordinary then other café. Do you want to see the review of Café World Strategy? Check out here Café World Strategy: A Review about best Café World Strategy guide