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  • 1. Nanotechnology
  • 2. What is Nano?
    Nano means one billionth.
    The Scale of “Nanoscale”
    1 nm = 0.000000001 m
  • 3. What is Nanotechnology?
    Nanotechnology is the creation and use of materials or devices at extremely small scales.
    Nanotechnology - Deals with molecules between one and one hundred nanometers in diameter. Manipulating individual atoms and manufacturing from the bottom up.
  • 4. Nanotechnology Foretold
    Concept first introduced by American physicist Richard P. Feynman (1918-1988)
    Calculated that an encyclopedia set could be compressed to fit the head of a pin.
    Predicted several aspects in today’s nanotechnology
    • Advanced microscopes
    • 5. Developments in fabrication methods
    • 6. Possibilities of atom-to-atom assembly
  • History of Nanotechnology
    • As early as 500 AD, glass artisans were making stained glass windows with vibrant reds and yellows.
    • 7. These colors were much more luminous and durable than dyes could produce, and were the products of “coinagemetal” nanoparticles imbedded in the glass.
    • 8. As these nanoparticles get smaller,
    the colors shift from red, through yellow and green, to blue.
  • 9. Modern Nanotechnology - Investment
    Investments in nanotechnology are on the rise.
    These advances are in both basic university-basedresearch, as well as industry.
    Many of these advances use nanoparticles in some form or other.
  • 10. A demonstration on the molecular level
    A nano-motor manipulated by two laser beams
  • 11. Positive Effects on Society
    Nanomachines could allow for cleaner energy production
    Nanomachines in the blood stream patrolling for viruses
  • 12. Medical Applications
    Nanomachinescould travel through the bloodstream
  • 13. Future with Nanotechnology
    A nano-gear
    A nano-universal-joint
  • 14. Future with Nanotechnology
    A nano-Bearing
    A “nano-factory”
  • 15. Applications
    Researchers intend to developed adequate fabrication methods for commercial uses:
    The Blue MorphoRhenetor Butterfly:
    The Blue MorphoRhenetor Butterfly is the focus of our project as we study the photonic crystals found on the scales of the wings.