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Nanopharmaceutical & its_industrial_applications_program-ppt


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NSTC brings the innovative training program for pharma professionals: …

NSTC brings the innovative training program for pharma professionals:
Nanopharmaceuticals & Its Industrial Applications

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Nanopharmaceuticals & Its Industrial Applications Program
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 2. Nanopharmaceuticals Explained
    • In pharmaceuticals all the procedures that work at nanoscale refers to Nanopharmaceuticals.
    • 3. Nanopharmaceuticals provide two basic types of nanotools viz.nanomaterials and nanodevices, which play a key role of pharmaceutical nanotechnology.
    • 4. It presents revolutionary opportunities to fight against many disease. This helps in detecting the antigen associated with diseases such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, neurodegenerative diseases, as well as detecting the microorganisms and viruses associated with infections.
    • 5. Nanopharmaceuticals are selected for characteristics such as biodegradability, biocompatibility, conjugation, complexation or encapsulation and their ability to be functionalized.
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 6. Advantages of Nanopharmaceuticals
    • Improved Bioavailability
    • 7. Reduced Toxicity
    • 8. Sustained and Controlled Release
    • 9. Ability to Target
    • 10. Do not occlude Blood to Brain and Intracellular Compartment
    • 11. Protects Fragile Drugs/Proteins from Harsh Biological Environment
    • 12. Faster, Safer and More Accurate Disease Diagnosis
    • 13. More Accurate, Less Invasive Surgery
    • 14. Inexpensive
    • 15. Large Scale Production is Feasible
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 16. Opportunities & Scope
    • Recently, Pharmaceutical Industries are focusing towards nanotechnology research. There are many factors which force them to transform to Nanopharmaceuticals such as developing new chemical entity is very time consuming and expensive affair and most of the drugs happen off patent very soon causing huge revenue loss.
    • 17. Nanopharmaceuticals provides intelligent and smart drug delivery systems which is expected to emerge as most important and powerful tool as alternate to conventional dosage form. Therefore most of industrial research interest lies in fact to exploit the new technology to develop drug delivery systems of available drugs in order to reduce or overcome their shortcoming like high toxicity, instability in biological environment, poor bioavailability, the low therapeutic concentration at site action which rendered them poor candidates in currently available dosage forms.
    • 18. The world market for nanopharmaceuticals has grown from $406 million in 2004 to $3 billion in 2009 and will be $16.6 billion in 2014.
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 19. Applications of Nanopharmaceuticals
    Insert title text here
    Insert title text here
    Find Some of the Applications Below:
    • Nanopharmaceuticals has the greatest application in Drug Delivery. Drug delivery systems employing nanotechnology have the ability to allow superior drug absorption, controlled drug release and reduced side-effects, enhancing the effectiveness of existing drug delivery systems.
    • 20. The application of nanoparticulate systems in vaccination, chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, diagnostics, and drug/gene delivery has made Nanopharmaceuticals very much advantageous.
    • 21. Nanopharmaceuticals show the most promise for the treatment of cancer. One such product called Doxil contains the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin encapsulated in liposomes-tiny fat bubbles less than 200 nanometers in diameter.
    • 22. Nanopharmaceutical’s NanoCrystal Technology is one of the earliest scalable technology for nanosizing the drugs
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 23. Why Should Do the Program?
    Insert title text here
    Insert title text here
    • As on today nanoscale procedures have become prerequisite to pharmaceutical industries. According to the market research portal Info shop, the market for nanopharmaceuticals has grown from $406 million in 2004 to $3 billion in 2009 and will be $16.6 billion in 2014
    • 24. Keeping the increasing potential of Nanopharmaceuticals- this innovative program comes in play and explains the current procedures which have been taking place in drug industries such as Nano Drug Delivery, Pulmonary Drug Delivery by Nanoparticles, Tablet Production by Nanosystems, Laboratory Synthesis of Nanoparticles etc.
    • 25. This also explains about the Nanopharma based Supplements, Drugs ,Therapies ,Cosmetics.
    • 26. Nanomaterials such as Dendrimers, Nanotubes, Nanoliposomes, Drug Nanocrystals etc. have been applying in Pharma Industries for developing more improved and effective products.
    This innovative program updates the knowledge of pharma professionals and help them to enter & grow in pharmaceutical & health care industries.
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 27. Career Aspects
    Here is a list of various Companies/Laboratories/Institutions where a pharma professionals can apply. These companies are also working on nanopharmaceuticals.
    • Ranbaxy Laboratories
    • 28. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Cipla
    • 29. Sun Pharmaceuticals
    • 30. Dabur Pharma Ltd.
    • 31. Lupin Labs
    • 32. Aurobindo Pharma
    • 33. GlaxoSmithKlineg
    • 34. Cadila Healthcare
    • 35. Aventis Pharma
    • 36. Ipca Laboratories
    • 37. Biocon Limited
    • 38. Parexel International (India) Pvt.
    • Themis Medicare
    • 39. National Institute of Immunology (NII), New Delhi
    • 40. National AIDS Research Institute [NARI], Pune
    • 41. Surya Pharmaceutical Limited, Chandigarh
    • 42. Apple Hospital, Surat
    • 43. Piramal Life Sciences Limited
    • 44. HLL Lifecare Limited
    • 45. E.S.I. Hospital, Tirunelveli (Tamilnadu).
    • 46. Bengal Chemical & Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.(BCPW), Kolkata
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 47. About Program Ingredients & Delivery Methodology
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 48. Program Ingredients
    Program Contains
    Printed Study Material: Printed materials will be provided to the participants.
    Online Materials: Some of the module contents will be provided online only.
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 49. Program Delivery Methodology
    Program Organization
    • Syllabus: Organized on main page in the form of course modules
    • 50. Course Updates
    • 51. Glossary
    • 52. OnlineAssignments, Quizzes, Online Exam, Project Work &
    Online Assistance Through
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 56. Regular Study Schedule
    • Participants log on to for 24x7 using user-id
    and password to access the material.
    • Print books are provided to participants.
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 57. Entering the e-Learning Zone
    • Participants use their user-id and password on this page to enter into the e-Learning zone.
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 58. Accessing the Program Contents
    Front Page Contains
    • Guidelines
    • 59. Important Information
    • 60. Various Activities
    according to the Modules
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 61. Module Wise Learning
    Each Module Contains
    • Course Outlines
    • 62. Weekly Quizzes
    • 63. Self Evaluation
    • Study Material
    Other Learning Modes
    • Related Web links
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 65. Learning Through Lessons & Power Point Presentations
    Participants can Learn Through
    • Lesson wise contents
    • 66. Power Point Presentations
    according to the contents
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 67. Getting Latest Updates
    All Participants will be Informed About
    • Course Updates
    • 68. Latest News
    • 69. Change in Schedules
    • 70. Upload of Assignments and Online
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 71. Test Yourself Through Online Quizzes & Assignments
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 72. Communicate with Faculty
    Contact Our Faculty Member Through
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 75. Final Online Examination
    • Appear in Final Online Examination
    • 76. Get Assessment Report
    • 77. Get Evaluation Report
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 78. NSTC- Evaluation
    Get Statement of Marks
    from NSTC
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 79. NSTC- Certification
    Get the Certificate
    from NSTC
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 80. In A Nutshell
    Up to date information and knowledge
    Regular online assignments, quizzes & tests, scheduled in such a way that they do not interfere with daily schedules
    Learning at office or at home!
    Secure site which only enrolled participants can access 24x7 Access
    Easily adaptable schedules that put no pressure on the normal course of studies/work
    Instant feedback of exercises, assignments & quizzes
    Check grades anytime & anywhere just by accessing the site
    Close interaction with the program coordinator on one-to-one basis guidance
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 81. How to Join
    • Aspirants who wish to apply for the program Nanopharmaceutical & Its Industrial Applications can download the application form from our website:
    • 82. Duly filled application forms (enclosing a Bank Draft issued in favor of "Nano Science and Technology Consortium", payable at Delhi/ New Delhi,) along with copies of certificates and mark sheets of 10+2 / Diploma /  Degree or above level and a copy of passport size photograph can be send to:
    Nano Science and Technology ConsortiumA-105, Third Floor, Sector-63Noida-201301, U.P , India
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium
  • 83. For Queries/Concerns
    Nano Science and Technology Consortium
    A-105, 3rd Floor, Sector-63, Noida-201301, U.P., (India).  
     For Queries/ Concerns  
    Tel: +91-120- 4781215-17 Mob: +91-9818206463  
    Website: E-mail:  
    Nano Science & Technology Consortium