Something to Believe In


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I am the way the truth and the life. Jesus claimed to have the anchor point of this life.
The gospel demands a response. We call all to hear this truth.
Tis is the second in a two part series on the sixth I AM.

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Something to Believe In

  1. 1. Something to Believe In John 14:7-14
  2. 2. epistemologytheory of knowledge: the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, in particular its foundations, scope, and validityHow do we know what we know? Can we know anything for sure?
  3. 3. “Infallibility and certainty are huge issues when we think about knowing...All of us want to be sure…Especially in areas in whicha lot is at stake in the truth of our claims, we want to be sure.” Meek, pp.26-27
  4. 4. faith• Faith is a function of truth.• Belief shapes behavior. – We act the way we act in response to our perception of truth. – Our neighbors are watching carefully.
  5. 5. “The quality of the church’s corporate testimony determines to a great extent how credible its members’ individual testimonies will be.” MacArthur, p.153
  6. 6. certainty• We want to be certain. We want to know for sure.• We need an anchor for our souls in times of greatest uncertainty and trouble.
  7. 7. “What the postmodernperson is looking for, whatpostmoderns really want, is the stability, the rock, the anchor, the foundation, of the truth that they can stake their lives on.” Poe, p. 149
  8. 8. “Crises of one sort oranother prompt us to stop and scrutinize what wethought we were confident of. … These things and others can move us to ask the question again with fresh urgency.” Meek, p.16
  9. 9. gospel• The gospel is THE something to believe in. – Its veracity is based squarely on the person and work of Christ. – If He has lied, we are adrift. – If He is the true way to the Father, we have a chance again.
  10. 10. facts1. I have a personal relationship with God, the Father, by knowing Jesus, the Son. (vv.7-9)
  11. 11. facts2. I accept the authority of God, the Father, as the basis for all truth expressed by Jesus, the Son. (vv.10)
  12. 12. facts3. I have found the supporting evidence of Jesus’ message to be clear, compelling, and convincing. (v.11)
  13. 13. conclusion• The gospel is THE something to build your life on.
  14. 14. “You can get too fixated on doing what you are supposed to do, so much that you lose sight of a gracious, relational God.” Meek, pp. 94-95
  15. 15. “We have nothing to offer the postmodern world in terms of organizations, programs, institutions, andstructures. What we have to offer is a concrete basis for peace in a fragmented world…” Poe, p. 74
  16. 16. • I AM the way, the truth, and the life…• I AM the focus of your epistemic pursuit…• KNOW Me.
  17. 17. “Jesus Christ is the onlyreliable basis for truth.” Poe, p. 154
  18. 18. facts4. I will model my thoughts, speech, and actions after Jesus, the Son’s, in order to glorify God, the Father. (vv.12-14)
  19. 19. “Speaking the facts doesn’tlead to the goal [knowing];embodying the facts does.” Meek, p.65“…Truth requires obedience.Obedience,… is lived truth.” Meek, p.140
  20. 20. function• Whoever believes will do. – longer life will mean greater influence for God• Whoever believes will ask. – more aligned praying will mean greater glory for God• Whoever believes will live. – stronger certainty will mean greater passion for God