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LIGHT of the world series

LIGHT of the world series

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  • 1. This Light Does Not Move John 8:12-30
  • 2. One dark and stormy night…
  • 3. The Purposes for Lighthouses• Lighthouses are not for decorations, for photo opportunities, or for tourist attractions• Lighthouses are for safety and direction• The law of the lighthouse – If you defy the lighthouse you will die. – If you trust the lighthouse you will live.
  • 4. Jesus’ DeclarationI am the Light of the World…
  • 5. Light of the World = golden lampstand?
  • 6. Jesus’ Declaration I am the Light of the World…he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness but will have the light of life
  • 7. … the waves began to crash uponthe lighthouse.
  • 8. PHARISEES Wave 1 JESUS • Your claim is legally inadmissible (v13) • Your attack is legally ill-advised (vv14-18) • Show us your credentials (v19a) • I need no further credentials (v19b) The lighthouse stands and continues to shine brightly! (v20)
  • 9. PHARISEES Wave 2 JESUS • I will be leaving soon (v21) • What are you going to do? (v22) • You misunderstand my purpose (vv23-24) • Who are you? (v25a) • You misunderstand my purpose (vv25b-29) The lighthouse stands and continues to shine brightly! (v30)
  • 10. Jesus’ Purpose Light exposes sin (and its dangers).  Light directs to safety.
  • 11. Conclusions• Follow the Light’s direction to safety.• Shine your light for others to be directed towards safety. (cf. Mt 5:14-16) – To know you is to know your Father also. (v19) – Declare to the world what you have heard from Him. (v26) – Always speak the words and do the things that please Him. (vv28-29)
  • 12. “Maine Lighthouses” Photography courtesy of Bob Shelton