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Caught in the Spotlights
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LIGHT of the world series

LIGHT of the world series

Published in Spiritual
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  • Similar pattern written in Luke 21:37-38. (sleep at night in Mt. Olivet, teach in the morning at the temple)Being seated as a teacher is a common rabbinical practice, the students gather around him (cf Mt 5:1), often after the reading of the Scriptures (cfLk 4:20)Who is this? 7:25-31, 40-44No ever spoke like this man! 7:46
  • We will examine him… 7:47-52
  • “in the very act” – they hid in the bedroom? She was brought forward in her shame – naked? Publicly humiliated. Sans the man.
  • Walvoord and Zuck – Is it Scripture? Was it written by John? Is it ancient, true, historical? Is it canonical? Why is it here? “the consensus of New Testament textual scholars is that this section was not part of the original text.” W&Z“The textual evidence makes it impossible to hold that this section is an authentic part of the gospel.” Morris it is included in the Vulgate, KJV (note: these are not good reasons to validate it) many of the Greek texts that do include it, have asterisks and obeli (markings) at this section (also Ironside)Possible locations: after Jn 7:36, 7:44, 7:52, 21:25 (as an example), Lk 21:38Fit into John 20:30-31, 21:25?GRK – Westcott & Hort –an addendum, Nestle – restored it here, with brackets (Morgan) No, not Johannine (Morgan)The Johannine pattern – a striking incident forms the illustration or background for teaching (Pink) John 5 – impotent man healed, used as an illustration in sermon John 6 – feeds hungry crowds, describes himself as bread of life John 7 – Jesus refuses to go up to the feast to reveal himself, discusses a future revelation with disciples“all those who have examined it, and who are not sure of authorship, feel that there is something about it which makes them feel that they cannot leave it out.” (Morgan)“anyone who knows the grace of God as revealed in Christ,… must recognize it as genuine, for it is so like Jesus to do what He is represented as doing here.” (Ironside)
  • Arguments are based on snippets of the law: Lev 20:10Deut 22:24Ezek 16:38, 40The dilemma may be between Roman law and Jewish law (Morris)“Let us not be deceived then and conclude that every one who quotes Scripture to us must, necessarily, be a God-fearing man. Those who quote Scriptures to condemn others are frequently the guiltiest of all. Those who are so solicitous to the mote in another’s eye, generally have a beam in their own.” Pink
  • “Forgiveness demands a clean break with sin.” Tenney
  • Jn 3:17-21 – exposure of sins for the purpose of removal
  • “sinlessness is the only qualification for punishing.” Morgan“That sentence put me out of the stone-throwing business for the rest of my life!” Morgan


  • 1. Caught in the Spotlights John 8:2-12
  • 2. Early Morning Students Who is this? No one ever spoke like this man!
  • 3. Religious Leaders Who does He think He is?We will examine Him and His claims.
  • 4. An Adulterous Woman She was caught in the act of adultery. What should we do?
  • 5. Time OUTDid anyone elsesee that margin note? What do thosebrackets mean?
  • 6. Does this story belong here?• Textual criticism and evaluation – It is not in the oldest MSS – It is full of variants – It is placed differently in gospel texts – It follows a pattern established in John – It follows a pattern of Jesus
  • 7. Tricky Arguments This is what the Law says. She is guilty. This is another trap!
  • 8. Gracious Response• He writes on the ground• He confronts the leaders regarding their sin• He writes on the ground• He confronts the woman regarding her sin
  • 9. I Am… the Light of the World
  • 10. Does this story belong here?• The dangers of this story – How will justice and mercy be harmonized? – Won’t this kind of “blanket forgiveness” lead to looseness? – Are we supposed to judge sin or not?
  • 11. What does this story teach us?• Call people to repentance with the same kindness, forbearance and patience that God shows (Rom 2:4)• Examine your own life for facades of righteousness (Rom 2:21, 22)• Enjoy the “condemnation-free” life by not sinning more (Rom 8:1, 6:1-2)