Tabakian Pols 1 Summer 2014 Power 16


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John Paul Tabakian, Ed.D. Power Point Presentation for Political Science 1 - US Government - Summer 2014. Sixteenth Presentation.

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Tabakian Pols 1 Summer 2014 Power 16

  1. 1. Dr. Tabakian’s Political Science 1 US Government – Summer 2014 Power Point # 16
  2. 2. COURSE LECTURE TOPICS • Foundation Of California Politics • California Republican Party • Democratic Party Of California • Power Structure Of Both Major Parties • Interest Groups In The Golden State • Aerospace • Environmental and “Green” Companies • Media – Music, Film, Television • Agriculture • Healthcare • Computer Technology • Transportation • Campaign Highlights • Upton Sinclair's “The Jungle”
  3. 3. “GREEN” COMPANIES – TESLA California influences the nation. If the state were its own country it would be the 6th most economically powerful. The Golden State also influences national as well as world opinion. Californians are known to be pro- conservationist. “Green” policy is also profitable. Tesla is a relatively new car company located in San Carlos, California. They are leading the rebirth of the electric car. This is a “Nightline” report of the Tesla Roadster that aired May 25, 2007.
  4. 4. TESLA
  5. 5. CALIFORNIA AGRICULTURE Agriculture is a major industry for the Golden State. With 88,000 farms and ranches, California agriculture is nearly a $32 billion dollar industry that generates $100 billion in related economic activity. This enormous achievement is possible through a combination of tradition and innovation that has secured California's status as the most productive agricultural state for more than 50 years. Farmers and ranchers blend old-fashioned notions of patience and perseverance with cutting-edge technologies and advanced agricultural practices. The result is a highly adaptable and diverse industry encompassing more than 350 plant and animal commodities. (Source: California Department of Food & Agriculture)
  6. 6. • Mainstream media generates over $60 billion in related economic activity • Some put the estimate at over $80 billion • Various aspects apply to making this estimate MAINSTREAM MEDIA
  7. 7. Direct sales of pornography in the state of California exceeds $20,000,000,000! •Over 52% of all sales go to women •Over half of all hotel guests purchase adult videos in their room XXX
  8. 8. PARTISANSHIP Variables can help determine partisanship like the religion, social status and place of residence of the individual. For example, Catholics tend to be Democrats and Protestants tend to be Republicans. Those individuals having a low social status tended to associate with the Democrats and those holding high social status tended to be Republican. Rural citizens tend to be more closely associated with the Republican Party and those residing in the urban areas tended to lean towards the Democratic Party. A conglomeration of variables or even a particular characteristic can assist us in determining individual behavior. Though this is true, it is the degree of partisanship one holds that remains the best predictor for determining how one may vote on Election Day.
  9. 9. CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTY There are three conservative factions within the Republican Party. Individuals may identify themselves with more than one. These are: 1. Financial Conservatives 2. Social Conservatives 3. Moral Conservatives Moral Conservatives are the most partisan and ideological who impact statewide office seekers during a primary.
  10. 10. CRP - MORAL CONSERVATIVE IMPACT Governor Davis faced considerable opposition during his re-election campaign for governor. Richard Riordan was viewed as the most formidable opponent if he were to be the Republican nominee. Gray Davis’s strategy was to attack Richard Riordan during the primary so the more conservative opponent, Bill Simon acquires the nomination. These campaign commercials from Gray Davis were directed towards moral conservatives to nominate Bill Simon.
  12. 12. DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF CALIFORNIA The Democratic Party Of California is not split into three distinct factions. It is known as the “Big Tent” or “Big Umbrella” Party. Though the party consists of various interest groups that are in a constant pursuit for power, it does not have the same problem as the California Republican Party.
  13. 13. MAJOR PARTY POWER DISTRIBUTION Even though the national parties have become weaker and less active, that the same cannot be said of state and local party organizations. Parties at the sub-national level are stronger and more active than they were in the 1950s, which was at the peak of partisanship. It was discovered that as partisanship continued to erode that they shifted gears in order to bolster their membership base. National Party State Party Local City / County Party Local City / County Party Local City / County Party Local City / County Party Local City / County Party Local City / County Party
  14. 14. AMERICA’S TWO PARTY SYSTEM Our system maintains a process where unsuccessful parties are discarded or forced to join with other minor parties, which in this case has resulted in the formation of two major parties. Many of the rules pertaining to elections in the United States have been designed to weed out nuisance candidates. Only those candidates who have demonstrated a good deal of public support are allowed access. America continues to enjoy a stable political system that is maintained with its two party system. Enjoy this video of Frank Grimes, the 2004 nominee of the American Fascist Union for the Presidency!
  15. 15. THIRD PARTY
  16. 16. PROPAGANDA – MEET KING JOE Meet King Joe” is a classic capitalist propaganda film from 1949 that tries to convince American workers of their good fortune. At the time of production, American business was the best in the world resulting from the worldwide devastation following World War II. Capitalism stresses the necessity for capitalists to remain in pursuit of ever- increasing levels of efficiency and innovation that in turn will allow continuous societal progression. How does this propaganda cartoon contrast with “Walden”?
  17. 17. MEET KING JOE
  18. 18. PROPAGANDA & COMMERCIALISM Private business utilizes propaganda to market products and services through various methods. Television remains the best method of content distribution even though the Internet continues to claim greater market share. This is the famous Pepsi commercial starring Britney Spears and Senator Bob Dole. Though the commercial is selling “Pepsi” one may notice the patriotic symbolism tying the “company” with the United States. The first airing of this commercial was in March 2001.
  19. 19. PEPSI
  20. 20. RICHARD NIXON’S “CHECKERS” Presidential Candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower was close to dropping Richard Nixon from the ticket due to allegations of campaign fraud. Critics accused then Representative of California Richard Nixon of using campaign funds for personal expenses. This is the famous “Checkers Speech” that was broadcasted live on September 23, 1952. It was forever known as the “Checkers Speech” as Richard Nixon claims that the only personal gift was a dog given by a campaign contributor. Richard Nixon’s daughter Tricia named the dog “Checkers”. Enjoy this brilliant piece of propaganda!
  21. 21. CHECKERS
  22. 22. PRESIDENT FORD SLIPS UP The 1976 presidential race between President Gerald Ford and Governor Jimmy Carter was during a time of great national uncertainty. President Gerald Ford stated, “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe and never will be under a Ford Administration.” This remark was made during the height of the Cold War. Many claim that this misstatement may have cost him the election. Enjoy the video.
  24. 24. PRESIDENT REAGAN MAKES A CRACK President Ronald Reagan was famous for his various one-liners. During the second presidential debate between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale on October 21, 1984, the following question was asked, “Should the President's age and stamina be an issue in the political campaign?” Ronald Reagan’s response resulted in laughter. Enjoy the video.
  26. 26. DAN QUAYLE VERSUS LLOYD BENTSEN The Civic Auditorium in Omaha, Nebraska hosted the vice-presidential debate on October 5, 1988. One of the moderators, Judy Woodruff, set the stage by addressing the audience: "Based on the history since World War II, there is almost a 50-50 chance that one of the two men here tonight will become President of the United States.” After Dan Quayle then compared himself to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lloyd Bentsen famously remarked, “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy”. Enjoy the video.