Political Science 5 – Western Political Thought - Power Point #5


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Political Science 5 – Western Political Thought - Spring 2013 - Power Point Presentation #5 - © 2013 Tabakian, Inc.

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Political Science 5 – Western Political Thought - Power Point #5

  1. 1. Western Political Thought Dr. John Paul Tabakian Political Science 5 Fall 2012 – Power Point #4
  2. 2. COURSE LECTURE: WEEK #4Today’s Lecture Covers The Following:• Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Self Reliance”• Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden”• Seneca Falls.• Sojourner Truth• Progressive Movements• Modern Methods Of Influencing Culture• Minor Paper #3
  3. 3. “SELF RELIANCE” (1)1. Emerson was an essayist, poet and popular lecturer.2. “The American Scholar” lecture 1837 was an “intellectual Declaration of Independence” one person called it in its call for American to put the old world culture aside to explore our own American uniqueness.3. Also, lectured on the “Over-soul” pantheistic idea. The “Self-Reliance” essay is call for individual nonconformist and cultivation of the individual.
  4. 4. “SELF RELIANCE” (2) Textual References:• What is the role of subjectivity? (“private heart….genius….” = subjective introspection).• What do great works of art teach us? (“to abide by our spontaneous impression”).• Interpret (“Accept the place divine Providence has found for you…. Great men have always done so…. transcendent destiny….” = Puritan theology? Place in history?).• Reflections on Locke or Paine? (“Society everywhere is in conspiracy…. conformity….”).• Who might be today’s Public Intellectual(s)?
  5. 5. Progressive Movements (1)This is the famous march onWashington DC where Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. madehis famous “I Have A Dream”speech. Many of you havewatched just the speech inpast classes or at home.What makes this videointeresting is that it is notclipped. This was shown tothe nation in its entirety.Enjoy the video.
  6. 6. Progressive Movements (2)Producer Richard D. Heffner ofthe NBC Sunday televisionprogram "The Open Mind"interviews King and formerfederal Judge J. WatiesWaring, who wrote the soledissenting decision againstschool segregation in Briggs v.Elliott. NAACP youth secretaryHerbert Wright helped enlistKing for this NBC NegroHistory Week program on"The New Negro." Heffnersfirst question followed a briefintroduction of his two guests.
  7. 7. “WALDEN” (1)• Emerson’s friend. Carpenter, mason, painter, surveyor sailor, gardener.• Went to Walden. “In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” Father of the environmental movement.• Essay on civil disobedience, regarding the Mexican War. Both Gandhi and King read this essay. “If the law is of such a nature that it requires you to be an agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law….”
  8. 8. “WALDEN” (2) Textual references:• Key quote? (“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”)• Old vs. the new? ( ref. Emerson…. “wore a path”)• Spartanism? (“to live deliberately”… “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!”)• Rebellion against conformity & materialism.• Nature as an ideal.
  9. 9. DEFINITIONSAbolitionist – A person who promotes abolition of a law or policy; especially, slavery or capital punishment. American abolitionist movement in the 19th century. See John Brown, abolitionist zealot. Background: Methodist secularization of religious ideas relates the concept of natural law of the Enlightenment to abolitionist goals.Sojourner – A person who takes up brief residence in a place, then moves on.Suffragette – A person who promotes suffrage. Suffrage is the right to vote; the franchise (privilege or right granted by a government).
  10. 10. PROPAGANDA – MEET KING JOEMeet King Joe” is a classic capitalistpropaganda film from 1949 that tries toconvince American workers of theirgood fortune. At the time of production,American business was the best in theworld resulting from the worldwidedevastation following World War II.Capitalism stresses the necessity forcapitalists to remain in pursuit of ever-increasing levels of efficiency andinnovation that in turn will allowcontinuous societal progression. Howdoes this propaganda cartoon contrastwith “Walden”?
  11. 11. PROPAGANDA & COMMERCIALISMPrivate business utilizes propaganda tomarket products and services throughvarious methods. Television remainsthe best method of content distributioneven though the Internet continues toclaim greater market share. This is thefamous Pepsi commercial starringBritney Spears and Senator Bob Dole.Though the commercial is selling“Pepsi” one may notice the patrioticsymbolism tying the “company” with theUnited States. The first airing of thiscommercial was in March 2001.