Green national park

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Green National Park

Green National Park

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  • 1. Green National Park Click to see more!
  • 2. Here at our park, you will find: • Lush environments, full of a variety of plant life • Amazing panoramas to stun the eye• Breathtaking visuals of aquifers and wetlands • Nature taking its natural course • More wildlife than you could hope to see
  • 3. Green National Park Occupying roughly 6000 squared km on the Southeast coast of the United States we are proud to be the most visited National Parks in the nation. Florida has always been home tosome of the most diverse and lush environments in the Country and we are proud to be at theforefront of those environments. It is our goal to forever preserve and protect these wonderful ecosystems. So welcome to a virtual your of the Green National Park!
  • 4. Located in Southern Florida, Green National Park offers landscapes, wildlife, and experiences found nowhere else on Earth. Ignore the fact that the map says the Everglades (just a typo!)
  • 5. Green National ParkWe are proud to have become a National Park in 1872, making us the first National Park in the entire country. This is due to the combined efforts of then president, Emerald and Vice President Moss. They recognized the need toprotect this verdant and necessary habitat and today we proudly continue their legacy.
  • 6. The Founding Fathers of this Wonderful Place
  • 7. For years hunters had been picking the region clean of alligators, birds, frogs, and fish, but as the human population of Southern Florida increased the number of hunters by extension increased. The effects were beginning to be devastating. In addition, the entire region was pillaged for lumber, further destroying the habitat. Perhaps the most devastating of human influences however was the construction of canals inorder to divert water flow to the area In order to createa more suitable environment for human society. It was at this point that Emerald and Moss decided to act.
  • 8. The park was originally created without altruistic ideas behind it, the Nineteenth Century not being overly concerned with Environmentalism.It was originally quarantined due to a concern of the area’s rapidly diminishing resources. Ifresources were not protected and rationed then the region would soon be of little use. Thankfully, today we have taken on a more conservational viewpoint of the park. It doeshowever still service many of the public’s needs.
  • 9. In addition to Protecting Wildlife, we Service many outdoor activities and interests: • Camping: We have over 300 campsites available to the public for use. • Boating: Canoeing, Kayaking, and even low powered motor-boating is encouraged.• Hiking: We have hundreds of trails just waiting to be explored by the avid adventurer.
  • 10. Check out our Park’s Amazing Features! Mangrove swamps are one of the dominant features in out park. What is fascinating about these swamps is that the mangrove is one of the only types of tree in the world to be able to live in salt water. Mangroves are truly impressive due totheir resistance to extremely harsh conditions, suchas extreme wind, high temperature, muddy soil etc.These trees are often called the guardians of Florida as they protect the coast from Hurricanes, absorbing flood waters and thus preventing erosion.
  • 11. We know what you are thinking! You are thinking, what is so exciting about abunch of trees, no matter how sturdy they are.Fortunately these swamps house a wide variety of wildlife, such as: • Birds (hawks, pelicans, terns, pigeons) • 220 species of fish
  • 12. Look: Another feature! Further inland, our park also has a small concentration of Pineland. We only have 20,000 acres. This is five times the amount outside of the park in all Florida. This is an environment thatNEEDS protecting. It is home to a variety on animals • Birds (woodpeckers, loggerhead shrikes, eastern meadowlarks) • Black Bears• Florida Panthers (of which there are less than 100 left in the wild in all Florida.
  • 13. Check out our Diverse Wildlife Pelicans
  • 14. Terns
  • 15. Hawks
  • 16. Black Bears
  • 17. Florida Panther
  • 18. Florida (Home of the gator)
  • 19. Please, Come Enjoy our Park and its Wonderful Existence