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ngn overview , next generation network
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ngn overview , next generation network


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Next generation network overview , complete view of ZTE network

Next generation network overview , complete view of ZTE network

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  • 业务驱动: 话音业务为主 --- 〉话音,数据,多媒体业务 资源利用驱动 低成本地高效利用资源来提供业务 技术: 技术更新加快,以 VOIP 的建网成本比之 PSTN 大幅降低,今天的 NGN 语音效果以及成熟到能够取代 PSTN ; 并且可以提供大量的 PSTN 所不能够提供的业务,比如视频电话,比如广域 centrex 群…
  • 对增值业务的支持日益显出力不从心; 对多媒体业务实现困难、运营维护管理要求高; 投资收益正在下降,形成了增量不增收的局面; 固网的先天缺陷,导致 PSTN 无法和移动通讯竞争。 在运营商中,竞争在不断的增加 VoIP 语音业务对传统话务量风流严重 移动通讯在快速的增长,对固网市场形成取代之势 基于 INTERNET 的数据业务以井喷式的发展,成为运营商新的利润增长点 增值业务的发展成为运营商竞争的焦点 这是世界性大趋势,不是靠一两招就能化解的固有风险,小灵通解决不了长远大局, 转型是唯一出路。 因此国内外的运营商都在考虑发展数据业务,希望能够分担语音业务收入下降的风险。 在运营商中,竞争在不断的增加 VoIP 语音业务对传统话务量风流严重 移动通讯在快速的增长,对固网市场形成取代之势 基于 INTERNET 的数据业务以井喷式的发展,成为运营商新的利润增长点 增值业务的发展成为运营商竞争的焦点
  • HLR: host location register BAC: broadband access control
  • What is the router server? Or application server? Do you want to include the T200 or others?
  • Softswitch system elements list
  • NGN protocols include: SIGTRAN, MGCP, H.248, H.323, SIP and ISUP. SIGTRAN protocol group is used when ss is interconnected with PSTN, over which the ISUP protocol is borne. MGCP and H.248 protocols are used for interconnection with various MGs. H.323 and SIP protocols are used for interconnection among SoftSwitch devices, and meanwhile, H.323 can also be used for interworking with H.323 media terminal, while SIP can be used for interworking with SIP terminal.
  • IETF---Internet Engineering Task Force
  • Shall the title say: Network Solutions -- Class 4 Alternative/Replacement?
  • See Slide 22
  • 应用,组网,维护,商务配置
  • Wireless access(3.5G BWA product, WLAN) NGN interworking with PLMN(GSM,CDMA), PCS
  • Softswitch system Dual homing( Disaster Recover) ◆ MSG and Softswitch are Dual Homing & Dual Route mode ◆ Two Softswitches are active/standby mode ◆ There are Heartbeat Check & Data Synchronization between two Softswitches ◆ TG and Softswitch support load share to guarantee network security ◆ All equipments support redundancy backup ◆ Main boards and power are redundancy configuration ◆ MSG supports dual homing, when active softswitch occurs disaster or accident, MSG connects with standby softswitch
  • Show company’s image through concise and characterized RBT
  • 将用户号码独立出来,不再与具体设备紧密联系,将承担路由标识的功能交给了物理号码,使得放号变得非常灵活。 可以针对本地网内包括固网、 PCS 网络的用户,进行号码资源统筹规划,用户拨打电话使用的号码 DN 与业务网络、局归属没有直接关系,同一号首的不同号码可以在 PCS 网、固网以及软交换、 3G 网中任意使用。 充分利用号码资源,减少号段资源利用不充分的问题,可以有效缓解号码资源紧张的问题。 可以灵活地为用户提供个性号码,而不是用户被动选号,提升服务质量。 对于用户来说,移机、使用小灵通或者将来使用 3G ,将不必面临改号的烦恼。 统一放号带来的业务 统一放号可以为运营商优化号码分配、节约号码资源,解决 NGN 、 PSTN 网用户和 PHS 用户转网需要,同时还可为客户提供个性化服务,例如: 个性化号码 个人号码携带 移机不改号 移动办公
  • With many years experiences on network installation, test and commissioning, ZTE engineering teams can provide customers with comprehensive Project Implementation services including site survey, network planning and design, on-site supervision, project management, infrastructure construction, system debugging, on-site training project acceptance implementation, etc. We have Captured our expertise in a Flexible Portfolio of Turnkey Services As one of the key telecom vendors in China and important worldwide telecom vendors, ZTE can not only provide operators telecom equipment such as switch, GSM, CDMA, transmission equipment, but also provide I&C services for these telecom products.
  • Transcript

    • 1. CN D&T GroupNGN OverviewV1.0
    • 2. 2Outline Trend of telecom network Basic concepts of NGN NGN Solution NGN new services
    • 3. Driver of Telecom DevelopmentResourceService Technique
    • 4. Problem of Current Fixed NetworkTolloffice 1Tolloffice 2GW1GW2TSWLLINWLL INSSPLSLSHLRSSPGIGWAgeing ofPSTNequipmentSingleaccessmodeSingleserviceSeparatednetworksCurrent PSTN network faced …Problems cause the slower developing of fixed-line
    • 5. How to resolve Data service Value-added service All IP bearer Multiple access
    • 6. Development of Network The 1stgeneration fixed-line network Analog switching The 2ndgeneration fixed-line network TDM and digital switching SCP The 3rdgeneration fixed-line network Based on IP network and Softswitchtechnology Unified multimedia service platform Centralized user data management1G2G3GService: VoiceDevice: ManualConnection, Step Switch,Crossbar Switch, AnalogSPC SwitchService: VoiceDevice: :Digital SwitchService: Voice/Data/Multi-MediaDevice: Softswitch, DataSwitch/Router, Applicationserver, SHLR, etc.
    • 7. 7Outline Trend of telecom network Basic concepts of NGN NGN Solution NGN new services
    • 8. What is NGN NGN: Next Generation Network Service-driver network Separation of call and service Separation of call control and bearer Base on IP, including voice, fax, data, video andmultimedia Standard protocol
    • 9. NGN standard architectureService APPSControl SoftswitchCoreAccessTG AGBGW IntelligentterminalsOAMSupportingplatformSGNMSBillingSoftswitchIP NetworkPSTN/PHSBroadbandAccessOtherNGNHG IP Phone IP TVSHLRBAC-N
    • 10. Element of NGN network (1) SS : SoftSwitch-- core of NGN network. Call control processing Protocol Adaptation Service Interface Provision Application System Support SG : Signaling Gateway Accomplishing signaling translation from PSTN to IP TG : Trunk Gateway Accomplishing voice translation from PSTN to IP
    • 11. Element of NGN network (2) MSAG : Multi-Service Access Gateway Accessing subscribers IAD : Integrated Access Device Accessing subscribers BGW : Broadband Gateway Interconnecting public network and private network SHLR: Smart Home Location Register Storing subscribers data Application Server Providing API (Application Programming Interface) fordifferent service
    • 12. IP CoreSignalingModuleTrunk Module UserAccess ModuleSoftSwitchCPUSwitching ArrayIntelligent ServerSS7SignalingGatewayTrunkGatewayUnified ServicePlatformAccessGatewayCompare with PSTN
    • 13. ZTE NGN ArchitectureAccessZXSS10IAD seriesBroadbandAccessCoreControlServiceZXMSG5200ZXMSG9000ZXMSG9000ZXSS10 SS1 ZXSS10 SS1ZXUP10 APPZXSS10NMSCore Packet NetworkCore Packet NetworkPSTN/ISDNSS7NetworkPBXPrivateNetworkZXSS10BGWSoft-PhoneSHLRVideophone
    • 14. Softswitch Control Device ZXSS10 SS1Multi-Service Gateway ZXMSG 9000Multi-Service Gateway ZXMSG 5200Broadband Gateway ZXSS10 B100/B200Unified Service Platform ZXUP10Integrated Access Device and IP Phone ZXSS10 I500/P800Integrated Network Management System ZXSS10 NMSZTE Softswitch system elements
    • 15. OSSOSSH.248H.248Open ServiceOpen ServiceApplication ServerApplication ServerNMSNMSSoftswitchSoftswitchRouter ServerRouter Serverintelligent terminalintelligent terminalAAGGIADIADTGTGSGSGINAPINAPLDAP/TRIPLDAP/TRIPXML/FTXML/FTP/RadiuP/RadiussParlayParlaySIPSIPSNMPSNMPSIP-TSIP-TH.323H.323H.323/MGCH.323/MGCP/H.248/SIP/H.248/SIPPSigtranSigtranH.248H.248TUP/ISUPTUP/ISUPSS7INPSTNOtherHl323 NetworkH.323 VOIPNetworkOtherHl323 NetworkOther SoftswitchNetworkH.248H.248Multi-Protocol Support
    • 16. NGN Protocols Media Gateway Control Protocol MGCP H248 Call Control Protocol H323 SIP Signaling Transmission Protocol SIGTRAN System Support Protocol Parlay SNMP Radius
    • 18. MGCP and H.248 MGCP: Media Gateway Control Protocol Provide signaling and call control for Media Gateways andVoice over IP (VoIP) terminal devices A master/slave equipment control protocol H.248/Megaco is a successor to MGCP and willfinally replace it SoftSwitch acts as a MGC TG, IAD: MG
    • 20. SIGTRAN ProtocolSCTPIPMACM3UA M2UA IUA M2PA V5UA SUA …… SIGTRAN supports transmission of SCN (Switched Circuit Network)signaling via IP network. SIGTRAN is a protocol stack rather than a protocol. It includestransmission protocol (SCTP) and adaptation protocols (M3UA).
    • 22. Signaling Transmission Protocols IP, TCP, UDP SCTP: Stream control transmission protocol M3UA: User adaptation layer protocol of SS7MTP3 MTP (Message Transport Protocol): SS7 networkprotocol of TDM SCCP: Providing INAP with signaling transmissionservice
    • 23. SIP Protocol Session Initiation Protocol An application-layer controlprotocol. Establish, modify andterminate multimediasession or call. The core protocol of IETFmultimedia data and controlarchitecture. It can be easily expanded,conveniently achieved, andsuitable to implementInternet-based multimediaconference system.MACIPUDPSIPUser PartMTP
    • 24. H.323 Protocol H.323 is a communication controlprotocol put forward by ITU Provide multimedia communicationservices. Used to establish point-to-pointmedia conference and multipointmedia conference. H.323 defines entities such as H.323 Gateway Gatekeeper Multipoint Controller Multipoint Processor Multipoint Control UnitMACIPH.323UPMTPTCP UDPQ.931/H.245 RAS
    • 25. 25Outline Trend of telecom network Basic concepts of NGN NGN solution ZTE NGN new services
    • 26. PSTN SS7E1SS7 LinkCity DPSTNSS7E1SS7 LinkCity CPSTNSS7E1SS7 LinkCity APSTN SS7E1 SS7 Link City BIP/ATM NetworkTGSGSGTGSGTGZXSS10 AppZXSS10 SS1ZXMSGZXMSGProtect existing investments while migrating to NGNToll &Tandem Office Solution
    • 27. Local OfficeTandem TandemLocalLocalOLTONUONUONUANSCPE1E1 E1E1Core Packet NetworkSoftswitchTrunk GatewayTrunk GatewayOLTONUONUONUANLocal OfficeE1Unified Service PlatformSHLRToll &Tandem Office Evolution
    • 28. PSTNSS7E1SS7 LinkCity APSTN SS7E1 SS7 LinkCity BSG TGSGTGLarge EnterprisePC-PhoneVideo PhoneSOHOIADIP PhoneIADCommunityAGSwitchZXSS10 BGWZXSS10 SS1 ZXSS10 SS1Packet NetworkLocal Office Solution
    • 29. ISDNDSLSoftswitchTandemSCPLocal LocalAccess GatewayV5.2RSURSUOLTONUONUONUANTandemOLTONUONUONUANV5.2RSUCore Packet NetworkUnified Service PlatformSHLRLocal Office Evolution
    • 30. Access Solution: Multi-accessSCP NMSIADLAN AccessIP PhoneMTACMTSIADEMTA IADHFC AccessHFCZXSS10 SS1bWireless AccessIADCore Packet NetworkCopper Line AccessMSAGADSLMODEMSHLR ZXUP10 APP
    • 31. Enterprise solutionPSTNROUTERE1E1SS7SS7LINKDB ServerCenter officeCenter officeLan SwitchOSS ClientSiSiRouter EnterpriseEnterpriseLan SwitchZXSS10 SS1ZXSS10MSG9000ZXSS10MSG9000ZXSS10MSG5200
    • 32. Inter-connect with H323 networkZXSS10 SS1ZXSS10 BGWZXSS10 BGWNGNNGNGKH323GWH323GWH323GWH323GWRTPRTPRASH.248H.248H323GWIADAGArea AArea ATGSIPPhoneRTPH.248IADAGArea BArea BTGSIPPhoneRTPQ.931/H.245
    • 33. Core networkTGSGSoftswitch APP NMSPLMN APWlanSoftPhoneMultiPhonePCSAGIAD3.5GPHSGSM/CDMA handsetSG TGIntelligentTerminalWireless Access Solution
    • 34. Technology Key Point——ZTE enhanced type NGN different site Dual Homing technologyHeartbeat Check &Data SynchronizationZXSS10 SS1 ZXSS10 SS1ZXMSG 9000(TG/SG/AG)Load ShareActive/StandbyDual Homing &Dual RoutePSTN/ISDN/PLMNZXMSG 9000Dual Homing &Dual Route
    • 35. 35Outline Trend of telecom network Basic concepts of NGN NGN solution NGN new services
    • 36. voiceGeography informationVideo phoneLifeinformationentertainmentE-businessCheckingdatabaseGreat !Rich and Colorful Service
    • 37. CRBT brings differenceDialing…Waiting…Dialing…Waiting…Interestingmusicor colorful videoInterestingmusicor colorful videoclipstoamuseyou…clipstoamuseyou…RBTRBTEnjoy by EyesEnjoy by Eyesand Ears!!and Ears!!
    • 38. Colorful New Telecom World – Colorful Ring Back Tone For fixed network New value-added service, it can be bound together with calling number display. If 100,000 users apply CRBT and the rent fee for eachuser is 3 Yuan, then the total income of a year is 3.6 million Yuan. Publicizing of enterprise’s impression to the outside and fully taking advantage of the character of fixed network.JokeGreetingmessagemusic songEnterprisering back toneWelcomemessage
    • 39. Application 1: Individual CRBT The subscriber is allowed tocustomize ring back tones throughWEB. Different ring back tones fordifferent callers and time periodsGirlfriend ( known each other fortwo years )NGNValue-added PSTN !customer ( afternoon )friend ( birthday )Howromantic ! Iam willing tomarry himGreat! Itseems specialvoice for me.Ah! Mybirthday isstill in hismind.HTTPVoice: Xiao Li, in thespecial day,…Music:Happybirthdaytoyou…Voice: Good afternoon,Mr.Zhang,…Internet
    • 40.  Record company’s service and business information as CRBT Prompt multi-information according different rules such as repetition,time-period and calling number introductionservice introducepromotion discountsinformation service…Xxx snack barXxx snack barBig companiesBig companiesBig companiesBig companiesConsumer Boss :” The business is verygood this month. It saves theadvertising fees.”Boss :” The business is verygood this month. It saves theadvertising fees.”Application 2: Business Card Based on CRBT Symbolized sounds for famous companiesand it can be used as the CRBT for everytelephone of the companyreference : INTEL 、 phenix TV…Show company’s image through conciseand characterized CRBTSmall companiesSmall companiesSmall companiesSmall companiesIt is our company’s threeyear anniversary today, all businessset meals are 20% off andbeverage are offered for freeDesign RBT-Design RBT-Business card for youBusiness card for youcompanycompany !!
    • 41. SHLR directoryNumberlocationroutingnumberRouteinformation……2870000 2561234 2562870001 4561234 4562870010 2575678 2572872001 4565678 456MAPDN:2870000LRN:2561234MAPPSTNLS1 LS2 IGWTG/SGIP NetworkMAPDN:2870010LRN:2575678DN:2870001LRN:4561234MS/SSPNumber Portability
    • 42. Number Portability Changing telephone number is unavoidable as aresult of optimizing network NP provide individual permanent number to make itportable Number allocation become flexible in the wholenetwork All of number resource is available The number is independence of users’ location
    • 43. Other value-added service UMS ( Unified Messaging Service) Personal Communication Assistant Web service subscriber Voice Mail Pre-paid card Web Conference CTD ( Click To Dial) Web800 IP Call Center
    • 44.