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Lad configuration

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  • Chennai IAD user No. =8888000 to 8888001
  • Iad configuration(ss) 31

    1. 1. CN D&T GroupIAD Configuration (SS)V1.1
    2. 2. 2Objects1. Configuration of SPC Property2. Configuration of SPC Capacity3. IAD Gateway Cluster Configuration4. Configuration of Data Area Capacity5. Zone to Card Configuration6. Reboot the SPC Card7. IAD Node Configuration8. IAD User Configuration9. TID Default Attribute Configuration10. Configuration of the TID NameThese slides will show you the details about IAD configurationon SS. Including the following steps:
    3. 3. 3Configuration of SPC PropertyWe must select Call & H.248 in processing scope to configureIAD on particular SPC CardRight Click SS Configure Management GlobeConfiguration SS Data Configuration ShelfConfiguration Right Click SPC Card PropertyConfiguration
    4. 4. 4Configuration of SPC PropertyChennai IAD has Configured in 3rd Shelf 14th SPC Card(LSQ=94)LSQ= [(Shelf No.-1)*40+Slot No.]
    5. 5. 5Configuration of SPC CapacityRight Click SS Configure Management GlobeConfiguration SS Data Configuration ShelfConfiguration Right Click SPC Card PropertyConfigurationThe Capacity should be filled in according to the actual situationFor IAD, the following should be configured. Capacity of the TID text Subscriber Capacity Maximum Nodes
    6. 6. 6Configuration of SPC Capacity
    7. 7. 7IAD Gateway Cluster ConfigurationGateway Cluster is the set of gateway nodes with the sameproperties. The nodes with different equipment types cannotexist in the same gateway cluster. In the SS system, SPC dataarea and hundred groups are allocated in the unit of gatewaycluster. Before addition of IAD equipment, the gateway clusterwhere this IAD equipment resides should be configured.Right Click SS Configure Management
    8. 8. 8IAD Gateway Cluster Configuration
    9. 9. 9IAD Gateway Cluster ConfigurationChennai IAD Zone=100Area Code=44
    10. 10. 10Configuration of Data Area Capacity The SPC of SS control equipment processes calls & protocolsbased on the gateway cluster. After a gateway cluster is added,we need to allocate an SPC for it. Right Click SS Configure Management GlobeConfiguration SS Data Configuration ShelfConfiguration Right Click SPC Card Data Area CapacityConfiguration Click “Add”
    11. 11. 11Configuration of Data Area Capacity
    12. 12. 12Configuration of Data Area Capacity
    13. 13. 13Configuration of Data Area Capacity
    14. 14. 14Zone to Card ConfigurationWe must allocate services, protocols and authentication of users inthe zone (gateway cluster) to the SPC board for processing.
    15. 15. 15Configuration of Data Area CapacityChennai Zone=100SPC Card=94
    16. 16. 16Reboot the SPC Card Right Click SS and Select Command Line Terminal
    17. 17. 17Reboot the SPC Card Command: 1211:3, 14,”YYYYMMDD”
    18. 18. 18IAD Node Configuration Double Click on the zone to which a node is added to enterthe zone
    19. 19. 19IAD Node ConfigurationChennai Node ID=100Chennai IAD IP=
    20. 20. 20IAD Node ConfigurationDevice Property
    21. 21. 21IAD User Configuration DNHM Configuration1. Local Office CodeClick Add and Select Add Local Office Code
    22. 22. 22IAD User Configuration Chennai Area Code=44 Office Code for IAD=8888 User No. Length=3
    23. 23. 23IAD User Configuration2. Configuration of the Hundred GroupClick Add and Select Add Hundred SetClick the Hundred groups to be allocated, and press [<], this hundred group willbe moved to the list on the left, which means that this hundred group will beallocated to the Zone.
    24. 24. 24IAD User Configuration Local Office User ConfigurationUser Configuration Local Office User Configuration Click“Add”
    25. 25. 25TID Default Attribute Configuration Here we have to specify the default property template andpacket template ID for different terminal types. Enter in to the Zone and Select Default Attribute Configuration
    26. 26. 26TID Default Attribute Configuration Click “Add” Subscriber
    27. 27. 27TID Default Attribute Configuration RTP
    28. 28. 28Configuration of the TID Name TID Name is the terminal ID in the H.248 protocol, used foridentifying the physical termination point (user circuit) and thelogic termination point (RTP Port).
    29. 29. 29Configuration of the TID Name Select “Add” then “Add TID Name”User Circuit
    30. 30. 30Configuration of the TID Name RTP Port
    31. 31. univ.zte.com.cn