Amplified Journeys from Harman Kardon

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Music discovery and navigation mash-up. An award winning application designed for Harman Kardon by t7F London

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  • 1. Harman Becker Automotive Systems. Building brand value. “… Our aim was to link Harman Kardon with music on the move within the UK. We ended up with an innovative, award winning communication programme, that has had a global impact on key influencers...”
  • 2. “ ...Music and travelling have always been a natural mix, so what better way to advertise Harman Kardon's products -and create some nice goodwill- than by giving away a little musical free love? This could become hygiene in the trip-planning world!” The Springspotter Network consists of more than 8,000 global business and marketing-savvy spotters, who recognise a new business idea when they come across one. A vibrant mix of cool hunting, new business ideas and trend spotting
  • 3. The site is currently only in version 1.0 but is attracting a global audience of influencers
  • 4. Harman Becker Automotive Systems asked us to come up with a set of brand ads aimed at both consumers and the motor trade. They wanted both audiences to see Harman Kardon as a brand that was intrinsically linked with music and driving. We thought brand ads were a bad idea. Philip Slade +44 7956 685 615
  • 5. People have always had their favourite music for their favourite drives Philip Slade +44 7956 685 615
  • 6. amplifiedjourneys . hk Your favourite music Set to your favourite drives Philip Slade +44 7956 685 615
  • 7. “ ..a new form of automotive music integration has been born, welcome to the future..” MSN (UK) “ ..a brilliant way to expand your musical boundaries!..” What Car? “ ..this is awesome, one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ kind of applications..” Autotraveller (US) “ ..creates perfect playlists..” “ a music lover’s Google Maps..” iGizmo “ takes the work out of planning tunes for a long journey..” AutoExpress “ ..quick, easy and free..” News of The World Philip Slade +44 7956 685 615
  • 8. “ ...Music discovery inter-linked with navigation via user generated content in a community of common purpose - sort of...’ ( but on a tiny budget ) Philip Slade +44 7956 685 615
  • 9. Philip Slade +44 7956 685 615
  • 10. Philip Slade +44 7956 685 615
  • 11. Print playlist with directions and export to iTunes Philip Slade +44 7956 685 615
  • 12. A series of advertorials in TopGear magazine emphasising Harman Kardon’s music and driving credentials
  • 13. Philip Slade +44 7956 685 615 February 2009 Advertorial in TopGear
  • 14. What do we do? Brand strategy and campaign development.A bespoke creative agency mixing market analysis with lateral thinking.Specialist in premium & challenger brands, especially in alcohol & travel. Philip Slade Feb 2009