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  • IDEAS FOR MY MUSIC VIDEO   The music video was directed by Emil Nava and Ben Pugh.  Am taking some ideas of the way the video was directed and edited, the genre of music suits the type of artist i am going to be working with. We also decided to use black, white and blue screen to shot our video because it will be studio based. I like the way the video looks, it has got a glossy finish to it, the black and white theme is also something i will take into consideration when i am editing and filming my video.
  • THE CHORUS OF THE SONG "I CAN GO" TINAYE As i was discussing the theme for the video with my artist. We wanted the chorus of the song to stand out from the rest of the song/video. The idea we had was for the chorus, was we would have different clips every other second with different shots of the artist in different angles and different custume changes. We got this idea when we where looking at the video " i remember" by Keisha cole. For example for the first few clips we would have him wearing a suit against a black or white background then the second clip would show him wearing casual clothing against a blue back ground, all these different clips will be compressed in just one verse and that would be the chorus. THE CLIPS BELOW ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF WHAT THE CLIPS WILL LOOK LIKE IN THE VIDEO. FOR EXAMPLE CLIP 1 WOULD HAVE A SLIVER/BLACK BACKGROUND. WITH A MATCHING OUTFIT ( examples are from a video by "keisha cole i remember" CLIP 2 WOULD HAVE A CLOSE UP OF THE ARTIST SINGING, AGAINST A DARK BACKGROUND AGAIN WITH MATCHING CLOTHES. CLIP 3 A MEDIUM LONG SHOT.     THESE ARE JUST SOME IDEAS THAT I WANT TO IN-COPERATE WHEN DIRECTING AND EDITING MY OWN VIDEO.
  • NEYO "CLOSER" & "MISS INDEPENDENT" FOR THE THIRD PART OF THE VIDEO, I WILL BE FILIMING EVERYTHING WITH A WHITE BACKGROUND, WE TOOK INSPARATION FROM A LOT OF RnB VIDEOS BECAUSE THEY TEND TO USE WHITE AND BLACK SCREEN BECAUSE MOST OF THEIR VIDEOS ARE STUDIO BASED.   BELOW IS SOME EXAMPLES FROM THE MUSIC VIDEOS "CLOSER" AND "MISS INDEPENDENT" BY NEYO These are just clips showing how white screen can be used without having to have any use of locations. The artists solo dancing performances will be filmed against white background for most of my video this is so that it stands out from the rest of the scenes in the video. A white background grabs the audiences attention because it helps everything became focused on just the artist, there will be nothing else to distruct there focus.
  • Whitney Huston I look to you video ( ideas) Whitney Huston's video to the song " i look to you" is one that also caught my eye, the simplicity of it suits my style and the artist am working with. Below is just some screen grabs to show what it is about the video that is eye grabing, some parts of the video inspired us, therefore we took some elements of it and inco-operated into them into our own music video. For my music video, i will be using a similar background, and i also like the idea that the artist is the only main focus, that way the audience can concentrate more on the singing and what the artist is saying. The simplicity of the video has a very nice effect, it allows her image to stand out, it also helps the artist pay more attention on the lyrics, which is a key element to the plan of the video
  • White background is used a lot in most music video. I will be mostly shot in the studio therefore i will be using a lot of black and white background i looked at a lot of videos that tend to have this particular style " Tinchy Strider Number 1 video is one video that is clearly shot in the studio and for my video i will be going for that type of look. white screen background is also useful because it draws all the attention to the just the artist which is what i am aiming for, for my artist since they are a solo artist. White screen is also easy to use when trying to place a background because it's colour, but the artist am working with wants a white wash bakground because it looks more professional and it reflects his style of music which is very simple you can see this type of look in videos by Neyo " closer", Justin Timberlake " my love" etc. Example of a white screen background.
  • For the video we chose not to use any locations, the video is going to be studio based that way if we want a particular effecr we can just download a background and place it on the white screen while we are filming an example of this can be found in the video by Justin Timbalakes video " love stoned. I like the idea of black screen as the photo shows a man standing on a spot light that idea inspired me to make the artist am working with the main focus of the video because it his first  solo single which is why promoting him ln that way is important to me and him, its also attention grabbing and more memorable. The studio has alot of equipment, which is why i have chosen to base all the filming there, because its much easier and a lot of musical artists do the same thing in their videos for example Neyo "closer", Tinchy Stryder " number 1, etc. This is an example of a studio based clip from the music video " number 1". this is the studio we will be using for when we  start filiming the video.
  • Collage of the different video styles i will be using for my own project. i will be using blue, white and black screen for my music video. 
  • IDEAS FOR FILMING The plan for when we start filming is my artist will have to mime the whole song in one go filmed against white screen, whilst wearing a black casuall outfit with some shades on. After that we will repeat this, but instead of filming a long body shot, we will also film the second take of him in medium shot when we are done with that we will then move on to a close up shot. So that when i start with the editing there will be a variety to the video. We will then repeat it all again but this time it will be filmed against a blue background and then a black ground, the artist will have a different change of clothes for each of the takes we are going to film. BELOW IS SOME EXAMPLES OF MEDIUM, LONG SHOTS AND CLOSE UP SHOTS; WE WILL BE USING THESE DIFFERENT ANGLES WHEN FILIMING THE VIDEO. EXAMPLE OF A MEDIUM SHOT. EXAMPLE OF A CLOSE UP SHOT EXAMPLE OF A LONG SHOT
  • EFFECTS WE COULD USE WHEN FILIMING  THE VIDEO When am editing the video i would like to use the mirror image effect that is shown on this video clip. For part of my video i will have a scene where my artist will be singing the chorus but i will crop three different angles of the scene and the then put then together, like it shows on the images that are on the left side. I will be using black and white screen for my video so when i am editing i would like to have the same effect as shown on the video clips i want a tight frame for the introduction of my video. Cross dissolve is another effect i really, and i think it works well in most videos that i have seen. Therefore its a video effect that i will be using throughout my video because i believe it gives the video a smooth switch over for when you are trying to move from one clip to another.
  • These images look similar to how my video will look like. They give you an idea of how the finished product will look like and the look am trying to achieve.