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  • 1. Hinduism
  • 2. Aims of Today’s Lesson
    • By the end of this lesson you should be able to:
    • Tell me where Hinduism began
    • Explain what Hinduism means when it calls God Brahman
  • 3.
    • You have three minutes to write down anything you know about Hinduism in the back of your book
    • Try and think of something but if you can’t, write down one question you would like to ask a Hindu.
    What do you know about Hinduism?
  • 4. Feedback
  • 5. The religion of India …..
  • 6. Hindu Facts
    • The “ind” in hINDuism teaches us that the religion started in India
    • The word “Hindu” refers to the people who lived up in the North of India, where Hinduism began
    • Hinduism is the oldest religion going back about 5,000 years
    • It is so old that no one really knows how it began
    • The religion has grown over many years into thousands of different branches
    • Unlike Christianity, there is no one founder of Hinduism
    • There are around 900 million Hindus in the world today and 559,000 in the UK making it the third largest religion in the world.
  • 7. Hindus and God
    • For most Hindus, God or the Supreme Spirit is in everything that has, does or will ever exist.
    • When they say EVERYTHING they mean EVERYTHING, from a grain of pollen to the entire universe
    • They call this Supreme Spirit Brahman
    • Because of the belief in Brahman Hindus will bow with their hands together when they greet someone and say ´Namaste´. Namaste means I bow to the spirit within you.
    • Take a moment to greet the people on your table in the traditional Hindu fashion.
  • 8. How do these 2 pictures relate to the Hindu belief in Brahman
  • 9. Feedback
  • 10.
    • Research Task
    • For next lesson each student on each table has to bring in a series of pictures that represent the words
    • Creation
    • Preservation
    • Destruction
    • Tables 1 &4 Creation
    • Tables 2&5 Preservation
    • Tables 3&6 Destruction