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Présentation de Blaise Vignon à l'incubateur EM Lyon le 07/03/2012

• Lean Startup : le concept initié par Eric Ries, transformant la manière de concevoir et de lancer de nouvelles applications (Build, Mesure, Learn)
• Cloud & Agilité : deux notions très en vogue pour de bonnes raisons : le Cloud, une bonne solution pour l'agilité ?
• L'innovation chez Microsoft : panorama des dernières innovations introduites par Microsoft (Bing, Kinect, Phone...)
• Microsoft BizSpark : présentation du programme d'accompagnement dédié aux startups de Microsoft.

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Microsoft Bizspark EM Lyon

  1. 1. Startup guy @ Microsoft France• Your contact for everything startupBizspark:• Software• Support• Visibility• And more@blaise_v• Or
  2. 2. timeTechnological capacity Human capability
  3. 3. Interfaces naturelles www Objets InternetSocial
  4. 4. Changing the world
  5. 5. <<SPEAKER>>Contributing to innovation in Europe
  6. 6. 2012-… 2006-present 1993-present 1985-present1981-1995 TO D AY
  7. 7. Ecosystem of Data explosion Natural Pervasive computers interaction displays Social Cloud Ubiquitous computing computing connectivity
  8. 8. Economies of scale Cloud$/computing power Mainframe Client/Server Computing power
  9. 9. 𝑃 2 4𝜋 2 = 𝑎3 𝑀𝐺Experimental Theoretical Computational The Fourth Paradigm
  10. 10. Windows Windows Desktop Server Mobile Productivity • DYNAMICS • MSN • HARDWARE • ENTERPRISE SERVICES • …Enterprise Search Entertainment OtherSoftware & Ads & TV Businesses Research & IncubationLargest global R&D investor in ICT: €6.07bn
  11. 11. Hiring the best people Embracing disruptions A balance of invention, re-invention, and evolutionA commitment to openness A focus on scale A long-term approach and partnerships
  13. 13. 1000 800 600 Redmond (1991) Cambridge (1997) Beijing (1998) 400 Worldwide Cambridge 200 0 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011Silicon Valley (2001) Bangalore (2005) New England (2008)
  14. 14. Advance state of the art in computer scienceTransfer technology to Microsoft businessesLead Microsoft into the future
  15. 15. Founded in 1997 as first Supported by 3 applied Partnership with leadingnon-US based Microsoft research centres (EMIC, European universities Research lab CMIC, iLabs)
  16. 16. Kinect for Xbox 360 Visual Studio 2010 AutocollageBody part recognition F#Bing Trueskill Office 2010AdPredictor Xbox 360 & Halo 3 Background removal
  17. 17.
  18. 18. “Driver Verifier is an extremely useful tool for detecting errors in kernel-modedrivers. It tests and traps many conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed innormal operation. Driver Verifier verifies that drivers are not making illegal functioncalls or causing system corruption. It can identify conditions such as memorycorruption, mishandled I/O request packets (IRPs), invalid direct memory access(DMA) buffer usage, and possible deadlocks.” (The Economist, April 2005)
  19. 19. Click/Ad information Probability 1341201 1570165 Listing ID 2213187 9215433Exact MatchBroad Match ML-1 Match type + P(Click | Query, Ad) SB-1 Position SB-2
  20. 20. Depth image Inferred body parts 3D human pose background right hand left shoulder x y znear classifie tracking right r elbow left far lower torso
  21. 21. Background Removal mode:user is given intuitive tools for semi-automatic segmentation.
  22. 22. PowerPoint: Segmented images with Word: Text flows around the shape ofshadows enable crisp, focused the segmented object.presentations.
  23. 23. “I NEVER PERFECTED AN INVENTION THAT I DID NOT THINK ABOUT IN TERMS OF THE SERVICE IT MIGHT GIVE TO OTHERS.” Thomas Alva Edison, GE Founder Entrepreneurship and Innovation are inextricably linked.7
  24. 24. “Young firms (ages 3 – 5) comprise less than 1% of all companies, yet generate roughly 10% of new jobs in any given year.” Source: High Growth Firms and the Future of the American Economy, Kauffman Foundation, 201059
  25. 25. Technology startups are booming  Industry press reports that software $14.8 Billion innovation is as high as it’s been since 2000, with an 8% YOY increase1  In 2007, investors pumped $14.8 billion into 1,530 IT industry deals2The Opportunity is immense  Huge demand for development tools and platform technologies; and  a growing need for a unified community to foster entrepreneurial success.1 Based on historical data from Price Waterhouse Coopers Money Tree Report( Forbes, January 22, 2008 2007 60
  26. 26. Microsoft BizSpark™ is a global program designed to unite Startups with resources. It is anextension to the existing Local Software Economy and academic programs, such asDreamSpark, and is delivered in partnership with the entrepreneur community. providing: Software • Full Featured Development tools and production licenses of server products Software • No upfront costs (USD$100 at program exit) Support Visibility • Community support from over 300 network and hosting partners Support • Professional technical support from Microsoft Visibility • Profile and promotion on the BizSparkDB
  27. 27. • Establish• Unite• Generate• Create 62
  28. 28. Représentants français: • Calinda Accompagnemen • Talentsoft t ad-hoc au 5 • Captain Dash en France niveau 80 dans le • News Republic international monde • Kobojo Accompagnemen 120 startups parainées 120 t ad-hoc au Startups en France depuis le lancement du niveau national depuis 2005 programme Soutien marketing et technique 810 Pour toutes les entreprises startups en France ou projets du domaine du depuis 2008 110 logiciel ou du service enPartenariat avec partenaires ligne AccompagnementMicrosoft pour (incubateurs, Microsoft S’appuie sur un réseau de VCs, coachs,toutes les startups hébergeurs….) • Logiciel partenaires de l’écosystème • Support • Visibilité
  29. 29. BizSpark 7000 emplois 1 000 start-ups
  30. 30. BizSpark 41 Pays Plus
  31. 31. Network Partner• Nestadio• Euratechnologies• xBrainLabs
  32. 32. Une triste vérité Proportion de business La principale cause encore en activité après d’échec: être à court leur création en 1992 d’argent avant de trouver son marché Comment  Accélerer le temps nécessaire pour trouver Source : Illusions of son marché Entrepreneurship  Eviter de se trromper de Scott Shane (US Data, all route industries)
  33. 33. J’ai construit les slides suivants enpensant au développement Comme beaucoup Le développement d’autres activités logiciel est entrepreneuriales • Créatif • Marketing • Très interdépendant • PR/Communication • Business Development • Product design Certaines solutions venant du développement marchent ailleurs
  34. 34. Plus un projet est long, plus il rate
  35. 35. … parce qu’on visualise de moins enmoins bien le succès … 60% of project requirement changes 50 40 30 20 10 0 10 100 1000 10000 100000 Project size (measured in function points, yes, we know…)
  36. 36. … et on se place parfois dans dessituations compliquées …
  37. 37. …sans forcément savoir pourquoi Only 20% of features are used often
  38. 38. … du coup, on dessine facilementdes choses invendables … (le client ne ressemle pas forcément à ce qu’on imagine)
  39. 39. De plus, le projet ressemble souvent à ça
  40. 40. Et notre mode de fonctionnementdevient innefficaceThe « break-down and specialize » managementmethod leads to many wastes: Stock of useless functionalities, High cost of coordination documentation and communication
  41. 41. C’est pour cela qu’on a proposé lemanifeste Agile… Individuals and Working software interactions over over comprehensive processes and tools documentation Customer Responding to collaboration over change over following contract negotiation a plan Source:
  42. 42. Principes important de l’agilité Customer Collective satisfaction commitment is the main goal Measure to Intrinsic objectivize quality
  43. 43. Ca change tout
  44. 44. Ca change le système de livraisonThe Scrum process
  45. 45. …ce qui permet de décider le plus tardpossible Incremental deliveries Iterative deliveries
  46. 46. Fail fast, fail early As we are delivering fast, we can harvest positive and negative feedbacks As we accept changes, we can take into account these feedbacks and adapt our plans Feedback is more precious than perfection
  47. 47. BUILD • Instead of building a full product or service, prototype it • There are several prototype types:Mechanical turk Pinocchio The Provincial The Minimal Viable Product
  48. 48. MEASURE Metrics should be Split-testing all the time - Actionable • A/B testing is key to validating your - Accessible hypotheses - Auditable • Has to be simple enough for everyone to use and understand it • Make creating a split-test no more than one line of code: if( setup_experiment(...) == "control" ) { // do it the old way } else { // do it the new way }
  49. 49. LEARN
  50. 50. Agile MarketingImagine and Generate demandvalidate the MVPCu s t omer Cu s t omer Cu s t omer Companydis c over y Val idat ion c r eat ion bu il ding Validate market Accelerate! hypothesis
  51. 51. Ca change les critères de succès Classically: With agility: Attain stated goal Reach an adaptation level • Changes in project • Forecast every step happen • Adaptation happens at • Plan in details every step • The entire team is committed • Définir un processus prédictif • Collective problem solving
  52. 52. Some great books…
  53. 53. Agilité temporelle “On / Off “ “Croissance Rapide“ Période Charge Charge d’inactivité Utilisation Utilisation Utilisation Temps Temps “Charge imprévisible“ “Charge prévisible“ Charge Charge Utilisation Utilisation Temps Temps
  54. 54. Agilité financière Sans le nuage, pertes Avec le nuage, un et inefficacités tracking plus serré en fonction des besoins
  55. 55. Agilité de compétence Informatique Cloud IaaS Cloud PaaS Traditionnelle Infrastructure Plate-Forme Vous gérez Applications Applications Applications Vous gérez Données Data Data Runtime Runtime Runtime Middleware Middleware Middleware Géré par l’opérateur Cloud Vous gérez O/S O/S O/S Géré par l’opérateur Cloud Virtualisation Virtualization Virtualization Serveurs Servers Servers Stockage Storage Storage Réseau Networking Networking • Dans le cadre d’un cloud privé, l’opérateur de Cloud, c’est vous • La gestion des couches « grises » est souvent automatisée au maximum
  56. 56. “This particular species ofwhale plot a route by soundand has poor eyesight. Thereis a possibility that it maysimply have not heard thesailboat, which had its motoroff.”OFW News on the Web, July22nd, 2010