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  • http://www.gale.cengage.com/free_resources/chh/bio/gonzales_a.htm


  • 1. Alberto Gonzales
    A notable Mexican-American
    By Kieran Packard
  • 2. Life as Alberto Gonzales
    Alberto Gonzales worked for George Bush
    Was Attorney General of the White House
    Was a corporate lawyer for 13 years
    Was a justice on the Texas Supreme Court
    Ex-Air Force Enlistee
  • 3. Why is he Admirable?
    Became Attorney General of the Senate
    Attended Harvard University
    Won the Latino Lawyer of the Year Award
    Court justice
    Corporate lawyer
  • 4. How does he make the world a better place?
    Worked for the U.S. Government
    Put criminals in prison
    Served for the U.S. Military
  • 5. How has society and times influenced him?
    Grew up in a poor family and became a hard worker
    First of his family to graduate elementary school
  • 6. Why is he a good role model?
    He takes pride in what he does
    Worked hard to get out of poverty
    Did his best in school
    Served his country in many ways
  • 7. What will the world remember about him?
    He worked in the White House as Attorney General of the Senate for 4 years
    He was the first Hispanic to hold that position
  • 8. Has he made mistakes or bad decisions?
    It is controversial on the decision to enter “The War on Terror”
    But he has brought some troops back to the U.S.
  • 9. How has he added to the wellbeing of others?
    He has helped to prevent future terrorist attacks
    Passed laws that make our daily life easier
  • 10. How he has opened my mind to respecting, understanding, and appreciating various cultures of the world
    Latinos’ can do great things for our society
    Any race can work for our government
    Other cultures contribute to making this world a better place
  • 11. What I’ve Learned
    Alberto Gonzales is a notable Hispanic that served as the Attorney General of the Senate under George W. Bush
    He has created the United States of America a better place to live with new laws
    He is the a true model of the, “American Dream”
  • 12. Bibliography
    I got my info from...